What Does Your Book Cover Mean?



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This is the cover for my novel The Legend of the Moonflower Princess

The Moonflower Princess is a legend sought after for help by my protagonist. Since she is referred to as the Moonflower Princess, flowers are associated with her. However, the flower is red because of all the blood that was shed in her past; not by her, but the red flower symbolizes how, even though time has passed, the stains of the past are still present.


Right now mine is literally a red light. I know what I want my cover to look like but don’t have the time to design it. But what the heck I’ll describe it.

There is a canopy bed in the background with purple sheets etc… In the foreground on the left is a tripod with a camera on it pointing at the camera. The red light for recording can be seen on the camera.

The protagonist was exploited by her father and is trying to recover from that trip through hell. The cover is her bedroom where the exploitation and abuse took place. The items on the cover will be triggers she has to overcome in the book. Especially the red light, that is a top 3 trigger. Purple is lower on the list along with things like the cologne she bought him before everything started and certain songs/genres of music.

Right now working on the book is WAY more important than worrying about the cover. It’s slightly higher on the list of things to do than say… getting the intestinal flu or an IRS tax audit.


my book cover has the words lost which is the title because in the summary you can read that she loses her memory and she feels lost. its in new york because my love story setting is in new york. ive never been i want to ive been in love with new york since i was a girl thats why i picked it. kind of basic i know. what do you guys think of my cover. you like ??? should i change it ???


Life is never easy but when you finally have everything you wanted and its snatched out of your hands, you seem to get… lost. At the age of 22 Rachel seems to be finally happy. She just finished college, already has a few interviews, she has a nice apartment, and she’s found her one true love,Christian. Things couldn’t get better. but after the best night if her life she’s involved in a car acccinent leading her to not being able to remember a few things. everything changes. will she recover ? will she found her way back to her perfect life ? will her Christian be able to remind her of their love story? will he be able to make her fall once more after being lost ?


The constellation Orion the Hunter is pretty prominent on my cover. This is because the main character, Ori, is named after the constellation. He also has an obsession with astronomy, so the stars are important to his character development, and his magical powers are also closely linked to Orion’s.


My book has a lot of symbolism in it. I hope the cover at least slightly reflects that.

The background with the machine…without saying spoilers, it’s part of a setting that is very prevalent and integral to the story; the main character learns a lot about his backstory in that location, and the machine itself creates the green smoke that causes the user to undergo a series of halluncations that reflect the desires of their mind.

The transparent version of the man is, without spoilers, the man on the right’s reflection that essentially serves as an antagonist for stealing the main character’s memories.

The cracked glass overlay represents the broken mirror in the story that is extremely important for the backstory…but that’s major spoilers.

Essentially, everything’s pretty much a spoiler at the moment, and delving into the symbolism has a lot to do with that, lol.


For my covers (a fifth might be made if I decide to do a another) the background and the flowers revolve around my MC.

The background is the events that happen around her.

  • So without being specific, the dark in the first one represents painful events that happened in her past.
  • In the second, the white is like a clean slate as my MC has some changes done.
  • In the third, despite having those changes, evil still manages to follow her around.
  • In the fourth, things start to come to an end and her life is good.

The flowers are actually my MC.

  • In the first, the white flower that is a bit warn but still fully bloom is how pure my MC is even though she’s been through some tough times.
  • In the second, something happens that taints her purity (the blood spotting the rose) but she remains true to her original self.
  • In the third, her efforts to stay good get thrown off as the rose is covered in more blood.
  • And finally, in the fourth, she is reborn and better than ever.




I just got a graphic designer to do a better cover for my book and I love it!

So the girl in the center is Ivy. She’s exactly how I describe her, except Ivy wears glasses, but hey, is not like I took the photo, so let us pretend the sunglasses on her head are her glasses that she took off. Anyways, I love that she’s not engaging or giving eye contact with the viewer, because that’s exactly how she is. She is always unaware of being watched. But she’s smiling because she’s happy in her world. And the irony of the fact that she has a colorful mind, but the colors around though artistic, are shadowy, this forshadows secrets about her own mind. So yeah, wow, that’s a lot of explaining.



The two people on my cover are the actual people I imagined to play the roles of my two main characters. I have them staring at each other because they use to know each other in the past, but went their own ways. Now they are reunited, but have to face the pain they have gone through. Even though the pain was separate from each other, it brings them closer together. This is why the two pictures connect and the words overlap on each side. The smoke signifies the fogginess of their past and what they both have not gotten over.


I think it speaks for itself ^^


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This thread really made me think about my own cover since the main character, Barbara Gordon, is not on it. Instead, a more recognizable character is. And even more interesting, he is in his cowl, which he never is in in the story. Nobody appears in their superhero costume.



