What is a bad habit of yours as a writer?



We all have our faults, as a writer mine would have to be how disorganized my thoughts can get.
It can be hard to focus on one of my projects alone, I tend to bounce around a bit.
I want to hear some other common issues writers face, I am pulling together some information for a book.


Procrastinating :laughing:


I think one bad habit of mine is that I overthink everything, and I put myself down with my work.


I would have to agree. I’m a huge procrastinator. xD


Switching between French and English, and not realizing until I read aloud. But yes, procrastination is a big one too. Or getting new ideas and forgetting the old ones.


Giving up waaaay too quickly when I can’t figure out how to continue a story, and so scrap my work in the hopes of doing so next time around. :sweat_smile:


No confidence. And my brain working faster than my hands can type.


Yes, this. I like to joke that I have two hobbies, writing and procrastinating, and each one steals time from the other!

I also often interrupt my writing flow prematurely. It’s because I worry about getting too far ahead with my story from the perspective of some particular character before I’ve mapped out the timeline to fit all the other events and character arcs. This is even worse than procrastinating because it makes some chapters very painful to write


That’s same for me. But I have reading, drawing, sleeping, but procrastinating takes up most of all it and sleep too. I’ve barely writen anything in six months~ Which is bad.


Slipping between past and resent tenses midway through a paragraph or chapter. I have no idea why my brain decides to write in past tense while I’m on a literary roll but the second I step away and come back I start writing in present tense?


I write on my belly, and prefer to jot the words on the Japanese futon or couch. I’m at my most productive when I’ve hammered long hours … not in bed, but on the J-Futon.


Probably my confidence. It is very rare for me not to hate my writing at least once during the creation of the first draft. And that lack of confidence hinders me completely with any future drafts. I get it into my head no amount of editing will make it not suck so why bother. I’m shocked I’m even able to complete a first draft.


I believe in “show don’t tell” but I always want to tell what I’ve shown because I don’t trust the reader to interpret my showing correctly.


I’m always in a hurry to get to the ‘good part’ or the end. I tend to gloss over things that should be given more time and description, and I often forget to include important details like what people are feeling and where they are standing.

Fortunately, beta readers are really good at catching those oversights and calling me out on them. One of the main reasons I’m very glad that I found my way to Wattpad.


Inability to stick to one plot idea.
Unable to finish a novel.


i wrote about 20 chapters of this book and I had a plan for where i wanted it to go. then i deviated from that plan and went in an entirely different direction. it was a bad idea and didn’t get me to where i wanted to go. now im in this space where i have to go back and get on track, but I’ve been putting it off because i’m not sure if it’s the way i should be going and i don’t want to waste more time writing 10 extra chapters that im not going to use.


thats what I was trying to explain, ‘inability to stick to one plot idea’


coming up with ideas, doing tons of research, expanding the world but never writing them


i stick with poetry because I’m afraid of facing my shitty narrative skills.


Envy and comparison to other, better writers. Also someone once made a post on tumblr about “ugly block” I get that a lot. When I look at something I’m writing and it just looks absolutely hideous to me. As a visual and aesthetic writer it can be very discouraging.