What genre do you write in?


(Okay, to really test this new system out I’m gonna try and make a thread. Bear with me.)

What genre do you write in and why?

What are the pros of writing in that genre?

What are the cons?

Do you feel like the genre you’re writing in is a good one to write in terms of getting read on Wattpad?

What made you wanna write in that genre to begin with?


You already know the answers but I’ll answer any way :laughing:

Mostly fantasy, but I branch out from time to time. I’ve written contemporary, new adult, and paranormal. Plus a mix of SciFi and fantasy. As to why, idk, I just do :rofl:

You can make :poop: up and nobody will complain…well unless you’re completely playing with the rules of reality.

Probably just that it’s super popular on WP so lots of competition. Which I guess also answers the last question.



Thanks for the answer! I’ve always envied your ability to branch out. The most branching out I do is writing Historical Fantasy instead of Urban :joy:


I don’t think I’m any good at the non-fantasy, but it’s good to take a break once in a while. Half the things I start I don’t finish when it’s non-fantasy. But I try.


You’re still way ahead of me there. I don’t even try. I never get any ideas that don’t include magic or something fantastical like that. :sweat_smile:


I have several so I will say that much :laughing::prisim:


Envy all over the place. Just all over!


I write in the werewolf genre! Though I have stories ideas that range from historical, to sci-fi. But the werewolf books just keep festering lol, they won’t stop coming to me. I’m not sure why, something just make it interesting to write about so I tried!

  • I loveeee Paranormal, so it’s between that and fantasy. Both are super fun to play with and worldbuild.
  • I think it’s how you’re able to take advantage of the rules your world has, whether it be zombies running around or vampires eating pigs.
  • But at the same time, you’ve gotta keep track of those rules and how your characters work with them. It’s tricky getting yourself out of magical plotholes, but not impossible.

  • For me, I always wonder if my descriptions of my characters’ powers/curses are on par. Mostly because things like this would be hard to find in real life to get a feel or a sniff of.

  • Uh. I’m not entirely sure. I just write what I like. Somehow I get reads, but I’m not sure how. xD
  • My first book was an impulsive idea dead-set on being written and it happened to fit paranormal. The genre stuck with me. :>


What genre do you write in and why?

Well, I write in just about any and every genre that I can work with. But so far, I’ve written teen fiction, romance (non-teen fiction), and romance (teen fiction), and now, currently, I’m writing a thriller/mystery/horror story.

What are the pros of writing in that genre?

A lot, I guess? Lol. In teen fiction, one of the pros is that it’s easier to understand the characters and relate to them, because everyone has been a teen or is a teen. In romance alone, one pro that I can come up with is that even though the genre seems like it’s dying (since there seems to not be so many plots) the genre continues to be spontaneous, and you could write about anything of any time-frame. And finally, thrillers are page-turners, so it allows you to make up whatever kind of drama and twist it so much that you just want to read more. And it’ll help you do that for other stories, even if they aren’t thrilling.

What are the cons?

Teen fiction and romance can be bland and cliche which, in turn, can become annoying. And thrillers can seem too fast paced at times.

Do you feel like the genre you’re writing in is a good one to write in terms of getting read on Wattpad?

I guess? I don’t really care about the stats, so it’s not that big of a deal to me if I don’t get famous for the story. But generally speaking, the genres I do write in are popular. Thriller may not be popular, but since I’m writing in the NA genre, it very well could be.

What made you wanna write in that genre to begin with?

I love just about every genre. :slight_smile:


Werewolf Writer’s uniteeeeee




What genre do you write in and why?
Mainly new adult sci-fi, but I dabble in all kinds of genres, like romance, teen fic, thriller, mystery, action, ect.

What are the pros of writing in that genre?
I can be creative. Sci-fi allows for a lot of creative licence and it’s fun to write about things that might just be possible. Older characters have more flexibility, like if I want my 20-something characters to get married and have kids, they can. They’re also more realistic in that yes, a 20-something with government-granted responsibilities and superpowers can change the world. That’s a little harder to pull of with teenagers. Adults also have higher thinking ability that can add depth to a story.

What are the cons?
Sci-fi is more critically analyzed than other genres. It better be at least somewhat possible according to known physical laws, or have a killer explanation as to why those laws have been broken. As a sci-fi writer, you’re expected to use higher vocabulary and have mind-blowing ideas, and it adds a lot of pressure. Contemporary sci-fi (what I usually write) is especially hard because it needs to blend the impossible with the concrete laws that hold our world together. Politics and the human condition also come into play a lot, so a sci-fi writer really needs to understand those, too, or critics will tear them apart. Andt then plot holes are almost a given. I can’t even count how many times I’ve had fix stupid holes or hope no one notices them. LOL

Do you feel like the genre you’re writing in is a good one to write in terms of getting read on Wattpad?
It’s not the most popular, for sure, but sci-fi can do fairly well. I get anywhere from 50 to 300 reads a day, so I’d say there’s an audience. It can be hard to find it at first, though because you have to prove that you can execute the high stakes set up and that you can pull off the crazy ideas you come up with.

What made you wanna write in that genre to begin with?
I grew up with sci-fi. As a kid, I watched Star Trek and classic sci-fi movies with my parents (actually, I still do). I loved how imaginative the writers could be, and as I got older I found I had a lot of ideas of my own.


@All I’m so super jealous of all of you who can go into more than one genre and rock it out there. I wish I had the imagination for that.

@Perci_Snickedy I definitely know what you mean with writing about adults. The youngest I’ve written is 18 - the character needed to be young, but not too young. Still needed him to be at least legally an adult in most parts of the world. But usually they’re all over 21. As you said, there’s just soooo much more flexibility.

And I definitely get ya on the Contemporary aspect. Sometimes it would just be so much easier to make up your own world, huh? :joy:


@AWFrasier I personally write with all age groups, but Im strongest teen-and-youth kinds of characters. However I do find that my characters are rather mature and intelligent. Honestly, I think I range from all aspects of personality xD


I definitely get the allure of writing teen characters - I do like reading YA after all. I just… Can’t write them. I think I’m too stuck in my own age so writing characters that are 10 years younger than me seems alien. (Because writing about angels, gods and vampires doesn’t hahahaha)


@AWFrasier Oh my goodness xD It is hard to write a different age group that you probably are not familiar with, but also don’t feel comfortable with writing about. You cant be nine and write about someone who is twenty-one unless you are completely familiar with the facts and behaviours about the age groups. Personally, I write about mature teens and slightly older teens (like people who are in their twenties or so), mainly due to the fact that ‘teen’ is my current age-group that I am living in xD.

I do try to write older characters, but personally have a slight bit of issue, as I am not yet an adult, and try to find how adults would act. Certainly a man who is 33 wouldnt act as a fifteen-year-old xD


Haha, exactly! And I honestly don’t remember how it was to be a teen. I haven’t been a teen for the past 6 years (and very happily so too) so at this point I’m like… “How are teens even behaving today?”


Well, if you do ask, teens are mostly (this is all my experience) confused and, honestly, filled with some sort of mental illness or disorder. I see depression and anger issues all around me. But that is the school I go to xD

But if you write about a teen in a, say, ‘different reality’, I would personally try to shape the teen in a way that the society will create (if that makes any sense). Basically, make the teen act how he/she should and could. Make flaws, give reasons, ask why, all the basics of writing! Keep in mind that youths can be influences by their surroundings. Issues or not, there is going to be a reason why a character will act the way they do, whether from society, surroundings, or just plain old events.


I must take my leave now. Good luck on your writing and all of the amazing!