What in Fantasy stories do you LIKE? 🔮



Also… original fantasy creatures! Gimme! The better the lore, the more I like them.


The worldbuilding, the monsters, the creatures, the potions, and spells–just all the creativity and thought that goes into writing a fantasy story.


What about… creatures in a bottle?
Basing a story off of that one. It combines monsters and potions


Would it be considered stealing if I had a dragon in a glass ‘bubble’ or ball named Ouroboros who is set free and turns out to be much larger than he seemed in that ball?


Nah. Very different scenario. Your lore is probably much different, too


well, I want a dragon in the future of Ascension, and…well, one dragon from mythology is Ouroboros


Ouroboros can be both snake and dragons. Eats its own tail, right? Stands for infinity; creation through destruction.




That is an overall theme in the Lazarus Academy Series

Yeah, I meant for Ascension to be a stand alone, now I have these in mind:


Anything that’s unique, creative and I haven’t read a thousand times before. :smile:


Just you wait until you hear the title. You will run away as fast as your legs can carry you at the unoriginality


Well, that won’t be far, so…


You don’t have legs?


Haha, I doubt that. I look at the blurb and if it sounds interesting, I’ll give it a shot, regardless of the title.


Yeah, also, I am out of shape and overweight, so I don’t run very long when I do


Wait you actually don’t have legs?


It’s still WIP, so you are save from the terror of The Alpha’s Flame… for now


Well, my story on here is called Luma. Yes, it has to do with something in the story, but you’d never know unless you read the book. I’m not advertising, just trying to say I don’t think titles are as make-or-break as we authors sometimes believe. :smile:

  • World-building. It’s always nice to see how much effort the writer puts into their stories, from the lore and made-up mythologies to the culture and creatures.
  • Protagonists that are actually likeable and make you want to root for them.
  • A logical magic system.
  • Plus points if the story has wit and humour, and I’m not just talking about banal attempts at sarcasm.


no, I have legs, they’re just short