What Is So "Unique/Different" About Your Story? (Friendly Discussion)



The theme/message is pretty much “learn when to give up” and “sheer determination doesn’t bring miracles.” I’ve grown quite tired of “sheer determination solves everything” trope in anime-inspired works, where the MC is dying/losing a fight and just has to scream “I WON’T GIVE UP!” Then miracle happens and happy ending.


I like it when there is no romantic plots in the story :grinning::+1:


Congratulations :grinning::tada:
So, you started this story in 2012? Wow. You have been writing it for almost 7 years!

All these things together. Wow. Sounds interesting :+1:


Nooooo :joy::broken_heart:


@Ellen_Reese you keep stealing what I want to say lol.

Hmm is this for any type of story? Because only Erudites is something I would call unique in a way. Most of the inspiration comes from Aztec and other mesoamerican culture, but what I came up with all on my own was the idea of Elliot(main character) and his clan glowing in the direct sunlight.

This means no reflection off mirrors, glass, through clouds, drapes, etc. Has to be direct sunlight to touch the skin of my MC to have him glow. But here’s the bit of a twist. The glow is seen as beautiful and desirable to the point where it can turn a beggar into a nobleman just by capturing individuals with certain characteristic.

So Elliot has to stay vigilant and wary of where he is and the weather. I don’t think I ever seen a tv show, read a book, or read a comic book with this idea in mind.

I could be wrong tho lol


I LOVE SUPERHERO STORIES! I’m a big fan of X-Men, and of course all of Marvel and DC characters. But anyway, my next project is an x-men-like story. I hope I would do it justice ^-^

Moving on… XD

Ooooh. Nice! I believe Watty winner @paulapdx also writes her stories as screenplays :grinning::+1:


You convinced me :joy::joy::+1:

I admire your choice of goals :+1:

Yup. You should be proud of it.


Same! One of my first stories on here is a Marvel fic. They’re helping me to branch out into original stories, but I do love staying cannon. I’m sure you’ll do the story justice!


That’s really cool, I’ll take a look


OMG!! I have literally just finiched watching Unbreakable and Split back-to-back and I totally love the plot twist even if there were a lot of obvious foreshadowing happening in these 2 awesome movies :+1:

The dialogue of the action scene you provided was entertaining :joy::+1:


Mine isn’t really all that guess I kinda write as if it’s like an anime episode or something. Maybe a bit too cliche? I honestly need to work on details w-w But I’ve always been into mythical creatures ect so I thought why not do research on more creatures monsters ect and make a high school for these creatures to learn to co exist with humans and what not and well the main character is human the irony lol…


Lol. That’s pretty cool. I think I read a book with a similar concept back in 2013 on Wattpad. But that was 6 years ago so my memory may be deceiving me


Oh, I see why you don’t enjoy them :sweat_smile:
I guess I like mine bc most of the times I’m an observer and the character is not me. I also mostly dream on male MCs getting through hellish situations even though I’m a girl!

Agreed :+1:

If there are readers then it’s not as bad as you think :+1:

Lol. Thanks :laughing:


That sounds interesting :grinning::+1:



Wow. I like Sarah’s powers :grinning::heart:


Lol. I know. It annoys me as well.


I’m actually really excited about it. I’m going to have to be careful though, because it’ll be really easy to fall into the trap of making my favourite character the more “morally correct” of the two lol


Thank you! It’s subtle because she can only foresee the future through her dreams and all the humans are in animal form.


It’s gonna be tricky, but I believe you’ll do just fine ;3


No problem.
Wow. It kinda makes it a mystery.