What is dark magic? (I need elaboration)

Hello there, to make things short: I’m kinda confuse right now. Does anybody know the meaning of dark magic? Like how does it differ from magic that we know?

Black magic? Anything used that’s done with the intention to hurt or summon evil, I guess.


This is pretty subjective, but necromancy is probably a good example of dark magic.

To me, dark magic is magic that exists for the sole purpose of bending the world to your will for personal gain without considering those around you. Raising the dead to use as slaves, bending the mind to suit your desires or needs, causing pain and suffering because it excites you, etc. Summoning evil entities is definitely within the realm of dark magic.

In some lights, even other types of magic could connote dark magic if the intent is right. For example, is someone were to cast an entanglement spell simply to ensnare their love interest and force something upon them against that person’s will could be considered dark magic because of the intent. It’s all in the light the writer sheds on it.

If you shine an evil light on it, it’s dark. I’d you shine a good light on it, it’s not.

I use this in my story to show necromancy as a good magic that could save the world. However true that may be, the one using it only wants the MC to think that, so in reality it’s still dark magic, but the lines are blurred.


Really, it’s whatever you make it. Sometimes magic that hurts people isn’t considered dark magic (i.e. an elemental system where fire magic burns, but isn’t inherently evil). Sometimes healing magic is considered dark magic (i.e. you have to hurt yourself to heal someone else). Dark magic is really just evil magic, and it’s what you do with it and how you make it evil that matters :slight_smile:

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Depends on the magic system and is entirely arbitrary. In some cases it just refers to magic that is morally bankrupt (a good example is the torture curse from Harry potter) and in others it refers to magic that is deemed bad for other reasons (sociopolitical) (such as those deemed to being doing any kind of ‘magic’ during the witch hunts). It’s a term that you’ll need to define for yourself if you’re writing a world with magic.

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It depends on the culture and how they see it so I’ll speak only on the behalf of my people. Due to Islamic influence in the Middle East it is seen that black magic is using/working with evil creatures (demons and Satan) to get either unrealistic results or hard tasks done with the help of their supernatural power. Although most people use it to harm others, sometimes it’s used for neutral or good results such as curing disease or being married people together.

In the Middle East we have two types of black magic:

  1. Alawi (which translates to from above): it’s a basic level that non talented psychics or “imams” rely on and they usually just get some weird ingredients together while reciting spells to get the deed done.

  2. Sufli (which translates to from downstairs aka hell): and this is where things get fucked up. People would literally shower in pee or commit sodomy or other acts that they regard as nefarious, dirty, filthy to bring them closer to the creatures from hell and attract them to directly communicate with them and ask them for favours.

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black magic:

Magic involving the supposed invocation of evil spirits for evil purposes.

If dictionaries are anything to go off.
Personally, one of my favourite depictions of dark magic are the ones where it’s regarded as being more powerful than normal magic. But it comes at a morally high cost, like murdering a loved one or something.
That’s just me though.

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In my opinion dark magic is something that is used with malintent and that goes against nature. You will typically see rituals and summoning in dark magic as it is used to conjure something that is evil and has the purpose to inflict pain. In these rituals there will also usually be sacrifices which goes against nature. Dark magic is frowned upon and discouraged and usually it is used because it is stronger than traditional magic

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Dark Magic™ is usually performed at night. If not, it usually takes place in a dim or pitch black room of the magicians choice.

Dark magic isn’t necessarily “dark” or evil. It’s just called that because it can take away someone’s will or choice and, because if this, people find it “evil”. For example, love spells are dark magic as they take away a person’s choice to love you or not. Any type of manipulation spell is considered to be dark magic, from what I learnt a while back. I wouldn’t say spells used to harm people are dark magic as light magic can also be used for that and it can be done unintentionally. It’s only one of the many types of magic (eg light, elemental) but they can all overlap here and there. Because of that, there isn’t necessarily a clear definition of what dark magic is. I’ve just found the most common one to be magic that takes away a person’s will/choice

Something that’s not light/conventional normal magic. Like basic spells such as heal, fireball, water/air/earth and light are normal/light magic. Black magic includes more of necromancy, controlling animals/birds (or even humans?), invoking monsters etc. It may also draw power from the user’s soul.

That’s the concept I’m looking for yet couldn’t explain it to myself. Thanks!

This is the reason why I created this thread. Sometimes, I can’t tell which one is which the more I think of it.

That’s dark

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No problem!