What DON'T you want to write about?

The first step to know what you want to write about is to know what you’d rather not write about. What will you not write about?


I don’t think I’ll write historical fiction. Despite finding out that history can be really interesting to read in college, I just don’t think I have the chops to do a full period piece. It would probably be generic af – big skirts, arranged marriages, less slang.

I would love to see more historical fiction about black people in non-slavery lives, for example


Period pieces don’t have to just be about the 19th century. A story about one of the great kingdoms of Africa would be a cool read.


I don’t think I’ll ever write poetry. I suck at poetry and it’s not something I’m particularly confident in.

I don’t think I’ll ever write a rape scene. I don’t think I could bring myself to write it. I’m also very critical of how authors handle rape and sexual assault backstories, and I don’t trust myself to get it right.

I don’t think I’ll ever write comedy. I’m only funny when I’m not trying to be.


I will never write romance. I will only write a romantic subplot if it makes sense. I find romance in books pretty boring and unnecessary. I’m also aro/ace, so I have no idea how to properly write romance even if I wanted to, lol.

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I will never write those weird “possessive alpha mate” werewolf stories


I’d never write a romance featuring a bad boy who is actually a bad person and abusive but is turned good by the female lead


Assault as female characters’ “character growth”. It is the most annoying, irritating, and sexist thing I have ever seen out there. This comes usually from male writers who have no idea about women or women who have been assaulted and hurt. They just think it’s cool to be a survivor whilst not contributing anything meaningful to the conversation or issue, hence…I will never use abuse and assault on women as character growth. It’s the single most problematic thing a writer can do. (Without thought that is and in this context because of course there are people who have to share their experience to be heard.)


OH MY GOD! This “Fix your love” trope is so annoying! Like no, go away. That boi doesn’t need a girl to ‘fix’ him and he won’t be fixed because you have a magic vagina. He needs therapy. Years of it. You’re not certified, go away.


The only werewolf stories I’ll ever write are the “curse that makes you a rabid animal” ones.


I’ll never write explicit. No historical fiction and Werewolf stories. No purely romance plots (although I have a romance genre book, it has another base conflict to prop it up, not just two people liking each other)



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I find it impossible to write just romance

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I will never write about high school. Or groups of high school kids. I’ll leave that to authors with high school experiences worth sharing. :joy:


at the moment, i dont want to write about any mature scenes. I want to write a book that i can shamelessly advertise even to my male friends hahahah because you know. i’m a girl and if they discover i’m writing mature scenes, not sure what that would make out of me to their eyes after they read my book hahahhahahahahah

Perhaps in the future?

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hahaha maybe but at the moment, no. i really want my friends to read my book hahaha

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i :clap:t5: do :clap:t5: not :clap:t5: write :clap:t5: tragedies, no death will happen on my part… well at least not to characters i fall in love with lol.


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So far I’m only gonna write romance. Like, anything with romance. Fantasy romance, supernatural romance, etc. Nothing else really interests me.