What is a bad habit of yours as a writer?



The time I donate to Wattpad, actually


having very bad grammar and too lazy to edit it out :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Day dreaming about what’s going to happen next , while writing instead of writing it :thinking: :weary:


Procrastination. So I took this course study over the years. :wink:



Me!!! Me to a freaking T! I’ll sit there daydreaming a full plot or a chapter and then snap out of it and not remember a single thing I was daydreaming about :joy:


I always have to have my BFF remind me “ok, what was I planning to do for chapter 32?” XD


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: and I haate it, because whatever I was thinking of was so good


2 major problems: descriptions and tonal consistency. I’m better at writing dialogue than descriptions, especially since my only stories so far are written in 3rd person, so I feel like my descriptions can get pretty bland or boring compared to the character’s interactions. And as for tone, for some reason my stories always get REALLY dark when I work on them. Gotta fix that lol


Mine would be expecting too much from a first draft. I’m a perfectionist, so I like things right first time.


Sadly I’m a perfectionist as well. But I write the first draft, think it’s horse crap, and edit 90% of it


Another one would be writing bits of stories and storing them in silly places where I am likely to never look


Mine would be starting a story, but I run out of ideas and I never finish it. I’ve started so many stories, but there is only one that I’m positive that I’m going to finish


I need me a bff like that! I just have my bf who occassionally asks me “you still writing or what?”


Aw no! I deffs relate to this! Usually what I end up writing is totally sub par to what I dreamed of haha.


That’s not nice. My bff is my personal editor. I text her at 9 am on Sunday (Sunday is my update day) and I ask her to proofread my chapter XD.

She says, “time to go edit until my eyes bleed.”


my bad habit is not writing in very vague setting. I get so bored of reading (and writing) those long descriptive paragraphs. I tend to focus more on dialogue, character and action. Anyone have any advice on how to improve my setting-writing skills?:sob:


I’m so lazy with descriptions. I’m like, you all have creative imaginations. You can imagine what it looks like.


My descriptions are actual trash ahaha.


My xbox is a problem. It’s too easy to lose a few hours online.


Getting ahead of myself, for sure. It’s a vicious cycle because I’ll be excited to write out the story and I’ll type up like 2-3 chapters in a day, and then when I finally sit down to edit them I realize all of these good ideas I could have/should have included, but including them means rewriting the chapter or all of the chapters in order to make it flow. At that point I just get disappointed that I’ve wasted so much time on something that I can’t even be happy with and then I usually end up dropping the story,yikes.

I also have a bad habit of not fleshing out the characters enough, so when I go to write scenes of them interacting with one another I’m like “uuuuuuuhhhh…?”