What Is So "Unique/Different" About Your Story? (Friendly Discussion)



Honestly, I feel like there are stories I have made in the past that weren’t that unique. I don’t know why, really. It may have been because of how nonsensical the story may have been or how one-dimensional the characters were. :woman_shrugging: My earlier stories weren’t that great anyway… haha

However, my newer stories that I have made, I feel like they are unique because they different than other stories within those genres or they may bring something new to the table. I wouldn’t associate “mind-blowing” with “unique” because that’s not exactly how I would describe it. “Unique” is just an interesting trait your story has. Kind of like people. Each and every one of us is unique because of our differences, quirks, and flaws. It makes us different than our next door neighbor or our best friend. But you wouldn’t say that a person needs to be “mind-blowing” or “thrilling” to be considered “unique,” you know?

So honestly, yes, I believe my stories are unique. My current one is somewhat unique. xD And I believe it’s also somewhat mind-blowing as well, but since writing (and reading) is subjective, then how explosive it becomes with the mind is up to the reader. But I say this because the story isn’t like many other murder mysteries where it’s about an investigator and actually looking for clues. Asher (MC) tries to look for clues, but he sucks at it. And it’s not so much about finding them and locking them away. It’s about figuring out why that person had done it and the aftermath of their actions since another large portion of the story is about grief and depression. That is why I think the story is unique.

Now, is it mind-blowing? I’m not too sure. Like I said, I hope it is and maybe it “somewhat” is, but it’s just a fun, thrilling story that I hope others will enjoy as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it. I will say that some scenes kind of blew me away with how I described them, like this one for example:

Parts of her body were blackened, but everything else about her was indistinguishable. Her face wasn’t even there; it had vanished, creating a massive hole within her skull. Blood covered every inch of her body like it was a canvas for an artist. The holes in her upper body, from her face to the sides of her neck, weren’t only split open, but had also bones and organs spilling out from them as her optic nerves and eyes drooped onto the side of her face. Her brain had been blown to bits as small pieces had stayed as if it were a bowl of noodle soup.

The cervical vertebrae punctured through her skin, and the tip of her chest cavity was ripped open, broken ribs poking out at odd angles. The muscles in her body were shredded, veins dangled outside of her skin that flapped in the slight breeze.

^ I never truly knew that I could describe something as… disturbing as that… :rofl:

But yeah, I have many thrilling scenes in my story—kind of hard to pick one—but I’d say my current favorite one is the one I’m writing now. It’s a chase between two characters, one of whom is trying to escape (obviously, of course). :wink:


Mind-blowing? I doubt it. Unique? I think it is. Alien, dragon, zombie, hydra, ghost, rabbit woman, literal electric guitar, though it’s mainly thanks to the source material (Gungrave); I just amp up the craziness by adding dragon, hydra, rabbit woman, and the monstrous alien lord.

The alien lord is a town-sized mountain-like living fortress. On the center is his head, and from the mouth the vile substance called “mist” comes out. When the alien lord first surfaced, his flesh came like a tidal wave and trapped every ordinary earthling who was caught in it. He used them for sustenance, but human women of childbearing age were for his reproduction.

In “anime-inspired” section, it’s one of those where the mains consist of mainly adults (one exception, which I’ll elaborate below) and adults are actually useful. One of the mains is a teen girl, but she isn’t that strong compared to the adults because of experience difference. Also, there isn’t much fight talk going on, and there aren’t big flashbacks in the middle of the fight.

Plus, sheer determination doesn’t bring miracles (especially making some classic “I WON’T GIVE UP!” speech; that’ll turn you into a laughingstock before you’re killed). Instead, it makes everything much, much worse. An orphanage owner tried so hard to defend his kids (by refusing to get bribed), only to get his eye ripped out of him before getting turned into a mindless undead super soldier. Said orphanage owner’s wife quickly surrendered, accepted the bribe, and was spared. The female lead got her dominant arm bitten off for not giving up.


I hope my story is unique. It’s different to the stuff I’ve seen, so it’s unique compared to what I’m used to, but I do have the fear that I’m going to find something that’s basically my story online at some point.

Mindblowing? I doubt it. I dunno: I don’t think my story invokes that much emotion from readers. Interesting? Maybe. Mindblowing? That’s too strong a word for my story


If i’m being entirely honest. I’m very self-depreciative and even hateful of my work, which means i don’t often speak about what i think makes it good… although if someone’s inviting that, i’ll try and find something.

