What does your dark fantasy/paranormal/urban fantasy world look like?


Who are the key players? What are the “rules” of your world? Main conflict? False gods?
I want to hear!


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And with that out of the way, I can answer your question!

I write Dark Urban Fantasy - so Urban with dark themes, basically.

Here’s a description of Urban Fantasy:

Urban fantasy is a subset of contemporary fantasy, consisting of novels and stories with supernatural and/or magical elements set in contemporary, real-world, urban settings–as opposed to ‘traditional’ fantasy set in imaginary locations.

Many urban fantasy novels are told via a first-person narrative, and feature supernatural beings such as vampires, shapeshifters, fairies, witches, sorcerers, and demons. Urban fantasy stories tend to have a high amount of suspense and action, and sometimes include mystery, romance, humor and/or horror in the plotline.

And Dark Fantasy:

At its most basic, dark fantasy is a term used to describe a fantasy story with a pronounced horror element. A stricter definition is difficult to pin down, as authors, publishers, and readers have used “dark fantasy” in various contexts throughout the years.

Dark fantasy is often used as a synonym for supernatural horror. Some authors and critics also apply the term to high fantasy stories that feature anti-heroic or morally ambiguous protagonists. Fantasy works by writers typically associated with the horror genre are sometimes described as “dark fantasy.” Conversely, the term is also used to describe “darker” works by authors best-known for other styles of fantasy.

So, I have one series where it’s an alternative version our world but everyone is an animal shifter. There are five categories: Cats, Dogs, Birds, Bugs and Fish. And that’s it. Some can shift fully into the animal they are and some can’t.

The main conflict is the MC trying to get out of prison, where “feral” people are put. (“Feral” means the inflicted has lost all ability to control their rage and is basically just mindless animals)

I have another series which is more classically Urban Fantasy with a parallel society set in the real world with gods, angels and other magical breeds. Main conflict is the two MCs trying to not get caught by the big man upstairs. The god who made all the other gods and the entire world. The godly MC has stolen the recipe for immortality and is not going to give it back without a fight.

Hope this answered your questions somewhat :smile:


Wowww, that sounds so extremely complex! Bug and fish shifters… that’s so unique. Do they have any advantages or pluses to being these animals? Because to me it sounds like they’d be the weak ones that are most likely to be preyed on


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They’re actually the rulers of society. They’re the ones who don’t turn feral, so they have the upper hand on the rest of the breeds.

Their advantage is whatever animal they are. So if they’re for example an orca, (whales are also included under ‘Fish’ - it’s basically just sea animals) they’d be good at working in groups. Be feracious and have a “take no prisoners” mindset. And they’d be naturally good hunters - keeping their eyes on the price. Also, they’d be awesome swimmers obviously :joy:


Damn, I love that twist of the “weaker” animals actually being the strongest. That actually sounds so cool

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I thought so too. It would’ve been too predictable with cats and dogs on top right?


I’ll just contribute with my current WIP. It’s a mix of subgenres: dark, urban, and low fantasy. There is next to no mention of magic with the exception of one of the protagonists, who is a revenant (basically a zombie, but minus the rotting bits). Everyone in this universe are ordinary humans with ordinary lives, which is how the low fantasy part comes into play. The setting is similar to the Roaring Twenties in our world (think jazz, the Prohibition, the Industrial Revolution, gangsters etc.) and the story takes place in a fictional country similar to England.

The protagonist is nineteen, a foul-mouthed lad who seeks revenge for his murdered parents. He’s spent the past seven years crafting a hit list until the said revenant approaches him with plans for her own. The rest of the story is pretty much about them racking up a body count between them while they strive to achieve their own respective goals.


A journal has been discovered which catalogues the findings of enigmatic beings known as archons. Spiritual entities with the power to shape the world. This journal serves as a reference for those who wish to learn of these beings and to authors who wish to share their experiences with the archons.


We are not alone.

There are forces beyond the vastness of space, in the realm between life and death. They are the archons, but they have been known by other names: angels, demons, ghosts, gods.

They have always been there, sometimes watching, sometimes judging, sometimes touching and manipulating us from afar. Always at war. But some of them are not content to remain in their own realm. Sometimes they invade our living world, arriving in the usual way. Disguised. Among us. As one of us from the day they are born.

The Fallen.

Perhaps you have met one and never knew it. You could have passed one on the street and were not aware you witnessed a heavenly being. Or perhaps you were. Perhaps it changed your life so profoundly you cannot go back to mundane existence. Then you are like me and will never return to a life of ignorance, hiding from the truth.

Some of you may be scholars seeking to understand these forces of the universe. Some of you may be innocent casualties in their war, hoping to learn why you were chosen. And some of you may be warriors fighting for your own destiny among a kind who conquers fate itself.

I do not know why they seek dominion over over us, but it is a tale as old as time. Virtue against Sin in cosmic struggle for Eternity. And we are pawns they corrupt to their ways and strengthen their orders.

Many fallen archons wish to see us destroy ourselves, so they may reap our tainted souls. Many simply wish to exploit us for their own petty desires. Some sit themselves in seats of authority or work behind the scenes, using their divine mana to shift our cultures to their favor. Bringing us closer to their design. They are true the movers and shakers of the world. A few rise above Earthly stations and have become known as mythological gods of legend, claiming our souls through worship.

Do not despair. Not all archons seek our demise. Some can be called allies who shine with benevolent light which grants us strength. And we are not defenseless in our own right. We have learned how to seek the archons and harness their power. We have built hidden empires that can rival even the might of an archon. We have discovered the limits of archonic influence and can maneuver them into situations where they become powerless. Some of us can even deny them outright.

