What in Fantasy stories do you LIKE? 🔮



That’s a really interesting point. I’ve read a lot of stories where magic is always Super Serious Business and is only to be used when it’s 100% necessary. And those settings aren’t bad, I enjoy them, but I find that the kind of casual magic you’re describing adds almost more of a sense of whimsy and wonder to the world, which is also really cool depending on the story. :slight_smile:


I think it makes sense. Most people use magic in my world, though most can’t manage more than the simplest of spells


Sanderson kind of pokes fun at that point in Way of Kings, where a character who is using his magic sword to dig a latrine wonders “why there are no magic shovels or farming tools. Why did those who created the magic swords only see fit to use magic to kill?”


I got that book for Christmas :slight_smile: I hear good things about it :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s half a month later! Why haven’t you read it?


Because I have a heap of other stuff to read first :stuck_out_tongue: plus wattpad stuff to read


No wait. Why wouldn’t you make magic tools? There would certainly be enough demand for them. Royalty always want to build stuff in their name. Even war isn’t much more serious than that. Sounds like the author isn’t taking his magic, and his world, seriously enough, not the characters.


Blame GIMP. They changed everything.

  • I love anything with a fairytale vibe, but not a cheesy fairytale vibe. I like a dark, Grimm’s fairytale vibe.

  • I love when the genre is closer to Magical Realism than straight up fantasy. I like when the real and the surreal kind of blend together seamlessly and it’s hard to tell where one ends and the other begins.

  • I actually like fantasy stories where war and fighting aren’t necessarily the main focus of the story. I actually prefer fantasy stories where the main character isn’t some sort of fighter. I like characters that draw their powers from something other than brute strength or “magic fighting powers”

  • I like fantasy stories that touch on deeper human issues, and have something interesting and nuanced to say about them. Not just something like “racism is bad” “genocide is bad” but like maybe exploring the root of these issues a little deeper in a fantasy setting.

  • Beautiful language. This really goes for any story I read, but I especially appreciate it in a fantasy story. If your writing and your descriptions could be mistaken for poetry, it gives me a joygasm like nothing else.


whispers torture and oppress the elves!


Are you referring to the whole Grimm brothers fairy tale or the TV series?


Just their collection of fairytales in general. Though I’m a fan of Hans Christian Andersen’s as well. Oscar Wilde also has some good ones. And one of my favorite books is The Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter. Her retelling of Bluebeard is absolutely fantastic.





What game/movie is that?



Or just watch this videos:


I love stories that make me speculate about the world. What mysterious does the world hold and what have these characters been through. Etc.

Magic and the effects on the culture and people because of the existence of magic.


That goes hand in hand with epic world building


That’s true but there are some events where the author reveals too much too soon. So I decided to be specific lol


In no order.

A well-built world

Originality, so no cliches.

Non-European settings are good.

Good characters that are believable.