What is a bad habit of yours as a writer?



I guess that happen to most of us… seeing older chapter is so cringing that you feel embarrassed at yourself :rofl:


This really is me, everything that you are saying. I work on multiple stories, I can get lazy and end up not update frequently. If I literally stop writing a story for over a week, I lose interest even though I actually want to continue the story. I, too, edit as I go because I can’t afford to have other people edit it, especially because none of my friends really wants to read my stories lol. Sometimes I jump the line and add content that I knew I should have saved for later, and on top of that, when i have an idea, I need it to be exactly how I imagined it, or at least 96% accurate to my imagination… I frustrate myself with this.

I also have a tendency to spontaneously come up with brilliant ideas, but then I don’t write them down, and I have a TERRIBLE memory. Like seriously, it can be in the same day. If I think of an idea in the morning and don’t write it down, by an hour or so later, I will not remember anything of it, and it kills me internally lol.


My flaws that I’m aware of is that I rush myself. If I write more than a chapter a day (or more than three days in a row) I get anxious and rush things. Making my plot sloppy. So I try to take a break for a day or two then come back fresh and patient.
Another, is i tend to overanalyze and question parts of my story. I find ways later how I want to add things and have to try to integrate them without breaking up the flow of the story, or abandon the thought and save it for another story completely.


Perfectionism. Because I am constantly improving and see that there is still a lot of space to improve. I read my older stories and realize how far I have gone since I started. I don’t feel ready to write a book for publishing even though I probably could and I have no idea when I’m going to feel ready.


That’s actually not bad


My bad habit is being hurried and lazy. I’m a lazy writer who will use “and” to string two concepts or use one word to replace a sentence. Hence why I end up doing countless edits and checks - lol.:smiley:


Not writing :skull:


Mine would 100% be that I will write a fair bit and then I will leave it for 2 weeks because I’m too scared to write again. I just keep pushing it away because I get really scared and then I start freaking out that I haven’t uploaded in ages! Is this normal? :joy::blush


Procrastination, procrastination, and procrastination. Do I mention I procrastinate?

I like to plan out my week on what writings should be finished on each day. It puts me on a schedule and keeps me on track. However, I DON’T WRITE and that’s something that should really change.


I’m totally the opposite! I don’t plan EVER! Then when I come to writing I have no idea where it will go!


I know exactly what that’s like, I do the same thing. At least you write, period. I just do some scrap work on an idea and leave it there like an unattended plant that I expect to grow lmao :joy:


when I write, I try to come up with ideas but they just kind of go haywire. I can’t seem to keep an idea/topic going


I HAVE to plan, otherwise my story would be a complete mess for me! There would be so many ideas, but no planed out timeline and that would drive me nuts! :joy:


I like to come up with ideas as I write. but lately I keep running out of ideas


this style of writing will only get me so far, and then I go ballistic


I don’t know why I don’t do it! I just in a way ‘cant be bothered’ to do it! I am one of those people who just dive into it with nothing because I don’t want to plan! :joy:


For me, I have to have my stories planned out or else I would lose my mind :joy:


I’m the opposite! :joy:


I tell myself I’ll come back to problems and then I stop writing in favor of editing. Over. And over. And over.

I also edit while I write.

And a lot of the time, I ask for advice, hear it, thank the person who gave it, and then ignore it completely even when they’re probably right.

It’s like I have an inferiority complex AND a superiority complex.


Girl, how you know so good.