What if WP authors got a poll-report of how readers discovered their story?



Not sure if this is already thing, but I got a knee-jerk idea. I’ve always wanted to know specifically how readers discover my work.

What if, say, when a reader adds your book to their library, a quick survey popped up in addition to, asking how they discovered this story. A) Recommendations B) Tags/Search Bar C) Other user’s profile D) I follow this author, etc, etc

It’d be straightforward and the reader could choose to disregard the survey, as not to feel pressured, and still get to add the story to their library with no sweat. Note that the survey would only open under condition of the reader adding the book to their library/reading list. This could A) gauge how engaged readers are discovering content and B) help filter out those who may have arbitrarily clicked on the book.

I envision it as something the author could view/access in their story stats and demographics. Similar to how the “world map” operated years ago, this feature could became available once the story passed a certain threshold of reads (i.e. 500 or 1K). My guess is, it’d probably work better with larger audiences (better likelihood people would fill out the survey).

“But Elflia,” you might say. “Why don’t you just ask your readers this yourself?”

You can definitely do that, I’m all for authors engaging with their readers. However, I feel like a formal survey/notice from the app itself could prompt people to answer just as well, and having a self-updating poll could really be helpful to authors vs sifting through comments.

idk, just my two cents.


I love this idea. It would be like Instagram Insights which tells you how people found your post.

I think it would be an insight many authors would truly want to see especially since it could help undiscovered authors be aware of whether or not their stories are truly buried or if they’re actually showing up for people to see.

Plus, it’s just nice to see.


Wait. I have been using Instagram several times a day, every day, for the past four years of my life…How have I not heard of this??

But yeah, haha, not to deviate too much, I totally agree with the rest of your points. I myself love seeing numbers and data, something about it is very satisfying to me. I also think it could be a major time-saver if authors knew, say, if tags were their biggest marketing help, then they could hone in and tweak tags vs throwing everything at the wall and seeing what sticks.


This idea is really cool. You should pitch it to the company or an ambassador. See what becomes of it.


I think this would be super helpful to see what we’re already doing right. Like, do most users find me through the forums? Do they search for it? Is my book recommended? I like to know that stuff.


Exactly. I’m sure on HQ’s end they know how readers are finding stories but us authors totally want an idea, too!


This is a cool idea. It would also help the authors to know where to put maximum efforts when it comes to promoting their books.


When you out select your photo, click insights, then swipe up :smile_cat:


I would absolutely welcome this. I have to ask my readers, in the author notes at the end of each book, how they discovered my book. That info can be used to better target readers and get your book noticed. I would definitely love that info provided for me via a poll or other system.


I actually kinda wish polls were a thing. Perhaps not directly in a story - so it wouldn’t be distracting readers from the material - but on an author’s profile or MB. Having a poll would enable authors to ask “Hey, which cover do you guys like best?” or "Hey, which story should I write next? or “Hey, which time works best for you guys for me to update?”

Or even just having random/fun polls on their profile, much like how FF.net has.


That’s quite a good idea, it would also give you a kind of insight on how people are finding your book and how to get it more out there!


This is a fantastic idea. I wonder if we generate enough interest in this request, maybe Wattpad will consider this feature!

Let’s take a mini poll! If this is a feature you would appreciate as an author reply with a thumbs up. :+1:


we could also just create a poll and tag HQ.


Well I’d love to pitch this idea, but idk which HQ member(s) are appropriate to tag :joy:


Me either… @nick do you maybe know who to tag for this? (Sacrifices :goat:)


I ask in my opening message, so I know most people find my book because they noticed me so often in the threads.

But I like your idea. I think it’s great for writer’s to know where their efforts are better served.


I love that idea because I also always wanted to know how people have found my book


I completely agree! I actually do try to interact with my readers, but when I ask the question “how did you find this story,” they always say they don’t know or act dumb about it. The one profile actually said: “I clicked on your profile and added the story to my library.” I said, “How did you find my profile?” and the other one replied, “I clicked on it.” So I think a Wattpad oriented poll would be an awesome idea!

@SapphireAlena, what do you think of it?


I never knew I needed this until now. I had never considered how people found my story. :sweat_smile:


Excellent idea! They need to do this! :smiley: