What is a bad habit of yours as a writer?



I actually have a mild form of the opposite problem. For example I have been writing a bunch of chapters and need to come up with several backstories, name some new places, and update world maps to account for them. I always let the story take me through the world rather than making my story go through the world.


“Oh I need a name for this person/place/thing” -proceeds to spend way too much time trying to come up with some kind of meaningful/fitting name, grinding my writing process to a halt, even though it’s reaaaally not that important and it’s probably gonna end up sounding dumb anyway cause I suck at naming things-
Every time.


Not plotting and world building enough. It’s not a good habit since I’ll get stuck and then frustrated if I write without a plot to lead me.


“Surely I won’t forget about these particular details! There’s no need to write them down!”

Plot twist, it doesn’t work


Overworking myself (which can sound like the opposite of a problem lol But I will write for weeks in a row with no break and crash). But a little bad habit I have is overusing the word “just”. Apparently I say it aloud too, and ever since my fiance pointed it out I can’t stop seeing it everywhere.


I have a couple. One; I tend to be very inconsistent when it comes to tenses. My friend pointed it out, and she said it makes her want to claw her eyes out. I’m working on improving it. Two; writer’s block. I always get writer’s block, and I sometimes don’t write for days because of that. Three; I write at the most inconvenient times. I sometimes write at like 11 in the night, half asleep, because the though process flows better. I write whenever I have time, and I don’t write a definite amount. Sometimes, I write one sentence, while others, I write like 3 pages. Four; the quality. I don’t make mistakes, but there are a lot of phrases in my story that can be replaced with something else. Probably because I write half of it when I’m half asleep


I feel that one for sure!


I do this too all the time.


Terrible with tenses, always tell never show, bad grammar/typos, overly-verbose, bad character dialogue/chemistry, melodramatic, overly-descriptive, overly-emotional, boring, procrastination, low-self esteem, etc.


My biggest one is my inability to turn off the ‘inner editor’. It’s really difficult for me to just sit and write, to let the words flow - I’ll inevitably get caught up in choosing exactly the right word, or getting other little details just right. It slows me down almost to a halt, to the point that it takes me two hours to write 300 or 400 words; I’m trying really hard to let it go but it’s not easy!


I’m also inconsistent with tenses as well


I am not detail oriented at all when it comes to things like that. I will miss everything between the lines to look at the picture. Sometimes, complete words are missing from the sentence because my brain skips around so fast.

Things like tenses, grammar, lol. Forget it. But hey, I also think that’s the editor, proofreaders job. I’m not going to write perfectly, just legible enough to get in the doors. Editing isn’t my job, so I’m not going to beat myself up and get stressed out about every single technicality, jesus.


You shouldn’t! We all make mistakes!


Oh, I probably have many, but I always forget to add details of the environment, and I’m terrible about elaborating on my characters’ feelings. I’m just so plot-driven that I forget everything else that makes a story great.


We have that in common. lol


I have too many ideas floating around in my head and I want to write them all, so I end up jumping around from project to project and never finish anything. Also grammar and typos.


Probably editing, if I see one typo, I will go through the whole story from scratch.


This makes me so happy because I too hate my writing. I only have one book that I actually like.


Ah. I make my friend do that. Also, that’s the best photoshopped image of Jack Nicholson ever.


That is so me! There is only one book that I managed to get through the whole thing without hating once. It’s rough, because it’s a rough draft, but I actually like it. That feeling was like finding a unicorn.