What happened to the Recommendations personalized feature in beta?


To begin, I heard about this feature being added to Wattpad beta a month before I ever heard word on getting into the app myself. (It never showed on web for me)

I’m aware that Wattpad had been looking into trying out methods of personalizing the home page and recommendations by allowing users to possibly thumbs up or thumbs down stories they were recommended based on why they liked or disliked seeing the story.

However, when I got beta a month later, this feature was nowhere to be seen. A month seems like a VERY short time to run a test, though, and honestly, I was excited to see it tested and potentially implemented (would’ve been such an amazing feature) but it just dropped off the map without a word.

Can someone explain why this was gone so quickly and never tested for long or implemented, because I know a LOT of Wattpad would love to see it become reality, myself included.

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Yes, I wonder too! I’ve wanted this feature for six years! It came and left just like that and I never even got to test it myself!

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Man, I was so excited to see it…and now it’s gone…sniffles

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I was so excited to see this feature and then it disappeared. This is why I barely read anything on the app. The recommendation system sucks.


I just avoid the home page and go by authors I know.

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I do the same. Currently, I’ve gone back to traditional reading. Printed books for me for the time being


Man, I’ve bought 5 new physical books this year and I feel so good.

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I bought 15 (so far). I’m super excited to read them.


Oooooo, that’s a lot!

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They’re all birthday gifts haha. But anyway, I prefer published books since it’s easier to find what I want to read as opposed to the wattpad recommendation.

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Same here.

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Don’t quote me on this because I don’t actually know, but it might’ve been they found it caused some bugs and so they couldn’t proceed beyond the beta without more tweeking.

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