What is a bad habit of yours as a writer?



I totally relate your post and @YoRosello . I always think the readers might not like the story because it’s to plain and common and I have so much motivation when I go to write my story, but when I actually start to write, I get bored and do something else :joy:


Definitely writing big ass stories :joy:. I wrote 22 completed novels and the shortest has 170000 words. My challenge on Wattpad was to write shorter stories but I am well gone to fall in the trap again :weary:


Wow I wish I could write that much. My book has 50k words and 30 chapters. I’m trying to make it a bit longer. But it’s not even halfway done yet so…


Best of luck and may the muse be with you. :grinning: Hope over time the experience beats fear and anxiety.


The secret of a long story is a twisted mind. What I do is to add a lot of intrigues in the start of the story so it takes time to solve all of them. For me literature is just like mathematics, the more unknown factors you have the longer the solution will be. Having graduated with degrees in mathematics has definitely distorded my writing style :expressionless::rofl:


Haahhah. Not even in college.I like my writing simple and sweet


Writing with heart is all that matters, as long as you like what you do everything will be perfectly fine :yum:


I do love what I write. Heck my book is my baby (yes that’s weird)


This is why you keep it “small”, like all moms you don’t want your baby to grow up :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Self doubt. There is no other fault


Exactly. My baby is growing up :sob::sob:


Other than my atrocious grammar and my overly convoluted plots? I feel like I use dialogue as a narrative device way more than I should


I get too distracted by everything. It takes so long to write a chapter because I have an issue with getting distracted by everything. Just ask people on the forums. Im always on here when I should be writing.


Hahahaha me too. I usually write when I’ve got lots of free time.

I’m on break right now. I’ll be writing way too much


My biggest bad habit is the fact that I have so many unfinished projects. I know it’s something many writers deal with but it’s my worst habit. :sob:


My bad habits have always over narration, keeping character’s balanced (rather than them doing a 180) and not showing enough. Not taking my time writing is something I consider a strength and a weakness. While I’m able to get a first draft out with remarkable speed, it also leads to a clustershit of issues I have to remedy.

These have been my weaknesses for as long as I can remember.

These are also things I’m really working toward fixing for the first time.

Before joining this site, I wrote for myself for many, many years. I didn’t think about if I was a good storyteller or not, I just wrote because I loved it. I think that’s incredibly important, learning to love writing before you share it. if it isn’t part of your blood first, harsh critiques and the truth about your skill (or lack thereof) can really hinder your writing spirit.

My first book on here was kind of crap, but I loved it. I did have to take it down last month because I didn’t want it to represent me as a writer. It was simply my stepping stone in learning my strengths and flaws and establishing myself a bit on the site. The story was dear to me and I hope to one day rewrite it to turn the story into what it deserves.

My current book on here I am writing in third person for the first time. I tried many times throughout the years but was never able to get it to stick. I noticed by changing this one thing, I am better able to control my weaknesses. I take my time because I’m still learning how to write completely differently from the way I’ve written for twenty years. Taking my time has helped me to concentrate better on the writing than just the story. Writing in third has helped me to cut down on unneeded narration and choosing the right character’s has helped me to keep a good balance because I’m not writing extreme personalities (overly strong or incredibly damaged).

I’m sure there are still flaws to be had. I have trouble editing for myself. Even when I read the chapter over (aloud or in my head), I can’t seem to spot the mistakes. Luckily, I have readers who are kind enough to point them out to help make the experience more enjoyable for the readers who come after them. This will, perhaps, always be my flaw. And that’s okay.

I consider the fact that there are different types of weaknesses when writing. There are ones we are completely blind to until someone is kind enough to point them out. There are ones that we are in denial of because we can’t see our own story from a reader’s perspective. There are ones that will always be an issue. There are many stages, I’m sure. But I work to improve what I can and accept help on those I cannot.


I believe every writer once in a while struggles with organizing his/her work. It happens a lot with me when I have 3-4 stories running in my head. What I do is I listen to the voices in my head and those that are louder, which I think I can write more, I hear them out first. So I put other stories aside and focus on that. If you have a smart phone with you, and you’re somewhere where you don’t have access to your laptop, try writing down on your phone notepad or googleDocs. Even if its a nice line or a dialogue that came out of nowhere in your head. It happens to me a lot. I have an entire scene in my mind when I am cooking or doing laundry so I pause my chores and write it down in my notes section. When I get hold of laptop, I go through my notes so it refreshes my memory.
Another thing you can do is you read what you have written so far. It helps you to focus more on a particular story. Give a day or more on one story and you will get the chance to go back into that world you created. If you’re bored then jump on to your next story and read whatever you have written. There is no harm in writing more than one story at a time if you know how to organize.
If nothing comes up and you feel like your mind is empty, read good books. Read literary fiction. Sometimes the words of other writers give you a good push :slight_smile:


My focus on ‘what happens’ vs ‘how they feel about it’ and the interior decor.

My lack of interest in describing the interior decor is a huge handicap. It may sound funny, but I get a lot of feedback about the need to anchor people before the scene starts. I am like ‘but here are the key words, there, right there!’ And peeps are like… ah, we did not notice them. So, I try to be more patient, work in more and more blocks with the scene setting.

Another huge thing that I am struggling with is creating the tension and giving immediate high stakes.

I keep hoping people would read because they find things interesting & immersive, but I get the comments on investment and tension, and tension and investment.

I’ve read articles about it, and nope, the themes I am interested in do not land themselves to the high stakes. In fact, I want my stakes to be deceptively low to start with, and rise as the story goes.

So, I have to build the personal investment option, and, well, the whole ‘how they feel about it?” hits me.

So, yes, that’s what I am working on, hoping to improve on it from story to story.


I’m guilty of all of the above!! :rofl:


Hahahaha me too