We are the balancers.

I have compiled in the following pages all I know of the archons and their devoted acolytes. May it serve as a manual to challenge their dominion and find the path to our own destiny. Those who read this journal place themselves at grave risk, but they will also become enlightened, arming themselves with knowledge that may save their souls from damnation.

– Amber Gallagher

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It’s a medieval European like setting where the gods had a direct hand and presence in the lives of people. Lending their knowledge, turning the tides of conflicts around the world personally, and such. After some time they left without a reason and only left behind their children. Some men, bitter with the abandonment of the gods, created their own to worship that focused on human improvement. After some time, the god they worshipped was born out of nothing and created a son of his own. Not too long after doing so, the new god left as the others had but gave the reason that if it stuck around, they wouldn’t really improve by themselves.

Equinox, the son of the created god, had figured that if he killed the other demigods he would be able to achieve the pinnacle of existence and become a god himself. When he went to kill the last demigod, the demigod of strength, he brought with him his followers. Equinox and the demigod of strength, Gorund, fought for three days before one of Equinox’s followers betrayed him and sealed him out of existence. Equinox’s follower spoke to Gorund and said that the seal wouldn’t last forever. Fast forward 500 years, and all except a few had forgotten about time long past when the gods and demigods roamed the earth. They still worship them, but don’t think they physically influenced the world like the stories say.

Equinox’s return and the dealing of it is where my story starts.


Currently working on an urban fantasy novella.

The initial plot circles around my protagonist Desmond Grey and his mission as an investigator to find missing female magicians abducted by the House of Shadows. He has to find where they are and for what’s purpose they have gone missing without a ransom and believe me it is sinister.

My magical world consist of a myriad of different places. There are cities all over the world housing magicians that can be accessed via hidden portals in the mundane world. It can be in an alley, a library, under a bridge or even under soldier’s arch in Brooklyn(featured in the first chapter).

My world has a diverse populous of magicians, werewolves, My own take on Dragons Kyries( my own creations) Faes and Elementals, Angels etc and its governed by an organisation I call the Magisterium whose headquarters are stationed in Africa as the capital of the invisible world.

Rules of my world? There are a lot lol. If you’re the type to like magic systems, mine is based on the world of forms. It deals with drawing upon the formless world of ideas and concepts and giving it form through geometry/shapes, colour, thought and will.

I also have a perversion of that system practiced by the House of Shadows where they try to circumvent natural laws. The source of that power is stationed in a world older than the realms of man and has been corrupted since Angels drew their first breath.

And yes I have Gods in my world. In modern times Gods and humanity (both magicians and mundanes) have not interacted for a long time. But it is a fact that all humans are descendants of Gods or Angels and sometimes Faes which gives humans their capacity for magic. Many bloodlines have declined over generations where they basically are producing mundanes or mundane psychics that only have residual magic, representing a shell of that bloodline’s former self.

Tried to paraphrase cause full details Will be a lot lol.

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Wowww that’s so complicated and advanced! I love this so much, great job on your magic system!!

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Thanks haha! It’s a big work in progress, lots of moving parts involved but it’s fun.


Hi there :slight_smile:
I’m currently working on what I would call a dark fantasy. My main character is half-demon who is mostly a loner. She used to belong to a band of other half-demons but couldn’t get on board with their rules so went off on her own. In my world, the half-demons hate the real demons 90% of the time because most of them were conceived from really terrible situations so they tend to hunt down full demons as a sort of act of vengeance.
I don’t want to go into too much detail about how my character’s magic works because it’s revealed later but in short, the story starts off with her having a vision of something that’s coming. She finds out from other people that one of the other cities is intentionally summoning demons to start a war with the other kingdoms and she then realizes her vision is one of their attacks so tries to prepare but has a run-in with dragons that makes things complicated.
I’m trying to use different types of creatures in this fantasy, I do have dragons but also harpies, faeries and a bunch of other things as well. I want my world to be really diverse.
My key players are my half-demons and dragons. The main conflict is the war being started by one of the kingdoms with demons and although the half-demons tend to shy away from regular people since demons are periodically hunted, they’re sort of forced to work with other people to fight against the demons that have been summoned. It’s a sort of reluctant alliance so there’s lots of conflict there as well.
I have way too many rules to list haha but in my world there are different types of magic. The demon’s magic doesn’t work the same as the dragon’s, and neither work the same as say a sorcerer who studied and learned magic but wasn’t born with it (in my world sorcerer’s aren’t just born magical, they have to put a lot of work into it to access it so they’re typically very devoted people).
My setting is sort of post-apocalyptic medieval where there’s a lot of ruins from previous battles. So none of the kingdoms are in their glory days, there’s a bit of strain between them and they kind of keep to themselves but this war starting is going to force a lot of them to work together for the greater good.
There’s also a small underlying romance in there but it’s going to be super slow-burn, barely touching on it in the first book.

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Demons and dragons?? That’s amazing :joy: I love that and the medieval vibes as well!

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Your book sounds really interesting! I want to read it so bad, I am sure you have received a notification that it was added to my reading list. Looking forward to an adventure of the Fallen.


Fish-shifter! That’s so interesting. Out of curiosity, if someone shifts into a fish on dry land, does he or she breathe like a human or like a fish? Will that person die?

Forgive my random question :joy:


Thank you! My friend described it as Lord of the Rings meets Supernatural haha


Since their anatomy changes completely they’d “drown” on land. :fish:

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Well, these shifters better not make a mistake :joy:

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