What Does Your Book Cover Mean?



I really like your concept and I think the “Dreams far Gone” on the top of the cover is really well done. The street painted “Your dreams today” on the bottom of the cover is a bit hard to read though. Maybe you could make the red and purple background a darker shade so the lighter green-yellow paint is easier to read like when someone has white words on black paper.



My book cover is actually very simple. Since my book is a memoir I tried to use pictures that had something to do with my life. The sign is from the motel I grew up in, and the butterflies are from a picture I had of when I was a kid and I was trying to tame them.


Going to do this after my interview :slight_smile:


The first book has already book posted but I have decided on a sequel and I love the sequel cover as well.


This is the sequel to Beauty of a Crimson Soul. This new title references the burning flame of Ayden and Angel’s love. (The blurb explains it better, haha). The butterfly symbolizes new life and change which completely explains Ayden and Angel after the way the first book ended.



One of the two lead characters lives in the famous Postcard Row houses in San Francisco (aka the Full House houses), but she’s not thrilled to live there, since tourists and gawkers are constantly walking by and taking pictures, and her family life isn’t very happy. I wanted a picture of those iconic houses, but to have them de-glamorized in some way. I found a pic of the houses, then ran it through one of the online sites that have weird photo filters, so it looks like an artsy watercolor painting (with the colors skewed wrong). The “Ought To” is supposed to look like the white-on-black San Francisco street name signs, and the “Can” is a generic green street name sign from the small town in Sonoma County where the other lead character lives.


When I found this photo, I knew I had to have it. I bought it immediately. He’s grabbing her, in a dominating position – her character is alone and vulnerable in a country she’s never been to, but she looks like she’s enjoying it… because she is. I chose that colour scheme as the ornate golds of the font match the gold of her dress, symbolising luxury. Luxury is something we all want, and everyone wants her. The font I specifically used because it’s a traditional typeface that demands attention. It’s not fluffy, it’s not cute, it’s a quintessentially luxurious font. The darks around the cover are there because 1) it’s a common genre key, and 2) everything good happens in the dark, does it not? There’s also a gold halo vignette, again running with the gold theme.
She’s also much better dressed than her male counterpart, and for good reason. Elizabeth is the daughter of a Duke, and everyone hounding after her could never quite be good enough.


I feel like your story really gets across the purpose of it, it kinda slams home what the book is about from the body language and everything. :slight_smile: Really nice.


This one is mine… This is kind of based on one of the scenes from the book itself, when they go to a ball and she ends up stealing a piece of evidence - aka the quill. It sort of represents the ongoing conflict in the whole book - the main character trying to navigate the fancy drawing rooms and ballrooms of London while at the same time, trying to solve a murder, and remain secretive.

Not super deep I guess but I felt like it encapsulated a lot of the story. My favorite part is the freckles - the character gets her magical power replenished by sunshine, so I specifically requested the freckles be put in and I think they’re so cute. :laughing:



The cover is a WIP just to let everyone know. This story is about 4 girls who become trapped in a twisted version of their school and are caught in a cycle of escape and return to this school. On the cover there is a chalkboard that has pictures of the four girls walking through the halls, but what’s weird and unsettling about it is that someone or something knows what they are doing and are able to draw pictures of them on the chalkboard. I even wrote the book title with a white calligraphy pen tool to make it look like it could have been drawn on with chalk but look strangely distinct from the other things drawn on the chalkboard to further disorient readers.

The main four girls Rue, Opal, Socrates, and Eclair are drawn on the chalkboard. Rue is hunched over wanting to get things over with and holds her baseball bat as she’s set on hitting everything trying to kill her with it. Opal has better posture as she’s trying to make herself look confident despite the worry on her face and she’s holding onto a hook attached to a bracelet on her wrist readying herself to use it should some sort of monster attack them. Socrates is mostly paying attention to the notes she is writing about their surroundings and what details could be useful for them indicating her focus on the puzzles the situations presents itself with rather than what horrors her mind could come up with. Eclair stops in her tracks when she notices something’s off almost as if she thinks someone’s watching them. It’s a bit quirky and offbeat but appropriate for the situation. Opal and Eclair were the hardest to come up with poses for because their personalities kind of clash with the situation they are put in, Opal being arrogant and overachieving but secretly loyal and Eclair being bubbly and a bit silly.

