What got you into writing


I don’t know that 'cause it was a feeling, I felt that when I was 13 then I started with writing Poetry, first in Dutch and now in English :slight_smile:


I kind of hated to write and read. But one day i gave it a try. And after i while i was like: " This is something i really like, and im good."
That was my story lol xD


i just got told about stan lee ;-;


All I want to do is write what’s in my head, usually love stories. I don’t do love in real life, but I’m human so I need an outlet. That’s what got me into writing.


Oh crap man, yeah i bawled my eyes out with that. There’s no bigger comic hero to me than he was.


im gonna draw mout rushmore but with stan lee, robin williams, dr.suse, and stephen hellenberg


Please do and then make it into a poster so i can hang it on my walls


All of other hobbies failed XD


That shits true af


I hear you. That is a fine goal to chase after.


Same here!!!


@NachoDinoWrites i always loved reading books as a child, even when i was extremely young. my mother used to read her romance novels and i would read whatever book i could find. idk when but i wrote my first story in my early childhood, and i wrote many more after that. my mother also writes so i guess i get it from her.