What is a bad habit of yours as a writer?



Telling people that I’m writing but I’m actually staring at a blank page on my screen thinking about food.


I don’t ever do enough descriptions and the word “just” is so super overused.


Thank you, I can’t remember how I found it. And your friend must love you :grinning:


She does. But she says the amount of edits she has to make makes her want to claw her eyes out.


I know that feeling, in fact, I can recite the whole story without even looking at it.


I can too. My story is my baby


not wanting my story to finish.:sob: I know the ending, the middle and the beginning but i drag it out in my head and write it and delete it because I want to cram so much into it but I can’t! I can write a story out for years because I get so attached to my characters. I’m trying to train myself to plot and stick to it lol


Procrastination is a really good one. There always seems to be a reason not to write. Oh, look… the DVR is full.


Over think the things I want to put in my book




I tend to tell more than describe, and then I have to go back and fix it.


Whoa, disorganized thoughts! Just like me. :joy:

But instead of bouncing across a few projects, my writing tends to be a mess of illogical things and inconsistencies because I’m all over the place when writing a chapter. My MC can end up with four arms from time to time.

And I hate planning.


I’m a procrastinator who doesn’t write or rather can’t write two sentences unless being highly motivated by some idea that strikes me out of nowhere. Plus, a hectic routine leaves little to no time for spontaneous plot bunnies to hop in my mind. In short, I’m too lazy and wait for the right inspiration to possess me :joy: in which case I can write an entire chapter in one sitting


Forgetting some of the details in my story and later creating plot holes which is followed by me getting frustrated once I realize it.


I can’t stop editing. :sweat_smile:


Netflix is my best friend and worst enemy. It’s been eating into a lot of my writing time.

I have three projects on the go because I find it impossible to focus on just one thing.

I have post it notes everywhere, reminding me of plot points, key dates, random thoughts I have And yet pay little attention to them while I’m writing.

The more I write, the more I think I’m useless at writing. But just to empty my head of all these random stories I carry on. And who knows, maybe one day someone will actually enjoy reading it .


This sort of happened to me too. Not so much that I deviated, but that I stuffed a lot more in there than I anticipated, so the ups and downs don’t have the flow that I’d planned. It made the story more dense, less of a light read. I still can’t figure out if that’s good or bad. What would have been a novella is now a novel sitting at 70k, with at least 40k left to go.

Bad habits include purple prose, letting my characters ruminate too often, and having them be stressed or unhappy about something for the majority of the story.


A bad habit of mine is making all of my main characters the same and not actually writing (just waiting for inspiration to come)


Poor diction (like using the word “suddenly” too often). Continuity errors from recycling an old draft and forgetting to fix the details. Comma placement (a quick read-through often reveals 10 or so commas in the wrong place).

You should see my first drafts. They make me want to puke.


I have the same problem! With my new story I just decided to go really simple. I keep telling myself I can come up with better names in the revision. But surprisingly enough, when I polled my readers most were completely happy with my boring naming scheme. They appreciate not having to remember a bunch of impossible to pronounce names and are apparently totally cool with ‘Main Building’ instead of something fancy and cool sounding.