What in Fantasy stories do you LIKE? 🔮



Maybe Destruction, Ruination, or Declension?


I like Downfall better, I feel it fits what will happen a bit more than Ruination, Ruination and Destruction feel broader, and Destruction won’t fit with what I have in mind


Well, be careful with those gods that seem to be great company. Gods tend to have certain mood swings, and to forget that mortals are so … squishy. You know, can’t drop a house on them without them staying flat?

Well, everything the opposite of what you said, for starters?

And then there are the completely insane (Bring us a … shrubbery!), the completely evil (Let’s make their annoying existence even more painful!), the completely detached (Mortals? Which mortals?), and the cruel observers (They are crying for us in despair! Shouldn’t we … Nah, and hush, you spoil the best of wailing!), and … indefinitely more, I guess.

Maybe if I think about some more, for an aeon or two …


I am not certain what you mean…?


Gods, non-standard edition, as you asked for?




The problem is probably that we don’t know what you have in mind. “Downfall” can be so many things from “deterioration” to “destruction”…

Maybe it would be easier to replace one of the -ions with a not-ion?


That’s what I meant.

And the opposite of what you said referred to


Ascension is Phoenix (MC) rising up above the thoughts and opinions of the others throughout the story (much grander plot, but that is where the title comes from) in Downfall, that is gleamed from what he will do and how he will fall as greed for power consumes him, Redemption comes from him redeeming himself and getting things in order, Annihilation is from the witches being nearly killed off and Salvation is from those remaining being able to save themselves and the world (just a loose explanation of where the titles come from, the plot line is much more in depth and detail and has much more happening)


Well, kinda the exact opposide of what I do not like, right?

I like diverse stories with all kinds of different, respecfully written characters. Female, male, non-binary, straight, gay, cis, trans, white, black, human, non-human, whatever. It is fantasy. So just use that. Make it colorful.

I also like especially Urban Fantasy and Contemporary Fantasy that mixes fantasy elements with actual modern technology. Mages on facebook, werewolves tracking via GPS. I love that. Give me more of it. Also give me Urban Fantasy settings outside of the US. (Love the Rivers of London books.)


Yep! We want positivity up in here!


Stories or worlds that aren’t politically correct or otherwise considered normal. I don’t mean Grimdark or grey characters. Just stories that explore concepts that normally aren’t explored. I know that’s incredibly vague.


Concepts such as what? Incest?


I do love me some well-placed humor, well-developed plot, decent non-cliched characters, and a great world. And as for all stories, good grammar is AMAZING too!

I also love it when the author takes a minute to really just describe the world. Other people hate prologues and chapters like that, but most of that I have read are amazing and I’m one of those readers that are like YESSS!!! whenever a book has one.

  • Humor

  • Dryads/Nymphs/Nature spirits

  • Not just hard-core medieval stuff.

  • Magic/monsters


Does having a Facebook page make a mage automatically a black one? :grin:


Black as in skincolor or black as in dark magic?


“Normally not explored” was the context…


Black as in the darkest of magic! :scream:



You never know in Fantasy