What Is So "Unique/Different" About Your Story? (Friendly Discussion)





Ha, thanks! It’s a nearly completed series (doing the final edits on the last book right now) called The Elysium Series. I’ve classified it as mystery with a steampunk flair, but some of my readers call it a sci-fi/fantasy/adventure/mystery series. So I dunno, the genre’s a hot mess :laughing:

And honestly, I’m not really a gore fan, but I’ve become really interested in medical history thanks to this series, so there are a lot of dissected bodies and organs in places they shouldn’t be :laughing: It gets more gruesome as the series progresses.


OMG. That is a pretty unique retelling of the story :grinning::+1:


Indeed. Haha ^-^


What show is it a fanfic of?


Yeah I don’t think they’re unique. Why? Hm… I’m just not a very good writer.

I use a lot of UK and Irish slang in my books.

I think they’re okay entertaining. I wouldn’t say mind-blowing.

I think I’m okay at pulling plot twists off. Those are probably the most thrilling aspects.


Lol. Well, I’m not a lazy reader, but a pretty picky one and I also get bored easily XD

So, when you said “novella” are you participating in the ONC too?


I do have things I like very much, but it is not enough.


No actually I’m not. I looked into it but I already had 20k when I saw it and was confused about how it worked (apparently I am easily confused…) so I decided not to bother.


Yea, so…

My story is a redemption story. My protagonist is a sexual abuse/exploitation survivor who is trying to rebuild her life. I think what makes it unique is Nikki’s voice and inner struggle. She can be mature and childish at the same time. The setting is unique as well… I hope. She is in a mental institution with a twist. No not THAT twist…

It’s a combination mental hospital and school It was converted from a defunct liberal arts college. So it has ivy covered buildings, winding paths, even a par course. She is in the low risk dorm so she has a bit more freedom than many of the other patients.

She’s also realistic and complex. I’ve had help from students of mine who have been through something similar and they help me keep it accurate enough.

And it also has the world famous Fornicating Waterfowl Bar and Grill. Does your book have that? I think not. (It’s in chapter 4 if you don’t believe me)


My story, The Fall, is unique because in it plants and animals live and work together.


Yeah, I wish I could say more but I’m not entirely of the mind to talk about my story, I’d rather it stood and fell on its own merits rather than what I say about it :sweat_smile:



Thing is, I’m pretty sure my story is unapologetically cliched. Cliches don’t frighten me. I see them as tools. You use the right ones for the right job(not that I’m saying I am. I’m just…using the ones I like). The problem is when you use too many of them from the same source. Like a white-haired girl with three pet dragons, a northern bastard protecting a big-ass wall from ice zombies and a politically brilliant dwarf. Then you’ve got a problem.

Nope. Na-da.

I leave that for my readers to decide.

I’ve only just started, so there aren’t many ‘best parts’ to speak of.

(God, I’m an abysmal salesman)


I feel like my story is unique in its genre (its a vampire novel). The mc is male, and oops his way into being a vampire. The love interest is already dead at the beginning of the story and hes not at all okay with being a vampire or with anything that is going on for that matter.

I also designed the vampires so they’d be not only different but their powers would make sense.


I guess it’s unique in its realism. At least I’ve had several comments about how nice it is to finally read a YA story that’s real in its portrayal.

And I think it’s different because I’m slowly (and deliberately) breaking my main character/s down. Which is why I call the book their odyssey to rock bottom.

And unlike a lot of other stories, it’s not the female lead that falls victim to the assault that changes everything in the book, but her friend.

And then I’m balancing a lot (!) of subplots that weaves in and out of the main plot. While the story is centered around my two main characters, basically all supportive characters have their own things going on, which affects the main characters in different ways.


For my werewolf novel, everyone compliments how different the werewolves are. And how different the alpha is. He is a real leader, and my werewolves have a very distinct culture that has nothing to do with high school :joy: People also compliment my world building and how it’s pretty extensive for the werewolf community.


I don’t think I really have anything “mind-blowing” or “unique” in my book, haha. Everything has already been done some way or another.

Unless the fact that the main protagonist is actually hiding the main antagonist the entire time and doesn’t want his female lead to know who that is or where that villain is considered mind-blowing or unique? :thinking:

Thes story revolves around mysteries about the male lead, so it’s hard not to spoil stuff here, haha.

Also, there’s this weird moving plushie that follows the male lead around. He can’t talk, but he’s the voice of reason of the group of protagonists? :joy:


I initially wanted to write a werewolf story as I love the genre but am so sick and tired of the cliches within it and I got onto the idea of writing it about a hellhound instead - this helps to build the world into what I was interested (Greek mythology) and from there it kind of took on a life of its own. Sadly though with the route I have taken with it, it cant be placed in Werewolf genre :frowning: but such is life
I don’t believe its mind blowing but writing a story for what I liked was an amazing experience and I love re-reading it and editing it, I’ve had it sitting in my files for about 4 years so I thought it was high time I start posting it :smile:
The best part is sadly in the last chapters that I haven’t posted yet but there are so many moments as I re-read it that I’m like “damn, thats some good writing” as I laugh or cry and I’m amazed that I was even able to accomplish that so I’ll be super happy if my book can do that for other people too.

Nice thread and thank you :slight_smile:


Phineas and Ferb.


even though i write fanfiction (which compared to literally everything else, it’s usually considered the most basic of the basics in literariness and uniqueness) i try to mix in a little philosophy with some serious character development and exploration of the heart, mind and senses, which i suppose helps my story stand out above other fanfics (or doesn’t, since its very hard for the average joe mcreader to find)