In the finished product I intend to place the piece of chalk used to draw the girls on the wooden counter of the chalkboard, make the apple clearly rotten, and on the chalkboard itself I intend to have Latin symbols meant to spell messages about previous students at the school, the normal school not the twisted school.


My best friend designed my cover, so obviously I think it’s beautiful.

The mountain is a scene in my story.
The style is old/vintage science fiction, think Day the Earth Stood Still and Dune.
Since my book is heavily inspired by Mary Shelley, the inventor of science fiction, I really wanted to pay homage to the genre in every way possible.

Let me know what you guys like or would consider changing, I’m open to critiques and constructive criticism!


I actually really like this cover! The retro style is beautiful and the coloring of the words matches it really well. But it looks like some of the letters on the side got cut off, so you might want to look into fixing that!


My cover is designed to have sort of a retro 50’s look. I modeled my story after my favorite noir crime thrillers from that era, plus the idea is that it’s set in a world where the cold war never ended, so I’m trying to borrow the style of the times. The “starring Mona Reese and Kit Larson” refers to the name of my book’s main characters, and I included that as a nod to all the old noir film posters (look them up, they were so stylish and cool). I’d love thoughts on the cover, let me know if it can be improved, etc!


very cool!


I’d recommend choosing a different font, it’s a bit hard to read when it’s regular size, so smaller would possibly be harder, and to size the font down some since it cuts off on all ends, and center it. Same for centering your name on bottom. The image is sort of old and pixelated too, which I get you’re going for an older vibe, but there’s probably effects that can give it that vibe without depleting the quality.

@feverdreams1 Lovely cover.

Here’s one I made recently. Laurel is a necromancer, and in a crucial scene, she raises an army of the dead which leads to a bloodbath.



Damn that is a gorgeous cover. I wish I knew how to design and edit like that :scream:


Thank you :slight_smile:

Not trying to hijack and self promote, but I have a cover thread in the forums. And there’s loads of talented designers there as well.


Cool, I’ll check it out!


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One of my MC’s, June, has cerebral palsy, a physical disability. Early on in the book, she visits the house of the other MC’s, two brothers. They are kind of rich and their parents like to show their wealth off, so a lot of their stuff is expensive, artsy, and consequently, impractical. They have this cutlery that June finds very hard to handle. As a sign of friendship, the boys throw that set out and instead buy some regular knives and forks. So the cover signifies that friendship, and them accepting her for who she is.


My cover looks simple at first glance, but it represents the MC, Ava, and the world she lives in. I picked this photo for the chick: her dark hair and edgy clothes. She looks like she could kick someone’s ass. Ava can kick ass.

The black clothes represent the colors the last standing nation on Earth wear in honor for the dead. The road represent’s Ava looking for her own path in life and searching for her birth record. The trees are symbolic, showing life (light) and death (shadows) of what Ava faces during her search.

Overall, the outdoor also appeals to Earth and its landscape. As the story progresses, the other book covers will appeal to the landscapes of other planets Ava travels to.


I can’t do covers but bear with me on this one…


So this story is named Un-Living and it is about a girl dealing with many mental issues (tw) suicide attempts, anorexia, suicidal thoughts, depression, severe anxiety, and a bit of builimia The story starts after the girl attempts to (tw) commit suicide and fails

The butterflies are a symbol in the story (oh god is this what English has set me up for) for freedom. In this book the main character is trying to free herself from this disorder’s wrath and the only way she can do that is attempting to kill her self The dark colors are meant to represent the emotions that the MC is feeling during the story as overall it is very dark and gloomy as it represents mental illness (a very deep topic.) I ended up going with a galaxy background because the MC is very much a night owl and enjoys morning runs at the break of dawn (a way she enforces the ED) so the colors represent her morning runs.

The girl in the picture, with the dress of butterflies, shows how the main character is attempting to release all these trapped feelings in an attempt to be free. She is so trapped and that is what the butterflies (as an alternate meaning) represent is all these mushed up feelings that are dying to be let free.


The first thing you see is the butterfly, and that’s exactly what my story represents.

It’s about a boy who lives in two worlds, one of his birth and the other of his favourite book, at the same time. Just like the butterfly theory, the very fact he lives in the world of this book changes the story.

The butterfly patterned knife is an object that becomes crucial in tracking down an important group in the story. One character also has lepidepterophobia and is affected in more than one way by these knives.

Finally, the blue swirling background represents a little rock which again, is very important in furthering the plot.

Yay, I managed to keep the explanation short XD.