What in Fantasy stories do you LIKE? 🔮



OH! I thought you said you have SHORT legs :joy: my bad


I personally love it when the authors remember to add realistic elements to a fantasy story. If the MCs are somehow totally resistant to fatigue/allergies/boredom/picky eating/all the other traits that living things deal with, it’s just less interesting to me. I just read one story the other day where the MC dealt with 8 or so subsequent violent situations. Literally each fight just came one after the other (in the course of 1 day) and the MC was perfectly energetic and chipper all the way through.

The whole story doesn’t need to be a boring-fest, but putting in some humanizing little things in can make me relate to the characters more.


wait, what?

I always make mine have humanizing traits! Everything sleeps, so mine sleep too, everything eats, mine eat too


This. Exactly this. Give them wounds. Give them time to recuperate. Let them scratch themselves in weird places when they think no one’s looking. Make them realistic.


Yeah, I don’t see much of it either, by some reason, despite the perennial popularity of humorous fantasy. Couple books I read have a distinctive brand of humor running through it, and I enjoy it.

But the brand is also important, you need to buy into the same one. I feel that I am a very funny writer, but, yeah… who knows.


Fights are absolutely terrifying. The adrenaline will keep you up, but you collapse after


That I haven’t done, but two of mine (brothers) both do this thing where they run their fingers through their hair when thinking or stressed, and one chews his nails when he is stressed (I actually relate to the hair one, I’m a girl and shaved my head last year, as it’s been growing out, I have caught myself doing this)


It’s those little bits and pieces that matter, too. :slight_smile: They help flesh out our characters.


Yeah, it’s definitely not a thing that most fantasy authors do, but in those occasional times when I see an MC that’s basically a god, it just makes the story kinda “eh” for me.


Mine secretly are gods but don’t know it, yet even gods have limitations in my stories, everything requires energy, every spell, gods just have more power, meaning they can do thing others cannot, but for each powerful god there is an equally powerful ability or spell that will exhaust, even kill them if they are not careful and if they are Eternals, then their body or ‘vessel’ may give out and trap them in their realm


Also, on a side note, these descriptions in this old poem are beautiful!

We watched the first red blaze appear,
Heard the sharp crackle, caught the gleam
On whitewashed wall and sagging beam,
Until the old, rude-furnished room
Burst, flower-like, into rosy bloom;
While radiant with a mimic flame
Outside the sparkling drift became,
And through the bare-boughed lilac-tree
Our own warm hearth seemed blazing free.

—from “Snow-bound” by John Greenleaf Whittier


Even gods have quirks


True. I guess I’m thinking more about those MCs who don’t seem to be terrified and fighting is just super easy for them. And anyone that’s just been in a truly terrifying fight would definitely take a hit to their strength in the next battle (unless there’s some kind of magic or racial trait that changes the healing process, I guess).


Yeah no I don’t do poetry. Please speak to me in coherent, full sentences :slight_smile:


I might be using the wrong term for a fantasy thread. Perhaps I should say “Mary Sue” instead of god


Even they can be one-upped. There’s always someone above them, or some way to be debuffed enough that you are below


Probably. My gods are insulted.

Except Ablait. She likes you. Until she kills you, that is




Sounds like so many of my characters :joy:


I love the visual description and becoming lost in the author’s imagination - and my imagination. It’s a nice distraction from the real world, especially when the author makes it feel like you are experiencing everything the characters are doing.