What in Fantasy stories do you LIKE? 🔮




They are at least not the most common players.

Not sure what is meant.

Magic is almost a given in fantasy, right?
Monsters – well, not necessarily for me.


It would be nicely symmetrical to have a non-ion for “Annihilation” — “Pogrom”? “Havoc”?


Oh, yeah, sorry; forgot her. Well, I take the author’s word she is ugly (never would say so myself — she might cut me into pieces, and extremely violently so!), but she certainly is a mighty female warrior. I like those, too. I just think Du would have deserved a bigger part …


I have no clue what “Pogrom” means and I’m pretty sure my readers won’t, and “Havoc” does not cover it…they literally get annihilated


Maybe try Apocalypse?


no, it isn’t an Apocalypse, plus, witches, Apocalypse…American Horror Story just had witches and the apocalypse and the entire season was called Apocalypse?


Not everyone watches that show


but many do


Fantasy is one of my favorite genres. What I like most about it is when the character is completely unaware of it and then gets sucked into this new world. In a way, fantasy is the most relatable one because we all want something as cool as magic, dragons or werewolves to happen in our life.


That’s … unfortunate. It means extensive assaults, often including mass-killings, on a minority, especially Jews.

I think the word “holocaust” is better known, but I also think it shouldn’t be used as the title.





I LOVE world building and lore. Fantasy writers put so much into their stories and create these amazing worlds. Fantasy stories have the ability to combine so many different parts of our world into beautiful, imaginative things. For instance, writers pull from mythologies, blend cultures, and cross between boundaries in ways that others haven’t thought of before. It’s such a vast genre and has something for everyone. :heart:


Can totally vouch for that!

Especially since my newest WIP will take place in my own world, Uurion. I’m both excited and scared. If people don’t like the world you’ve been building on for years, it’s a direct insult, since it’s your heart and soul. It’s a dangerous business


Yes, I think combination is the key word: A completely new concept is hard to find, but combining two things that have not (or rarely) been combined before is about as good (possibly better).


It’s the most fun when your imagination runs rampant! I think the best part about that is when it does work and all of a sudden the story clicks together. That’s how it’s been going with my current work. I was making up this complicated system for my ghost character and it wasn’t working, but then I had this great moment of clarity.


I love those moments. I’ve been overthinking my story (not the magic system, but the plot structure this time) this past week without making any progress and suddenly today just went “Wait a minute…this can WORK”


It does feel incredibly personal, but I guess that’s why they say that writer’s have to have a tough skin. (I’m still working on that!) You live in that world and know how it works. Also, my characters become my children and I want everyone to love them, even though I know not everyone will.

I feel like all writers are some of the bravest people for putting our work in the world. :smile:


Definitely! In a way, combining these worlds is just like finding a new concept. I love finding interesting ways to crossover worlds. :slight_smile:


YES!! Plots have a life of their own!


Not to mention that we’re being sucked into the world WITH them! It’s like you’re taking the journey together!