What in Fantasy stories do you LIKE? 🔮



Exactly why I fell in love with reading and later, writing




I really love when a fantastical creature acts completely differently then what the stereotypes say.


That’s pretty cool, but when done enough times, I also like returning to the expected behaviour. Like, the atypical good drow that flooded fanfics… after a while I just wanted evil drow, darn it, not the endless ‘was not their fault’, heh.


True that. Just be evil. Stop skirting around if.


i like Dark fantasy


Originality, hands down. I love when old ideas are reimagined, or even better, when an author comes up with an idea or a world so unique and full of lore that you can’t help but be captivated by it.




The A Song of Ice and Fire series is more commonly known by the title of the first book / the TV series: (A) Game of Thrones. But everyone probably knew this already.

Brienne is described as not exactly attractive, though I can’t see much of this in the actress, (I have only seen photos), but I think it’s mostly her insisting to dress and fight like a knight that puts her in the “ugly” corner in her world.

I can’t remember Monza being described as unattractive per se, though the “accident” certainly doesn’t improve her looks. She still attracts men, though.

But it is certainly nice to see a strong female character who is not automatically also a stunning beauty.


Pretty much so. And cruel. Don’t apply for becoming a character in his books!


Of course, you need to make sure the story does not turn into a treatise on magical mechanics, but otherwise: yes!

The MythAdventures series by Asprin has a simple logic for magic that carries well, and the MC does wonders with very few “spells”. There’s also lots of humour, sometimes a bit too silly, though.


Downfall does not fit in well, has no -ion. Maybe choose a synonym with this suffix like … Procrastination? Requires the MC to be a writer, though.


I didn’t. I’m not into GoT


No, Mary Sue is SF (originally Star Trek fandom). Gods are good for fantasy. Or they are not, but it’s more likely the right term.


Gods in my world aren’t Mary-Sue like at all. They have weaknesses. They are a tad insane. They make extremely bad decisions constantly.

And mortals who claim to be gods are quickly smitten :smiley:


Ah. Standard-edition gods, then. Well, they can be fun too. As long as you are not in the same story with them.


Depends on what god. Some are great company. Others… even the other gods avoid.

What would you call non-standard edition?


FINALLY someone else who does the same :smiley:


I know, but I have no clue what other word fits the events other than Downfall


That it does