What Hogwarts Are Your Characters in?



Ever since I sorted myself into Hufflepuff on Pottermore, I’ve been sorting some of my book characters into their own Hogwarts houses. Tell me I’m not the only one that does this, and if so, what was your own character’s result? Note: you can include their patronus and wands too if you wish.

Josh: When I was building my main character, Josh, I saw him as a Ravenclaw because of his role in helping his mother, he’s smart, witty, centered, and sharp. So it took me by surprise when I completed the test and found out he’s a Gryffindor with Ravenclaw undertones. At first, I didn’t get it, how could this be so? Looking back on it, however, I do understand now. Not to give too much away, but Josh is…Well first off, he breaks the rules every chance he gets, but he does it for a specific reason. Also, at some point in the book, Josh risks his life willingly to save someone he loves.

Josh’s Patronus is a Black Swan and his wand is… a Dogwood, Phoenix, 13 3/4", Flexible

Milo: Question, what do The Harry Potter Series and my book have in common? They both have a ginger sidekick in it, this would be Milo. Like me, I knew he was Hufflepuff from the start, but I had to take the test for him to be sure. Sure enough, he was a Puff, but with Gryffindor undertones. You see, Milo’s got the qualities of a badger, loyalty, kindness, and fairness, but he is also adventurous, bold, and daring, but he can also be hotheaded, restless, and a bit reckless. As Josh puts it, he’s going to get himself killed, just trying to win a bet.

Milo’s Patronus is a Tiger and his wand… is a Cypress, Unicorn, 13 1/2", Slightly Yielding

Josh’s mom Valery: Honestly out of all the results, this one surprised me the most. Valery is known as “The Iron Mother,” why? Not giving too much away here, but…Valery is a single mother to Josh. If that weren’t enough, she’s the only Docter in this small town, which she runs out of her own house. She had to be Ravenclaw, she had to be. Right again, but here’s the surprising part, alongside that, Valery is a mix of all four houses.

Valery’s Patronus is a Black Mare and her wand… is an English Oak, Phoenix, 13", Supple

Lewis Blair: Out of all the characters in this book, Lewis is one of the most tragic. I’m not going to tell you his backstory, it’ll give too much away. Let’s just say, he has had two serious blows dealt to him one after the other. When I was sorting Lewis, I kept an open mind, I had no idea which house he belonged to. When he got a Gryffindor result, once again, I got it. In a certain part of the book, Lewis has to decide whether or not to help Milo and Josh. Given the look of the situation, most other cops wouldn’t take the chance until they have gathered more info, but Lewis isn’t your normal cop.

Lewis’s Patronus is a fire-dwelling salamander and his wand… is also an English Oak, Phoenix, 13", Supple, same as Valery’s.

All of the characters mentioned are from a future novel