What happened to the casting thing?

I noticed when putting in my cast for my story… that it was completely gone. Is there any reason why? I really liked this idea because it helps me a lot. I hope you guys didn’t get rid of it for good. :c

The feature has been removed unfortunately. Some people make extra chapters with pictures or aesthetics and sometimes little notes about their characters, so maybe that’s an option for you.


I wouldn’t even know how to do this tbh. I always really preferred the way Wattpad did it because it made it less tedious, especially when I usually use celebrities as face claims and such.

Eh… I’ll have to think of something else to do I guess. :confused:

It’s pretty easy, you just add inline media into the chapter and write the names underneath and you’re done.

I mostly read books from the mob😂 and that never used to show in mob so I don’t mind it.

I find it a lot more fun when you get to add stuff the characters
But I wouldnt have even noticed the cast thing because i didnt use it