What is a bad habit of yours as a writer?



Procrastination so extreme that I could possibly turn it into an art.




Doing other things besides writing when I’m trying to write


My problem.
Lol, I was too lazy write these words into this thread.


I generally wing my stories as well. It’s a great way to let your ideas flow, and you could go back and revise later


Hmm. Right now it’s using the same phrases to show body language. Funny thing is I usually do it once a chapter and have to read more to figure out creative ways to say it lol.


Right now my biggest fault as a writer is how much I despise myself and everything I do with an ardent passion, and that stifles any confidence and satisfaction I get from accomplishing any goals. So writing itself is fun, but I hate what I write ;w;


Procrastination and using ridiculous comparisons no person in the history of ever has made. Every ten minutes. And honestly I’ve accepted that’s my style.

If I’m known for quotes like “his face was smoother than a baboon’s bald ass” so be it


Not adding enough detail. I wouldn’t consider this a bad habit so much as a weakness I haven’t worked on yet.


I work on more than one story at a time and I’ll take breaks that are too long from them and then jumble the styles. I also tend to put in too much detail and then can’t cut it down.


:joy: I love that! I do that sometimes too, then when I read it back I’m like what???
Also, how do you know how smooth a baboon’s bald ass is? :thinking:


Not adding enough details and self doubt where it’s like ehhhhhhh is this really any good?


I’m joining the self-doubt club :joy::sob: plus procrastination, researching background info instead of writing, editing instead of writing, and messing up my sleep schedules to write


Woot Woot make this a club lol jkjk but I usually get over it because I have great friends who are there to tell me hey you’re plot is fine. Your story is great just keep writing I’m hooked. I guess my close friends in IRL are what inspire me to keep going because I wouldn’t want to leave them on a cliff hanger.


My bad habits? Procrastination, coming up with all these ideas yet never writing them(even tho I tell myself I’ll write so-and-so after finishing another story), and having several WIPs.


That’s awesome that you have friends IRL who read/listen to your stories. I used to, but then people grow up and have less time :unamused:
But yeah self doubt is our own worst enemy sometimes. It’s never as bad as we make it out to be tough.


I do t have close friends IRL to insider me. They don’t know about my story…


Bad habits? Wow, the list could go on:

  • horrible grammar as I write
  • getting distracted
  • writing scenes to nothing in particular
  • coming up with more stories as I write!
  • never finishing my main story
  • starting other stories halfway just to abandon them
    *doubting myself as I write and thinking its trash thus making me not want to finish.

I’ll just stop there since I’m sure many people get the picture now :sweat:. I promise im trying to do now though. we finish stories in 2019 and onward :pray:


I get so focused on future scenes that I have trouble focusing on the current ones.


Those future scenes seem so much more exciting to write than current ones!