What is a bad habit of yours as a writer?



that’s why I use grammarly while I write, so that it edits and makes suggestions like a friend would. and then there’s the human proofreading, which gives you feedback from one of many people they have no-site!!!


is asking readers for feedback a bad habit?


No! Definitely not.


They call it multi-tasking but mine’s more of multi-lazing. Can’t for the life of me finish my book. I just started writing and my lord the finishing is the hardest. :grinning:


I’m terrified that I use too much dialogue. I have whole pages that are just a single conversation. I’m a talker, so I tend to describe events through dialogue, but I’m not sure it’s the best literary device…


I panic and start to doubt everything once I’m a few chapters in. It’s like I lose confidence completely and I start to doubt if this is what I should be writing. I’m the type of person who always bites of more than I can chew, I try really hard to make it work, but at the same time I’m really self critical so I’ll likely regret everything. I’m just trying to keep at it and not look back as much + writing another story at the same time tends to help since I can focus my energy into something else if it’s not working out. (On the flipside that can swamp you with work as well but ey o well)

It’s like a festering issue of self-doubt lol


Lack of editing and changes from present tense to past tense. I very much write like how I talk.


ugh editing chapters by constantly adding/deleting things 83762 times… basically not being confident enough to draw the line on when to stop editing so much :sweat:


I tend to struggle with execution—I never seem to be satisfied with how things turn out, or something seems amiss in how I intend to portray it. This usually leads to me being extensively frustrated for a long period of time, and I find myself defeated on multiple occasions. Its a nasty cycle.

Being paranoid and perfectionist are harmful to my writing.


I’m the most paranoid person ever. I have my best friend read my chapter and let me know what she thinks because she is the most blunt person ever. She also edits it because I write half of my chapters half awake. English is my first language, but I’m really inconsistent with tenses sometimes, so she helps me with that


I realize that’s probably what I need for myself. Its unfortunate for me, but writing isn’t always a one way street. Even though I beat myself up all the time for not getting things right on my own, just having another pair of eyes and hands on my work keeps the self-inflicted pressure from negatively influencing my craft.


I always edit and re-edit my stuff in the middle of writing. I really need to get my work together :joy:


I just write and edit later. That can be bad too


Writing ‘whilst’ instead of ‘while’.


Leaves are blue, tree trunks are red.
Logic is crap, and so is logic asjkkjakjskaajsk.

Another bad habit of mine: my mind operates like a runaway train. As in: Screw. Logic. I seriously hate logic because pondering logic slows down my writing. I mean, I already write so much, and when I recheck things, the logic is extremely off.

Then I have to go back fix those illogical segments. It’s a lot because, well, my mind is a wild wild horse. I have a lot of illogical inconsistencies and mess here and there.


I have more bad habits than good ones.

  • Tense-jumping. Sometimes I go jump and forth between past and present tenses, and I don’t notice until I’m at the end of the chapter reviewing my work. Sometimes I still don’t catch it.
  • Overly long, wordy sentences that become difficult to read. It’s because as soon as I turn my brain on, it’s like a radio station playing five songs at once all overtop each other, and I struggle to find any good stopping points because I have so much to say all at once. It ends up not making any sense at all and being difficult to read.
  • Overuse of one-sentence paragraphs and sentence fragments. When I’m not being long-winded and confusing, my sentences and paragraphs are choppy. I don’t have much of an in-between.
  • Overediting and overediting and overediting, to the point that the story no longer resembles my original vision at all and never gets posted because I have to keep re-doing it before I’m satisfied.
  • As such, paired with my procrastination, updates can sometimes take a long time.
  • Passive writing voice. I’m not very assertive in real life or in my writing.
  • Second-guessing everything I write and being far more critical with it than anyone else could ever be. It hurts my confidence as a writer and prevents me from ever getting anything done.


I’m awful at tense consistency. I’ve made so many mistakes on it


Whenever I write something in more than one sitting I usually end up deleting my progress because I´m in a different mood so my writing style is slightly different than the other, so I end up with less getting done


I have a bad habit of getting distracted by new stories and spend the rest of that time second guessing what I’ve already written, then thinking that since the first story is obviously crap, I should move on to the next one. This has caused me to have well over 20 incomplete stories that I’ve saved.


I have the same issues. Have you finished a novel yet