Alright, so, since my works are fanfics, it’s a cardinal sin to presume they’re in any way unique. Although, when compared to other fanfictions with the same source material. The emphasis on story and character development + the creation of new environments/characters/other things comes to mind as something unique in that context. Now while the story ideas may be nothing new, at least it’s a breath of fresh air for a community filled with ‘that stuff.’ I’ve been looking and i can’t really find anything in the community that’s like mine. I’m absolutely certain someone’s made this exact same thing, just much better and ORIGINAL, rather than fanfic…

Mindblowing? Pft, give me a break. I couldnt create anything mindblowing if my life depended on it! :joy: One thing i can say is that for some reason the way i write and characterise evokes emotion. ‘Different from the pack’ is a better word to describe my pile of garbage called fanfics.

Don’t hate me please.


So, let’s put it like this … I simply write down what I see.

Sounds lofty and elitistic, perhaps, but after experiencing interesting - even groundbreaking, at least on the personal scale - discoveries within the mind’s eye about two years ago, it all got quite unbearable - so much so, in fact, that writing it down seemed like the only option. Being the naive fool I was, I thought I’d get rid of it all that way - of course it didn’t work out, only amplified the problem, so here I am, continuously trying to write things out as they come.

Initially I had no intention of publishing anything out, and in hindsight, it was a good thing, since most of the early stuff was pure garbage. Only after about three hundred hours of trial and error it was becoming decent, at which point I thought might as well show it to people. The initial response was surprisingly positive, thus leading me to publish the stories here.

After this long-ish ramble, what makes them unique then… well. I doubt there’s that much Ligottian / Lovecraftian horror infused with melancholic, gothic aesthetics out there. The philosophical nature at its core - dealing with things such as phenomenology of truth, horrors of being itself, and nature of time - are also quite unique in a sense. I don’t usually go around telling people any of this, however, as I wrote in the earlier post, since I loathe self-marketing and everyone’s thoughts of “unique” vary.

Telling of this now seems appropriate in this thread though, so here it is, a brief introduction as to what I think is “unique” in my stories. I must mention as a caveat though, that since everything’s been done already, nothing’s really unique on the contemporary age. Not in my, or anyone else’s stories. It’ all rehash of the old masters, and like music, all the notes have been discovered already, it’s just a matter of reassembling them as one sees fit.

In the end, being honest & authentic to the “artistic vision” is all I have, there’s no room for deviation. With imagination alone things wouldn’t proceed far.


My story for Novella contest is a blast for me. It is a discovering the hidden relationship between hybrid and human because both species are on war for more than eight hundred years. Let’s just say someone pull a string and love to see human and hybrid destroy each other.
My main character is male Harpy, his sisters are human, Arachnid, Lamia and Mermaid from the same father but different mother. His job is delivering package to hybrid friendly town or secluded area and he discovers some hidden ruin during his job.


That’s amazing :+1:
When I write my stories I don’t think about writing unique ones or mind-blowing ones. However, I get bored so easily. That’s why what I read or write has to contain a lot of insane, but believable, plot twists. Readers often say something along this line “Your story is not cliche at all” or “Your stories are filled with awesome plot twists.”

I appload you for writing a non-romantic plot. I am searching for such stories. But, lol, romance between 2 brothers, really? People do that a lot on Wattpad? I thought incest was baned.

May I ask what is the fanfiction about? Is it a SPN one? (That’s the first thing that comes to my mind when someone say “two brothers”).


It still sounds interesting to me ;D


I think you’re underestimating yourself :3

Like the best thing ever :grinning:
I love plot twists. The more and crazier, the better.


Lol :joy::+1:
Well, at least the setting is so unique imo.




Understandable :sweat_smile:


Well, I don’t know how to respond to this :sweat_smile:
I guess all I can say is keep up the good work :+1:



Nice. I’ve been thinking about checking out your stories, they sound interesting when I see you talking about them, now I might have to to see what those plot twists are.

Thanks. I rarely write romance.

I can’t write Sam and Dean in character to save my life (I’ve tried… a lot). :laughing:
Blood sibling incest is not allowed (though it still gets written and posted on here), but step-siblings? Yeah, there’s a lot of that on Wattpad. It’s a Phineas and Ferb fanfiction.


It’s a restaurant in my book. The chapter is funny and sad at the same time. It’s based off of a saying that was in a book a friend of mine was writing. He gave me permission to use it in mine… I had to clean it up because duck f****** wouldn’t be a good name for a restaurant.


So, is it still a Vampire love story? Is the MC gay?


I like realiam in stories. Your story sounds so heartbreaking :broken_heart:
I am a sucker for those.





No problem.

Aw. Thanks! Now I’m nervous :sweat_smile:
They may not be as interesting as I say they are xD
Plus, the first few chapters need some serious revising.

Haha. I know what you mean XD
I have been thinking of writing a SPN fanfic but it is focused on my OC in the SPN universe. Sam and Dean are breifly there, but the main plot is going to be about Luke and how he will survive being an --------- person <<< I’m not gonna say what he is bc it is a major spoiler, if I ever get myself to write it :sweat_smile:

Yup. I see those titles a lot here :confused: