What is a bad habit of yours as a writer?





Too much planning. Thinking about writing more than actually writing.


That’s a good think sometimes! I do very little planning. It usually leads me to a lot of writer’s block


Problem is I’ll start using planning as an excuse from writing the actual story. I know what needs to be written, but I won’t want to and insist that I should flesh out my outline more :joy:


ohh. So more thinking, less action. I see. I do more action, less thinking. I’m really spontaneous that way


Pair that with the question ‘how do I actually start’ and that’s 90% of my process as well hah


Doing research online on every little problem as I come to it, then checking social networks and ending up lurking in the Wattpad forums instead of writing. Like, yanno, right now. (♯ᴖ.ლ)


Exactly. So guess we’re two ends of the spectrum. We just gotta meet somewhere halfway haha


we do. I hate writer’s block. I’m slowly getting over it


Haha, usually I know the details of the start but it’s the middle/end of the story that gets me and prevents me from writing the actual story. Like, I have one very thorough outline (like 22K words long sort of thorough), I’m in the final arc of the story and I still have no idea how it’s gonna play out D: So even when I know 90% of the story, that unknown 10% frustrates me, hahaha.


Yeah, writer’s block is the worst. I went through a good batch of it and I’m slowly starting to crawl out of it. Problem, is I’m also uni student and midterms are a thing, so of course my itch to slack off and write will flare up when I have actual exams and essays to work on lol


Oh gosh. I feel you. I have had no time to write because of school lately. It’s awful


I read a cool story one time with a dude who had four arms lol


My own habit:
I looooooove writing dialogue. Like a lot. It’s fun, smooth reading but the only problem is trying to describe two different actions at the same time - like two characters talking while entering a room or walking down the stairs? Ha! You bet your ass it’ll be written out in like 90% dialogue; I find it so hard to juggle speech, action of what’s happening, and the character’s personal thoughts and feelings into one fluid scene ;o;

(Don’t even get me started on trying to push in environmental descriptions too fhhljidfhisflgi)


Recently I’ve noticed that my characters are always “looking” at someone/something, or have a certain “look” on their face. Or something “looks” like something. I need to stop using look so much but finding alternative words is hard, especially if the character is looking at a thing.

I also keep forgetting that description is a thing. I get too caught up in action and dialogue.


Im with you 100% I suck at description and using words like “look” too much XD
Off the top of my head, here are a few alternatives I can think of:

  • “Wore a ___ face”
  • “Had a ____ expression”
  • “Seemed ____”
    Looking at a thing:
  • “Glanced at”
  • “scanned ___”
  • “Examined”
  • “Surveyed”
  • “took notice of”

hope I was somewhat helpful :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, I can’t get motivated alone. I have to have somebody shoving me down at the computer to write. I guess that’s why I’m always at a crunch to get more people to read my work, gives me more incentive ^^" I also have the worst time management skills in the world. Like, Winnie the Pooh would be impressed.


“Expression” and “glanced” are usually my go-to alternatives, to the point where I end up using them just as much. I forgot all about “seemed” and “surveyed” though- I’ll have to remember those ones. “Took notice of” might work out too. Thank you.

I have a motivation problem too. Usually I don’t get motivated until I need to go to bed. And then I stay up later than planned and regret it the next day when I have to wake up early for work.


I think all of my habits are bad, honestly.

I’m always working on multiple projects at once so that I can still have something else to work on if I get bored of one of them. I have a difficult time saving plot bunnies for later. This is especially bad because I have many published WIPs that I need to update but haven’t able to because I’m working on something that excites me more.

I tend to update stores as the chapters are written. I am very, very bad at updating. However, I am working on fixing this. Slowly, but working on it nonetheless.

Because I’m a bit of a perfectionist, I revise and edit as I go. I’m constantly looking back and changing things up to fix spelling or grammar or continuity errors, and sometimes I spend more time doing this than I spend actually writing fresh content.

Additionally, when I plan things out, I get stuck on how exactly to portray what I want to portray and what exactly I should include in between major events. On the flip side, when I don’t plan things out, I constantly get stuck wondering where on earth I should take the story next.


I get what you mean. I have ten thousand stories I want to write right now, but I promised I’d only work on a single story until I finish it. Its hard to write multiple at the same time! I’m also victim to starting a new idea then trashing it for something better and ending up with a bunch of five chapter stories I’ll never finish…

I wouldn’t say I’m a perfectionist about my writing, but it really bothers me when I improve so much that the chapter I wrote a year or so ago isn’t as good as the most recent one, so I force myself to go back and rewrite. Bleh.

Also… planning? What is that, and can I eat it?


I feel you