What Is So "Unique/Different" About Your Story? (Friendly Discussion)



Hi guys :grinning:

So, when I read the topic “When people ask for “unique” stories?” and read some (a lot) of the responses there talking about how they don’t think their story is unique enough or different in any kind at all, I started wondering how much of that statement is true?

  • Do you really believe that your story is NOT unique in any way possible? Why?
  • If you believe (even for a little bit) that your story has some unique concepts or storylines, then would you please tell us about it?

There is also another word used in that thread that is confused with the word “unique.” It’s the word “mind-blowing.” “Mind-blowing” doesn’t necessary mean “unique.” It actually means exciting, thrilling, or simply just interesting! So, according to this new meaning:

  • Do you believe your story is mind-blowing?
  • If yes, then what was the best part (or the most thrilling part) from it? It can be a scene or a chapter.

P.S. It is totally OK to brag in this thread :wink:

That is all.
I just wanted to boost some confidence within you guys :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

*whispers* and I was kinda worried that there aren’t any new story ideas floating around Wattpad :sweat_smile:


I really don’t like to talk specifically about my own stories or ideas, because it tends to always come across very braggy like “I’m the best ever and all my ideas are soooo awesome” but -

I think while I typically use a lot of cliched elements, I like to bring them together with a fun plot that makes the entire story a new and “unique” one, even if it has cliched elements. Like I know you read Sierra, so I’ll talk about that one. The main idea of the plot, an android being stuck with a human and slowly becoming more “human” itself, isn’t a “unique” idea, but the plot is fun and the characters are realistic (I hope) so it is interesting to read (I hope) even if the base idea is cliched. Also, the idea that the human is more morally grey and the android is the innocent “paragon” isn’t a new idea either, but I sort of flipped it by making the morally grey one female and the innocent one the male…

So, hopefully the reader has fun with it, even if their mind isn’t blown, which is the most important thing to me. ^^


None of my stories are mind-blowing. I write to the best of my ability and I am pleased with the outcome, but if I am educated enough person to know a mind-blowing story when I see it, and if I had one, i’d be sending it to the agents. I would sell my soul to write something that people would read.

My only story that I believe is unique is the She Kills Elephants and Men. I think it is highly unusual, because it portrays a romance in a matriarchal society without ever slipping back into the conventional gender expectations, sticking to the premise that women truly rule and dominate the society leaving men with secondary roles and in hstems till the end.

The setting that blends elements of the Renaissance Italy with pre-Mughal India is different as well.

The MC is a ruthless woman in her forties, and her antagonist and Rival is a sassy teen that is normally cast as a protagonist.

Finally, I am pretty sure it is very hard to guess at the ending, but it makes sense.

So, imo, at least conceptually, my story if not unique, then at least rare. Now, back to learning to write in such a way that people want to read it.


I feel like my series has some unique and “mind-blowing” aspects.

My main character suffers from a (fictional) mental illness that causes her to hallucinate. Because of these hallucinations, she’s developed a keen sense of observation to differentiate between what’s real and what’s not. She meets a mad scientist/doctor who sees this as a strength and has her help him solve mysteries. So I feel that’s relatively unique (especially since I try hard to portray how unromantic it is to suffer from a mental illness).

The relationship between the MC and her love interest is somewhat unique as well. They bond over very strange things (like dead bodies, autopsies, mechanical prosthetics). They share a dark humor that mixes into their romantic relationship. Personally, I find them to be #goals. They respect and support each other and are delightfully twisted.

As for “mind-blowing,” there are a lot of mysteries and chase scenes and tense card games with vicious thugs. Dead bodies pop up all over the place, some of which have been gruesomely experimented on. And there are lots of autopsies.

So while I don’t think my series is THE MOST AMAZING THING EVER!!! I do find it relatively unique and exciting. At the very least, I enjoy reading it :slightly_smiling_face:


I typically like to start with the illusion of some cliched setting and plot, and slowly build it up until it’s nothing like the original feeling the story gave. Eventually, the climax hits, everything gets turned on its head, an important character with plot armor dies, and shit hits the fan.

I like to explore how quickly things can get out of control, as well as the possibility of hidden intricate plots. My only project on this website hasn’t even gotten to the twist yet, but it’s a pain to write, since the protag is a massive liar to even the reader. As a result, it looks like there are plot holes and broken perspectives everywhere.


I wanted to write a story that showed the confusion and horror of being gaslit into a sexually abusive situation with a trusted family member, but I wanted it to be especially visceral without being too graphic. I didn’t just want to show how and why this could happen, I wanted the reader to feel the characters’ desperation and despair. I wanted them to become horrified by not only what was happening, but how these scenarios can be perpetuated in insidious ways. I wanted the opposite of a feel-good fluffy story. Judging by the feedback I’ve gotten from different sources telling me that they felt both the character’s despair and were uncomfortable with how believable the rapist’s mentality was, I think I succeeded.


