What in Fantasy stories do you LIKE? 🔮



That’s nice sometimes too


I love a world where magic is either nonexistent or useless. I like to watch characters use their wits and cooperation to get by. I like to read about battles won by the character who knows their opponent’s weakness and exploits it, not the character who knows the most spells or has the strongest natural magical giftedness. I like when an MC is not ‘the chosen one’, but simply the one who comes up with the best unconventional solutions to their problems. I like underdog groups who deserve to win… not ones who win just because the plot of the book necessitates it.


Hm… What if they’d use magic to cause a landslide that crushes the enemy camp? Then you do use magic, but you still have to be intelligent


What if they’d use magic to cause a landslide that crushes the enemy camp?

Fantasy Mulan. I like it.


Exactly. There I’d like to see the telekinetic character who can only move things an inch scout the slope, identify the most teetery boulder, and move it an inch to dislodge it. Useless magic, but very effective when used creatively :slight_smile:


Ah, right! Mulan did it with fireworks

I did that once in roleplay. My friend tried to barge into my cave base in the mountains, and I blew up the mountain around him. His entire army, wiped out :smiley:


Why not just move a boulder one inch into a mountain stream, dam it and flood them out? So much less effort. :wink:


Try the Codex Alera by Jim Butcher. There’s a fair bit of magic, but the main character has none thru most of the series and must use his wits to defeat powerful wizards.

This fantasy series is also cool for having a fantasy version of what I can only imagine would happen if the Borg successfully mated with the Zerg. Conveniently called the Vord. :smirk:




I like all sorts of genres that can be bunched up together in a direction that has a realistic and relatable vibe with a twist of fantasy. Take The Witcher Series by Andrzej Sapkowski for instance, it deals with prejudice, cultural clash, genocide, religious conflicts, racism with supernatural events involving magic and portal jumping with Elves and unicorns. Literally, this book has almost everything in it. Rated super R for Mature.




Mermaids :mermaid:
Would love to read about them in fantasy stories and if it’s been suggested already, sorry :sweat_smile:


You can re-suggest all you want. This place is about personal opinion :slight_smile:


Oh, OK, thanks :blush:




Noble Houses are a guilty pleasure of mine. I don’t even know why.


Kings, queens, princes and princesses, eh?


Ancient / extinct civilizations and their remains (bonus if the ruins are enormous), also horror elements. I also like stories that present their own humanoid races instead of the typical elf / dwarf / orc combination most fantasy settings have, or if they at least put an interesting enough spin on said humanoid races.

A neurodevelopmentally disabled protagonist sure would hook me in but I haven’t actually come across a fantasy story that has a neurodevelopmentally disabled person as the primary PoV character. Then again, I don’t read much lately.


Writing someone neurodevelopmental disabled is very hard. And I write fantasy for the dragons, for the magic, for the cults, for the gods. For the things you don’t see in real life


Completely agree with this, I too write fantasy so that I can somewhat experience the things I wish I could in reality.