What Is So "Unique/Different" About Your Story? (Friendly Discussion)



Umm, I mean. I guess it’s kind of unique?

My story is a werewolf story but it doesn’t revolve around romance, omegas, white wolves, or alphas in anyway. I guess I could say its unique because it’s a tragedy that doesn’t have a romantic element in it. Uhh, yeah… lol.

Not sure? Its just a first unfinished draft right now, so… :calmwolf:


Allllll right, I guess I will go ahead and talk about my book now that the first draft’s complete.

I have giant robots, space opera, magic, compelling character drama, and lots of powerful, memorable moments all throughout. Themes of war, of personal identity, of societal oppression and disenfranchisement, and the root causes of terrorism. All of these things on their own are not so special, but toss em all together into a pot, stir it up, and you have Machine and Magic. There is of course, a way to interpret the title of machines and the act of magic having similar scientific processes, or you can interpret them as opposite but equal parts of the setting.

I like to think my story is pretty unique, at least in it’s attempt to use its tropes and overall aesthetic. It’s an anime, bottom line- The only reason its in written form is I felt I could tell a larger amount of the story in a shorter amount of time as opposed to if I had to do all of the art. Thus, the writing was given much more precedence because… That’s all there is for you. That being said, you’re basically reading the script for an anime and the aim was to make a damn good one.

Also, it’s a story thats been through various revisions, changes, and new characters since 2012.


No everything. That’s what I’m trying to tell you guys in this thread :3
They invent new recipes every now and then. I’m sure there are still some unique story ideas left for us to invent ;3

Lol. Your story sounds mysterious and fun! :joy:


The correct answer is to :roll_eyes: then move away from the lunatic before you catch something.


About a Hellhound! Interesting :grinning::+1:

The most fun thing ever, to have fun reading your own work :+1:

Holy cow! 4 years?! D:
I’m glad you finally shared it with the world.

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And no problem.


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Hmmm, I mean, it depends on how you categorize unique, but I feel like mine are in some way

Well, the thing I’m working on at the moment, is a superhero story and I think that my plot is very intricate. One of the main things I’m proud of is that it doesn’t have the main conflict of people vs the superheroes.

I hope so since mines a screenplay XD


Don’t be nervous. I’m sure they’re plenty interesting. :slight_smile:
The first few chapters on all of them? Or do you mean a certain one?

Cool. Is Luke a common name for OCs? Because I wrote a fanfiction a long time ago with the similar ‘focus on OCs cause can’t write the canon characters’ idea and one of the OCs was named Luke. O_O Weird coincidence…

He a hybrid? Gosh, now I’m trying to figure what kind of person he is…

Yeah… I really don’t get the appeal of them.


Thank you!
You explained better than me :+1:

Lol :joy:
That’s a unique touch👍

WOOOOW :scream:
As you can tell, I like disturbing scenes ;3

Awesome :+1:


Honestly, the only thing I’d really say is unique about my story is it’s the only one of it’s kind written by me. All the ideas in it have been done before, and most certainly have been done better. I only wish to put the story I have in my head on paper so to speak. My goal in writing is to make something that someone in the world will enjoy reading.

So what makes my story unique? I made it with everything I had in my heart, and it’s an idea I truly love. I know that’s been said a thousand times, but never by ME. This is MY story, and its one that I am proud of.


Do you believe your story is mind-blowing?

Hopefully the ending is, I was goin’ for that Shamylan plot twist.

If yes, then what was the best part (or the most thrilling part) from it? It can be a scene or a chapter.

Obviously I won’t spoil the ending, but here’s an action scene I’ll include for fun. Context: Aurin is trying to get to someone, whilst battling off enemy Frames.


He made a break to his right, and escaped just as the wall he was leaning against exploded. Aurin clutched his side, cursing as he went, the alleyway behind him becoming a collapsing tunnel.

The screeching sound of hover engines filled his ears, making him wonder if he was about to get dropped on from above… or he really was losing his mind. Then a familiar yellow hover-car flew past the alley, then backed up after seeing him emerge. The driver’s side window rolled down, and Aurin saw the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen in his life at the wheel.

“Get in, shithead!” Gally shouted. “They’re literally on the other side of these buildings!”

Aurin didn’t need to be told twice; He pulled open the door, and slammed his ass into the passenger seat. Gally was already peeling out before he could even close the door.

“Do you intentionally put yourself in the worst situations imaginable?” Gally huffed, her hand shifting gears with dramatic deftness. “Or are you some kind of trouble magnet?”


“Okay, smartass.”

“I didn’t ask you to come save me.”

“Yeah, well,” Gally sighed, and looked at the rearview mirror. “I’m coming to terms with being a bit of an idiot myself.”

Aurin looked behind him, and saw a huge weapon resting in the backseat; long, and rectangular, it looked like a solid steel beam with a grip and trigger attached to it. On its side, up above the trigger guard, was a small little black window.

“The hell is that?” Aurin asked— he pancaked against the passenger side door as Gally hung a sharp right, shooting down a major street which was now abandoned. The underside thrusters were keeping the car at a low profile a foot above the ground, while the rear jets were firing full-blast.

“You want the long answer, or the short one?” Gally said, her bottom teeth protruding slightly as she gripped the wheel. “Short one: Point it and shoot. The sooner the better, it looks like your entourage is about to gain ground on us.”

Aurin peered out the back window and saw that this was correct; A row of buildings exploded outward, and a Frame came barreling through, its eye-camera giving off an eerie lens flare. The approximate time between target acquisition and opening fire was somewhere less than five seconds, if the pilot was a rookie. If it was Mori, it was probably far less. Gally was driving more or less in a straight line, and even if she managed to evade a direct hit, the impact could easily flip the car.