I think my story is pretty dope, but it needs some tightening up to be fully complete.


I know the feeling. That’s why I said “It’s OK to brag here.” :wink:

Yup :smile:
Thanks for suggesting it. It was a fun read.

Wow. I like that idea. Even though it reminds me of I, Robot but the opposite of some kind, it is still interesting.


Honestly, I believe my more recent books are falling into a more unique category. My book To Believe in Peter Pan has some ideas that I really got inspired to add, and I mean… I would think they’re more unique and within the way this story is told as well. Most stories within this idea of retelling Peter Pan don’t have twin MCs, and they definitely don’t have Captain Hook as a woman and have the MC turn evil in the end. at least not the ones I read, and I’ve read quite a few to get a feel for the ideas of this plot.


In one of my stories there are characters that turn into swaths of fabric. Bizarre.


What about a mind-blowing chapter? Just like this one amazing scene you think you nailed in your story that has an interesting little subplot or something.

That seems quite different and exciting.

I’m glad you’re proud of the ending. I am sorta proud of my ending scene as well.

Good enough :+1:

Yup. That’s the tricky part. Especially to not make it boring. I struggle so much in not making any chapter boring because I myself get bored so easily when reading.


Yeah, actually it is a lot like I, Robot! I had some ideas that I decided not to use because it was going to be too similar. I am sort of trying to stay away from too many existential android conversations since its just a novella. xD But again, even though its cliched, I am hoping the fun characters and plot pulls people through a story that has elements the same as others.

Take for Lunar Chronicles for example. Super cliched ideas, rehashed, once again, but they are really good and popular because they mix new ideas in that make them unique, even if the themes are as cliched as possible! Sometimes “mind-blowing” ideas kind of scare me away because they are too hard to grasp and understand. I am a lazy reader, I like things to be easy. xD


Oh, my goodness! Wow! I think this is the most unique idea I have ever read on Wattpad at least :+1:
What’s the genre and title of this story of yours, please?

You had me at “dead bodies” XD

Gurl, I like all that! It is so awesome to see another gore fan on the threads :grinning:

That you are satisfied with your own story is truely a blessing. I’m only satisfied with the final chapters of my story enough to reread them and enjoy them. Maybe because my writing style improved a lot during these last chapters.


I would love to read the climax part of your story. It sounds exciting from the way you talked about it. But what genre is it?


Fantasy. I’m about 2 or 3 chapters away from everything hitting the fan and lots of important people dying


I have a story called Descent Into Madness. When I started writing, it wasn’t with the idea to write something ‘unique’ or ‘different’, I never even thought about it being so, it was just what I wanted to write. But people who read it keep telling me it is. That I took a cliche ‘lab accident’ start and took the story in a different direction. I’m pretty sure there being no romance and focusing around two brothers probably gives it some uniqueness too.

But it surprised me when I realised I was surprising people with it, partly because it’s a (open) fanfiction. I’ve had so many reviewers who said their first reaction to seeing that was along the lines of ‘this is going to be terrible’ and ended up actually liking and enjoying it. The fact that I can get someone who hates fanfiction to actually like it, might not make it completely unique, but sure makes me feel good about my writing.

And people who do like/read fanfiction tell me it’s different from a ‘normal’ fanfiction. I don’t know if that’s because of the open part or because it’s not romance or because I took what’s viewed as ‘light’ show and turned it into a horror? I really don’t know. I’d like to know what I did that made it unique, but all I have is what I can piece together from what people have told me.


Big fan of TLC here. I think what makes that series so enjoyable is how real the characters feel. Like, after reading it, I actually started to miss the Rampion crew. It felt like they were flesh and blood people who I’d gotten to know.

That’s one of the biggest reasons Marissa Meyer is one of my favorite authors.


Wow. Good for you :+1:

I was (still am) being gaslighted. It was so suble that I have only realized what was happening about 3 months ago. I started recording in a journal what is and what was happening. I realized that my feelings of helplessness and confusion showed in my writing. I realized that the sexual abuse also showed in my writing. I was venting what was happening to me unaware through my story “Got Guts?” Except the MC is a straight male being kidnapped and abused by a bisexual male (I am a bi-curious female being abused by a straight male). All the uncomfortable feelings that I felt during my gaslighting period I successfully wrote them in that story. People expressed their disgust of the villain and how much they felt for the MC.

I guess I kinda succeeded in writing that as well :blush:




Oh, I don’t read fantasy. It gets too complicated for me. But your story sounds great! :+1: