What is a bad habit of yours as a writer?



I am soooo bad at keeping the same tense consistently. I also miss words sometimes even I think I put it in. It sucks to read over my work and find a few words missing :sweat:


Oh me too on both of those. Tense inconsistency is my worst fault


Yes, I need to find me a personal editor.


My best friend does that. She says it makes her eyes bleed


I know my personal editor to be would be rolling her/ his eyes at my spelling/ tense errors




lol I believe it


That’s honestly what she said once


Procrastination and perfectionism.

I know most stories on Wattpad are first/rough drafts, but I want to make sure that the chapters I upload are my best work and that will lead me to constantly and repeatedly go over what I want to post. Sometimes when I get stuck on something I’ll step back from it for a few days and come back with a fresh look on it, but that also means I won’t update my story for maybe a few weeks at a time.


Constantly rewriting everything. And I think my fear of not developing the story coherently.
Usually my brain has everything mapped out already and I feel like I know exactly how a room looks, how the voice of a person sounds… and then I forget that the reader cannot, actually, look into my brain, so I have to go back and adjust my descriptions.
And messy thoughts that are all over the place. Which leads to the rewriting again. I haven’t really figured out how to break the circle yet.


Bad habit of mine is getting bored with a project and moving on to a new idea because I think it’s neat. I’ve wasted so much time, but I did discover a strat on dealing with this bad habit.


I haven’t, I’ve got three unfinished pieces. One of them is up on Wattpad (ironically also the hardest one to write so yay I made life easy for myself by doing that), the second one is being rewritten and finished (its been up on another website for 2 years (uncomplete) but I was unable to write for a while) and the last one is more easy going and light hearted so I’ll probably put that up on Wattpad as well and write on the go.

Basically, too much. lmao.


yess I do this too and it drives me up the wall




I tend to try and move the plot along too fast instead of letting my settings and characters breathe. This is one thing I can say that starting to plan my books didn’t help me with; yeah, I don’t get stuck as much and my plots make a tonne more sense than they used to, but I always feel this pressure to move on to the next plot point, and the next, and the next. I’m trying to allow scenes into my books which are for the characters to grow and have relationships in, which aren’t plot driven but add to context. I feel like not doing this makes the plot less impactful because there’s not been enough of it for the reader to really feel bad about something terrible happening. It’s a kind of fear that I’ll meander too far and stop making sense, or add in stuff that adds nothing to the story. I do believe this is an advantage pantsing has over planning. I shouldn’t be scared to follow a few errant threads and see where they take me :smile:


Think too much about how to make my story not cliche & interesting for the reader to read


I get to carried away and loses track of where im going with the story and start rushing.


I have the horrendous tendency to insist on describing every solitary detail as it exist in my head. Not to the point of overemphasizing existing detail, but to try and paint as broad and vivid a picture as I can. To the detriment of the story, as it usually kills all bloody momentum as I describe the oaky scent, in detail, of the bloody tavern hall or what have you. I’m just very adamant about wanting to get the image that I have in my head across.


I always try to make my stories more complicated than necessary. It’s good to have some complication and plot twists, but I tend to go overboard and then lose track of things or my motivation to write.


I never finish anything, and when I do I go back and rewrite it, then lose steam mid rewrite and give move on.