What has happened to Absolute Write?

Does anyone know what happened to Absolute Write? I know it wasn’t the most positive of places, but there was a lot of info there that was very helpful when researching publishers, especially if you squinted your eyes and managed to see beyond some of the snark.

I keep feeling like I have to deal with a partial image of what I want to know now that I don’t have this resource.

I don’t know. I saw recently that it was down. I’m sorry – there was a ton of helpful information there. I’d like to know what happened too.

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Their Facebook page has a pinned message that someone’s been forcing them offline. Sounds like maybe a DoS attack or something? But that they’ll be back once they install a security upgrade. Wow, must be an interesting story there. Maybe an angry writer is attacking their site somehow? ʕʘ.ʘʔ

Ha! I was just coming to post this.

Yes, someone has gotten pissed enough to dedicate a LOT of resource to bring them down and keep them down. (Seriously, if I had this power, AW isn’t where I’d focus it!!!)

Mac is accepting donations. She’s trying to rebuild.

Whoa…I wonder why anyone would waste money on doing such a thing? Must have a lot of hate going there! I read through some of the comments and found they’ve been under a sustained DDoS attack since December, but they’re taking legal action against the perp and that it’s going to take a lot of money to get security measures installed on their server, blah blah blah. Definitely must be an interesting story to it! I wonder who dunnit and why? Srsly, who would waste money on taking down a site like that? People these days are totally wack! ヽ(゚Д゚)ノ

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I don’t know. Hope the person doing it actually gets jailtime and a BIG fine.

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I liked Absolute Write but my account always seemed to have trouble with them. It would get locked before I could even post anything. 🤷

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Just saw on Twitter – AW is back up!!

So I see! And it scanned my browser for a few seconds before it would let me visit the site. I guess that’s part of its new security. ☜(ˆ▿ˆc)

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They’ve been receiving massive attacks. :frowning: It’s been over a month now I believe. I love AW!!!

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