Aurin reached for the weapon, feeling its conversely light weight; wrapped his fingers around the grip and swung it out from between the seats.

“Can you do me a favor?” Aurin asked. “Please?”

“I liked that last bit. Anything for you, darling,” Gally said playfully as she dodged a turned-over van.

“Hold my leg.”

The Frame left the ground, lifted upwards by its jets; finding a good place to hover, and take aim from above. The high-ground always won, after all.

Aurin climbed up halfway out of the window, using a rail on the top of the car as a handhold, and rested the butt of the weapon on his shoulder.

“Am I supposed to just eyeball it?” Aurin shouted as the wind whipped past him. “There’s no scope!”

“Point!” Gally screamed. “And shoot!

Aurin held down the trigger, and the gun started to heat up- Particles started to circle in around the barrel, and the air seemed to distort, a lensing between Aurin’s eye and the Frame up in the air. As he did, the little indicator window went from red, to yellow.

The indicator turned green, and Aurin heard a beep.

Aurin was almost ejected from the car as the weapon bucked upward and backward- A thin line of compressed space cut through the space between, and the Frame was punched through, a circular cross-section burnt away in an instant. It spun out of control, it’s thrusters firing uncontrollably, and crashed into the earth. The area was cast in a blinding light as a shockwave hit the back of the hover-car.

“Nice shot!” Gally called out.

“What the hell is this?” Aurin cried, as he slid back into the seat, his side screaming with pain from the forced stretch the gun’s recoil had exerted on him. He looked back at the plume of fire that was rising into the air, forming a small mushroom cloud. “The hell was that?

“It’s a graviton beam emitter,” Gally responded cheerily, as if that would answer Aurin’s question. “Has a hell of a charge time on it though.”

“Okay, great. Next question: what are you doing with it?”

“I crack asteroids with it,” Gally said simply, and met Aurin’s eyes innocently. “Figured it works just as well against heavy armor.”

“You know, the more I get to know you, the weirder you get.”

“Aww, shucks.” Gally blushed, and touched her cheek. “Thank you.”

“You know where I’m trying to get to, don’t you?” Aurin asked, peering out the back window for signs of a chase. “Otherwise you wouldn’t have picked me up.”

“Yeah, you’re trying to get to that glowy thing that’s tearing Azimuth a new one right? I mean, it is you we’re talking about after all.”


Wow. That’s a lot :sweat_smile:

That is some dark stuff :o

OMG XD lol
What kind of message are you trying to say through your stories? No good deed goes unpunished or perhaps something like bad people win. Haha. I like that, actually :joy::+1:


I mean the only completed novel I have. The rest of them are short stories or one-shots. They’re not so bad. I don’t think they need much revising. My nightmares are full of plot twists. I am one of those weird people who actually enjoys having nightmares. I made a book especially for them XD

Woah O.O You serious?
Ah, man. Now I feel like I need to rename him Dx
The thing is he’s always been Luke in my daydreams. I got so attached to that name.

I can’t really say >:3 mwahahaha


I hope that will never happen. So, what’s it about?

Interesting is good enough ;3


Oh. Okay, that makes sense. Same about the nightmares. I don’t enjoy the actual nightmare (being murdered by your favorite characters loses any charm it might have once had after the first hundred times), but sometimes they can be turned into great plots.

Yep. Well, technically, I think his name’s Lukas, but everyone called him Luke? I don’t know. That fic’s still posted, but I try to pretend it doesn’t exist most of the time. :grimacing: It’s so cliche and cheesy… I don’t know why people read it.

Nah, keep the name. Let there be one well written OC named Luke out there. :laughing:


I am soooo inviting you all to talk about that :grinning:
So, don’t worry. You can say all the positives things about your work in this thread. It’s a positivity thread! XD haha

At least you’re introducing this idea to a fanfiction. Good for you :+1:
Is that why you were encouraging me to turn my Silen Hill fanfiction into an original work?

Nobody is hating anybody here :joy:

Well, I can honestly only feel proud of my latest few chapters of my completed first novel. I can safely say that the ending was mindblowing and completely unpredicatable. It blew all the readers’ minds. I’m so happy of that at least. Now, I seriously need to revise my shitty first chapters Dx


Okay, now that I have a little more organized with this book, I’d say the most unique thing is that I have two protagonists, who act as each other’s antagonists, and there’s no clear villain. It’s up to the reader to decide who is right, and who should be the victor. I’m even planning on having the ending either be ambiguous, or lead to a sequel depending on response to the first book. I’m curious to see how people will react to it, although, that requires people to actually read it :sweat_smile:

EDIT: Let’s talk about how Mac decides that me misspelling “Sequel” as “Sequal” = “Sexual” -_-


The Two Foxes is different/unique because it’s a YA historical fantasy set during the 17th century and focuses on two things:

  1. My main character Sarah can see into the future and is dubbed a witch,

  2. War between the Puritans and the Native Americans of Massachusetts.


Wow. That’s how I started writing too. I was emotionally suffering and my mind created this sick twiated story in my head that indirectly describes my suffering. So, I thought that by writing down these little movies that were playing in my head that I would get rid of them. Pfft. Needless to say that didn’t work XD

This statement is not true. I believe original and unique stories can still be born 'til this day.

I kinda see it as new food. Like new recipes are discovered from time to time. There can still be unique stories out there or being written as we speak.


Sounds interesting. Were you inspired from Aqua man?