What in Fantasy stories do you LIKE? 🔮



Fantasy stories that dont focus on the fate of the world.

Stories that take place in a small part of the world and the character is a product of that world. A personal story not the ones where the fate of the universe hangs on the balance.

The fantasy stories where its a group of misfits who learn to trust and grow as more than friends. :slight_smile:


Do you also like the villains best? I always love my villains


I like reading about non human characters and non human civilisations. Not sure why, but I am always drawn to them. Particularly if they are fey or reptilian!


Do werewolves count as non-human?


In my book…yeah, sometimes


I love my villains. The two I’ve shown so far might be my favs!


Villains with a actual motive and past are best! Generic baddies are so boring.


I agree


I also like when authors show the grind to their mc becoming a badass. Insta-badasses are annoying.


I personally love a world that I can see, so that means very descriptive world building. I also love interesting creatures that play into the ecology of the world. Logical magic systems (as mentioned above), seeing restrictions on magic is a plus, because you can build the plot around those flaws in the system. And probably the biggest, length. I absolutely love LONG stories, not necessarily drawn out, but packed with enough content that makes the story fun, interesting, humorous, and with plenty of cliffhangers. I also like getting into the intricacies of the various societies the characters interact with. It also needs plenty of conflict and action.


I do. They’re so twisted and strange.


I don’t think so. They keep their human forms most of the time and remember they’re humanity.




I love it when the world is old and deep. Some of my favourite fantasy settings have heaps of lore and backstory and ancient ruins and history. Just that feel of being somewhere ancient and magical is really awesome for me.


I second that


Even if I never get to learn that history or backstory just feeling like its there helps a lot.


Would it work if the world is relatively new, but there still is a lot of backstory?


Yeah because it’s all about atmosphere. Backstory is a tricky thing to work in correctly. I don’t want to have it explained to me for the most part, I want to have it subtly implied.


I also love that


I’m a simple reader. Give me an epic fantasy world with a big quest, a cool cast of characters, minimal romance, and elves and/or dragons and I’m sold.