What in Fantasy stories do you LIKE? 🔮



Well, I wouldn’t want to wish to experience most of what I write about… it’s generally quite dark


Fair enough, but I mean like the wonders. The landscapes you get to describe (When they’re not war-torn and on fire), describing the magic in the world, dragons soaring overhead and imagining towering castles, and like picturing the sort of (nice) things that you don’t get to see in this world, that sort of stuff.


I like when there’s modernity, something that isn’t very common in this genre :sparkling_heart:


And Dukes and Barons and Baronesses and Lords and Ladies and so forth.


I’m trying to think of the last fantasy story I actually read… and liked…


Does Johnny the Homicidal Maniac comic book count? It does get inexplicably weird when he ends up in heaven or hell or… it’s been a while since I read it.

flipped open the book

Damn I forgot how brutal this was. I think I’ve gotten more sensitive over the years…


Lots of death.


Even Harkonnen?!

(Actually they are kinda fun. :wink:)


I love getting lost in the story and someone else’s world. It’s the most amazing thing to become engrossed in another world and story to the point of forgetting about the rest of the world.





Woah…people still talk here? o.0


I revive it from time to time. Why?


I remember talking in this thread ages ago then it died


I don’t recall you posting. If it was something I could’ve replied to, I would’ve


I meant like way back when it was in it’s heyday

I didnt post much but i did lurk a lot and enjoyed it


It seems I never posted anything but a few random thoughts, so…

Non-human MC, preferably POVs. And nonhuman cultures to go with them.

Unique settings. More so, stories about exploration. Or frontier stories, where characters are trying to establish or maintain a settlement.

Travel plots. (Not just skimming the entire journey, except the fight scenes)

Open ended magic systems that can be and are used in more ways than combat.


But… Magic can be used for so many things. Do people actually limit it to combat? With the right spells, you can build an empire on an uninhabited island


If people limit it to combat then they’re doing it wrong

  • Politics!

When I first read Tamora Pierce’s The Trickster’s Queen as a teen, I realized how much I love fantasy politics, especially since they don’t affect my life.

  • Magic

Specifically, a unique magic system that isn’t too over-the-top or complex. I don’t mind elemental magic–a thing people are allegedly “getting tired of”–so long as it functions differently from the norm. Works great if there are really strong limits on a character’s magical abilities.

  • Misaligned Royalty

In other words, morally gray rulers who are just fun to read. I really enjoy reading about dark characters, especially in positions of power. I’m not a huge fan of Bardugo’s Grisha trilogy, but man was I weak for the Darkling. I am honestly very tired of being in the heads of flawless do-gooders. There are exceptions though! @samsonreader3 did a great job of writing morally good characters that are actually really nice to read!

  • Dragons

Just…dragons. But mostly dragons that deviate from the norm. I’ve got a spin-off for one of my series that has all sorts of dragons in it, and I cannot wait for the day I actually get to write it!


Magic had, and less so, but still has, a habit of being taken very seriously. Like it’s a gun and you shouldn’t use it unless you’re trying to kill someone. One of the most surprising things about Airbender, when I watched it all those years ago, was the casual use of magic. Well, most magic. It’s hard to causally shoot fire from your hand. But Earthbending was used to sand castles and airbending allowed Aang to sneeze himself into the sky and so on.