What Is So "Unique/Different" About Your Story? (Friendly Discussion)



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Is he like the Twilight vampires or something?

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Actually, Twilight vampires tend to be careful of the weather. That’s why they stay in states with less sunny days.


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Yes, you have to figure out what animal represent the human in real life. But it’s not too hard; all my readers get it correct on their first guess :blush:


I won’t lie my blood boiled when I read this comparison lol. No not even close. I describe it more like a flame that engulfs the individual. The color of the flames changes depending on the mood, situation, personality etc.

The best way to visualize it is like this like

image image

With the bottom pic showing the different colors the flame could turn into.


I was gonna make a similar thread lol. Then I saw that you made this Jaja


Yea but the Twilight vampires choose to stay in those states to keep the public from realizing that Vampires exist. While in my universe it’s to avoid being captured and taken by human collectors to make a profit


I think my magic system is unique. It was i inspired by chakra(Naruto) and ki(dragon ball). I put a little twist to it by requiring a user to use their own lifeforce to gather the lifeforce of nature, (grass, trees, small critters, the planet itself) to create mana. Mana can be used in various ways and the shaping of mana is called craft. Crafts come in a variety of forms. From elemental crafts to transformation craft to necromancy craft and much more. The more advanced a spell, the more lifeforce is required to form the mana needed. Lifeforce can be increased through strenuous physical and mental training. If someone falls below a certain percent, they will be incapacitated. If they continue to use lifeforce they will combust.

The most basic skill of any knight is called a mana exoskeleton. This gives the user an increase in physical attributes such as speed, strength, and durability. With enough training and experience one can move faster than light and strong enough to split a continent.

There is also branch craft which is unique crafts only obtained by members of a family branch. Family heritage plays a prominent role in what craft one has an affinity for. The Felicity branch has an affinity for ice craft, while the Eloclipse branch uses solar craft, an advanced form of fire craft.

My universe is a futuristic one where tech and magic blend. Swords can be charged with mana or elemental crafts. Firearms can fire mana or elemental bullets. Lost limbs can be regenerated over time with science that utilizes one’one’sn lifeforce. The fusion of two compatible lifeforces can create a new life. Later i plan to use mana to have spacecraft travel at faster than light speeds.

There is also dark mana which is obtained through using mana with ill intent or emotions, such as greed, pride, hatred etc. These kinds of intent must outweigh just intentions. Dark mana will give every craft a black hue and slowly drive the user insane. Eventually one enters the Fallen Place, where the consciousness goes while the body is twisted into a deformed monster that only knows destruction and murder. One can leave the Fallen Place with a strong enough will and an anchor but it is rare for that to happen. If someone does escape then they will be granted a boost in lifeforce and become a Darkness Tamer, one of The Orders worst criminals. Drugs can be taken to prevent entering the Fallen Place but they are highly addictive and an overdose causes either death or an instant trip with no hope of escaping.

Fun fact: mana was created by the goddess of light and creation. She is the embodiment of all things pure and lifeforce favors those with just hearts and kind souls. As a result, these kinds of people tend to be able to grow stronger at a faster rate so women are typically stronger.


One of the things I’m most proud of about my story is the fact that it has a unique premise.

It takes place around WWII, but in a parallel world a la Narnia or Pan’s Labyrinth. This world can be reached through any forest or woodland anywhere in the world, which is how the heroine accidentally finds her way in. It’s called the Underwood (a play upon the word “underworld”) because it serves as a refuge for vagrant spirits. The ruler of this world is Der Erlkönig, also known as the Alder King, and he kidnaps the heroine after finding her as a child and holds her captive for 15 years.

The heroine becomes a seamstress, working under the King’s tailor, and has the uncanny ability make her embroidery come to life. This becomes quite a problem for her when the King discovers it.

Another thing that makes it unique, which is pretty sad to say, is the fact that the heroine’s abductor in this story serves only as the villain and never a love interest. The love interest is actually a Ukrainian woman who also works for the King and is a survivor of one of the Soviet Union’s “collective farms”.

The historical background of the heroine’s own world is continually woven into the narrative and even bleeds into the parallel world. This includes such atrocities as the Holocaust, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the Blitz, the “comfort women” of the Japanese-occupied territories, the Holodomor, Unit 731.

