What holds the most weight for rankings?



Hey guys, I’m wondering if anybody knows what has the most weight in terms of boosting your rankings. Is it comments, votes, story shares on social media platforms, reading list/library adds? I’ve seen a lot of books about this on the site, but somehow they all seem to be for the old algorithm. Apologies if I’m not supposed to ask about this :joy: but it would be helpful to know how the system works, so I can best promote the quality content on WP. You know, since on any given day, most of the top ten in every genre is poorly written smut with misspelled words in the title…


Honestly, I have no idea. I read that they changed the algorithm recently, which makes it even harder to gain reads, but not sure how reliable that info even is.


xD Well at least I’m not the only clueless one


You can read this article for more info - https://support.wattpad.com/hc/en-us/articles/201410220-See-Story-Ranking

And while at it, you can also browse this article - https://support.wattpad.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000769623-Story-Ranking-FAQ

You can have a look here- https://support.wattpad.com/hc/en-us/articles/201415550-How-do-I-Promote-my-Story-


I really don’t know and wish I did. I love your work, though.


Oh my goodness, thank you so much! :heart: :heart:


Thank you, I’ll check those articles out! :slight_smile:


All the best for your story :slight_smile:


You’re very welcome. The Charlemont was throwing first story since starting up again.

Three system seems a little wonky recently, however.


Ugh yeah, I can’t get used to the new rankings. I honestly don’t know what being #53 in “curse” means :joy:


That is a good questions. Like rankings for the word animals. I honestly have no idea what to put for my stories so I put in Colorado. It’s a good ranking there.


It used to be comments and votes, I think. But they redid the entire thing so idk anymore


oh my gosh I relate so much. I’m glad your story is doing well among stories about Colorado though :joy: :joy:


Same here. I don’t know what was wrong with the old system :joy: it was so much more straightforward.


no clue.

would like to know thou.

a story thats removed due to it being put on amazon is ranked number 1 in litrpg…


It was stiff and popular stories snowballed, tho they goofed and caused the same thing to happen but doesn’t seem intent on even fixing it


I’ve read somewhere that it has something to do with how fast your views and votes grow. I don’t remember where lol, but somewhere on wattpad :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, what’s the need to be condescending about popular books?

Some of them are actually well written and even those that aren’t were written by people who are good story tellers.


IDK I guess I’m bitter :joy: but in all seriousness, the vast majority of popular books seem to have no literary value at all. Little to no effort has been made to produce original ideas or have correct grammar, so it seems as if authors who just copy the current trends and throw spelling and punctuation to the wind are rewarded, while actually good, original, or even just spell-checked stories are ignored.

I don’t have a problem with popular stories (I actually bought Storm and Silence by RobThier), but I’m not wildly fond of terribly written popular stories, and the fact that there’s such a vast multitude of them xP In fairness, the authors did capitalize on trends and write something that a lot of people apparently enjoy reading. It would be less frustrating if there was some sort of program that sought to also promote well-written stories, not just from a writer’s perspective but from a reader’s. We used to have the featured list, but now there’s really no quality control anymore.


On a site where anyone can post any type of serial fiction quality can’t really be enforced… but I did post for a while on www.channillo.com where you have to apply and be approved, and then you get paid. That has its value and the overall quality is better, BUT, here on wattpad, you can try new plots, new stories, and really test out and explore your ideas before you decide when and if they’d be of interest to readers in general, if you want to include them in publishing goals, etc. Sites like wattpad and channillo each have their purpose, but no need to be frustrated, just post and/or read on what works best for your goals!


Oh I agree, it’s just that I joined back in 2016, and then there was a more balanced ratio of popular, terrible stories and popular, well-written stories. Especially in the fantasy genre. I’m not saying Wattpad needs to get rid of all those trashy stories, it’s a free site and people should be allowed to write what they want (within the guidelines). I just wish we could see a little more of that old balance. But thanks for the recommendation, I’ll be sure to check that out! :slight_smile: