What Draws You to Teen Fiction?


I’m 33 and really all i read and write is YA or NA … I think what appeals to me most especially in the romance genre would be that exciting feeling of a first love. I don’t want to read about some big corporate jerk in a suite I want to read about someone falling in love with the wrong guy or actually finding true love while they are young.

Maybe also because I have to live and adult life now and it’s nice to read about a time when things weren’t so adult lol

I was just thinking the other day, i’ve recently discovered After series by Anna Todd and it got me thinking this is what all of those older fans of Twilight felt like 10 years ago when they were in their 30’s 40’s and 50’s and fell for Edward. lol


I like the more rebellious part of the teen years. Breaking free of your parents and becoming your own person through trial and error. It gives you something to root for as a reader, while at the same time having the satisfying feeling of seeing someone else fail, just like we all have at some points.
I know I did some stupid things as a teenager, and I acquiesced with behavior from others that I would not allow today. But hey, we learn by screwing things up.

To me, there is something beautiful in seeing a character grow and learn. Which is why my book is that type of story.


A tight lariat and a strong horse. Seriously, a well plotted story will hold me regardless of the characters ages.or conditions. A clumsy one won’t. Yep, its down to that.


I teach struggling 9th grade readers and YA is the best vehicle to get them to enjoy reading and to improve their comprehension skills. Right now I teach 3 books: Tears of a Tiger, Monster and Speak. I also use 12 Angry Men but that’s not YA lol. I read everything, YA, non-fiction, sci-fi/fantasy etc… I write YA, Fantasy and I’m working with the game design club writing their cut scenes.


well regular teenage life (or should i say ‘regular’ because y’know it is fiction) has always seemed like fantasy to me because everything i read about being a teenager has been so different to my experience of it?? and when i read other genres it just feels too unrealistic and i don’t like it that much because it’s just not something that could possibly happen in my life as i know it and just idk teen fiction makes more sense to me


I’m 20 years old and I still love teen fiction. I think what draws me to teen fiction is just the fact that it’s like looking back at my teen years and being able to relate on one level or the other to character experiences. Sometimes I’ll read a book of the genre and find myself pausing to reflect on the things i wish I knew then that I know now. Like how to maturely deal with heartbreak etc but honestly being a teenager is all about making mistakes as you grow up so that when you get older (just like I do now) you can see how much you’ve grown over the years.

No matter how old I get I think teen fiction will always have a place in my heart.


I’m well into adulthood, but still read and write YA. I read a wide variety of genres, and yes, “grown up” books, but what I most appreciate about well-written teen fiction, and probably why I keep coming back to it is the raw emotions it doesn’t pull back from. I especially enjoy following the psychological journeys of characters dealing with trauma, abuse, illness, or other extreme difficulties in life, and I’ve found that the best written teen fiction dives deep into the mental experience instead of staying near the surface like a lot of “grown up” fiction does.

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