She Kills Elephants and Men was made for me by the awesome @TheLittleMissShadow and they had put the most important elements on - the peacock feathers that reoccur in the story as a symbol of hubris, and my main characters. The important thing for me were the darker complexions for the two lovers and that the gal does not look submissive/giving herself to the all-conquering dude.


War Mage 16’s cover is a poster art for my favorite game, Jade Empire (credited) but I wrote scenes in the book that can be identified on the image.

My MC does lose his shirt ignominiously during a life and death struggle with a huge demon, and there is a jade dragon in the story. <3

I’ve tried to put a real person on the cover, but I was uncomfortable with it, I like drawn art more.



Hi guys, and Hi @Fallintsel!
Anyways, this is my book cover with the title


There are three symbols in cover

  • Moon Flower/ Morning Glory
    This flower is flower of duality. It has many meanings in it, but in my story, it represents
    Mortality of life

  • Lycoris radiata/ Red Spider Lily
    This flower was well known in Japan as “hell flower” or “flower of death” due to its poison and it’s unlikely place for them to grow, which is mostly graveyard, shrine and temples. Although the flower can be dangerous, this plant can help local farms to protect their crops, avoid animals to come near river sides and rot the dead body from the grave. It is poison but still can be plant with human’s bear hands
    Symbol: Danger and protection

  • Butterfly
    Symbol: Change, Hope and Life

How it defines my story:
Morning glory and the butterfly represents my protagonist. She is the representation of mortality of life. Meaning, she is the representative of the being as a human. Through the journey towards the story, she will encounter lots of things that can lead her to the path wear she was supposed to be from the beginning and the change towards her perspective towards the people around her and the life that she had.
The red spider lily represents the people all around her. They look harmless in the naked eyes of the protagonist and the world, but deep inside, they are dangerous. They can either be the enemy that tries to bring harm to her, or the one who will protect her.

So, I hope you guys understand this, and if you need clarifications or you’re still confuse, just message me here so that it will be clarified :slightly_smiling_face:


wjAOLpa_d This is a cover (made by the wonderful @selkkiez) for my book Atropos: Without a Trace.

The most important thing about this was the detective feeling and they master this perfectly. In the story, the lower levels of the city are the poorest and dirtiest, with it getting richer the further up you travel the skyscrapers which was also done well. Finally, getting the face claims right was also important as I didn’t want to risk not having a Chinese model for Ida and Spanish for Doug as the mixture of cultures in Atropos is another important aspect of the city.



The idea behind it is that they are holding hands to show that their companionship holds strong, hence why they’re in the middle of the road. They are meeting in the middle despite differences.
The road is there to represent their literal road-trip/runaway, but also represents the path that they take forward in their lives.
The city in the distance is used as a way of representing greater things are at the end of their adventure.


Mine is a little cliche, I can’t lie. But I decided it’s alright to go for it, since it fit my vision. Not to say my story is cliche, but I play with some cliche’s and put twists on them and I think it does reflect the characters and their story.


So yeah as I said, cliche… the “oh look its a story set in a school type setting” so what do you know, a notebook (or even diary) kinda look.

There are a few things that been done purposefully to be somewhat symbolic. The torn paper edges for one, like shreds of the male lead’s past (which makes sense later on in the story), and the flowers put on top of it, to symbolize the female leads personality of wanting to fix things but doesn’t rly know what she’s doing, especially her naivety of going about things, basically.

The polaroids showing the characters (or, you know, the pictures i used to represent them) are put in this way on purpose. Because I wanted the female lead to look up the male leads polaroid, while his gaze is directed down, but not at her but just the ground. It’s just supposed to reflect their personalities, or more the way their relationship sometimes goes.

And lastly what was done purposefully is having this sort of messy look. The pastel ink splatters or what you wanna call it. It’s supposed to be somewhat grungey, but soft grungey, like the story at times.

I wanted to add: I usually like simple and minimalist type covers, and yet I wasn’t able to go as simple as I wanted. I tried, but never was happy with what I had before so that happened…



that one is simple to explain. I wanted to represent the place where it all began for them: in a cafe.


seen great ones here, so maybe mine will come off a bit too simple, but hey!
The inspiration comes from street paintings, trying to drive that this is your wall, and you’ll put your own words. Title and subtitle look different to mean there are two different people writing, but the vibrant white color sneaking from the underlines mean there is something else behind this wall, and that it’s about to break.


You definitely accomplished your goal. It’s straight to the point and it’s vague enough to catch your reader’s interest about what’s happening beyond the simple premise of two people meeting in a cafe.