The heroine is also loosely-based on Virginia Woolf’s Orlando in the sense that she’s a poetic soul with a very romanticized view of Nature and just life in general until she is forced to see and experience the uglier side of it. The story begins with her as a bit of a passive damsel literally locked away in the castle and ends with her putting on a man’s clothes and riding out into the wilderness. It’s a sort of “Orlando in reverse” changing from the feminine to the masculine rather than the other way around.


Wow, jealous. I’ve never had a nightmare where I was an observer. They either end with me being killed or I’m stuck in a never ending hallway with an unknown being chasing me, in which case I almost always wake up right before I die.

Or they’re just not picky and don’t care. But your reasoning sounds much more optimistic, so lets go with that. :sweat_smile:


It’s a riches-to-rags urban fantasy story about a princess finding out that she’s actually part of a group of magical people who are imprisoned and enslaved by her own father. She loses everything and learns a lot about how awful things are for the magical people like her. I hope that’s unique!


I’m going to pretend to be a very special snowflake and gush about my current story. First of, I will admit the title is totally cliché and totally clickbait.

Now that that’s out of the way, I can get to the parts that are good :slight_smile:

  • My MC is a shifter, but she doesn’t live in a pack - the story actually starts off with her being part of a mage’s collection of magical creatures, each of the creatures stuffed in an enchanted bottle that makes them barely the size of a mouse.
  • My MC is a firefox. I have seen stories about kitsunes, and my firefoxes are extremely loosely based on them, but I’ve yet to find a story about a true firefox. I’d love to see one, though.
  • There are some self-created creatures hidden in there. Deadly cats with stunning magic, nature spirits with tiny antlers, lions with horns and fur as black as the night.
  • No romance! This is seriously ground-breaking. There are so little stories without romance, both here on Wattpad and in modern YA. It’s such a shame =’(
  • A main side character is a vampire, but he genuinely isn’t hot or has a six pack. He’s moody and loner, living on the edge of the pack territory. Oh, another thing: vampire living in a werewolf pack. He functions as protector and warrior, but generally stays out of their way.
  • My story plays in my own world, Uurion. Uurion is different and unique, I guess? I’ve been slowly building on it for years.
  • Good grammar! I don’t think I can say much about this without offending people, but… I really tried my best for years to learn English, to know the ins and outs of the grammar rules and such. Hopefully, my efforts will pay off in a few weeks, and I’ll make my CAE exam.
  • No weak, human mate here, despite it being a werewolf book (technically. I generally call it high-fantasy so no one gets scared away by the bad stereotype of werewolf)

Well, not really… But the feedback so far has been so positive that I can’t help but think people at least somewhat like it.

Oh boy… Well, I think the best part is the book in its entirety :stuck_out_tongue: I can’t really pinpoint anything I’ve done particularly good or anything. I’ve not completed it yet, either, so maybe the best is still to come.




I second this motion. It’s one of the best books I’ve read on Wattpad. :slight_smile:


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I don’t known if my story is unique or not, but I think so

Few times this kind of stories tend to be so political. The scenario is very dystopian, but it isn’t sci-fi either, it was our world I just a few years back, in 2016 everything went to shit. There is open mention of real-world leaders, and the fact they are dead. The story also subverts most common tropes for a story taking place in teenager years. There is a male lead and a female lead, are they romantically interested? Well, no
I also like to think my story is unique because it has a lot of realism in gun use. There are no magic guns with unlimited bullets, and generally, the characters react correctly to the noise. I think most books here in wattpad dont disscus moral relativism and utilitarianism the way mine does. Also gotta love that subverted black VS gray morality, that midway you start to realize is more of a grey VS grey one
Normally, in this kind of stories (EX: The Hunger Games) there is a single dictator that the characters have to kill. Not here, here is a whole power structure, even if they killed all Global Authority, there are replacements waiting. The only way the rebellion could realistically have won is if they destroyed the power structure of the whole world at once, no head to cut, you must destroy the whole body. Good luck with that
Downer endings sure surprise everyone, but here it was not sudden, it was a series of defeats and victories, like a real war. At the end, the ending was obviously going to end badly for the characters. Yet it’s emotive
The book also is realistic in popular support. A lot of people think the Authority to be better than Old World countries, others dont do anything out of fear, and others openly hate it and try to do something, but the opinion “this government bad” is not universal, and if you say that out loud in the streets, expect a ton of people taking their phones and calling 000
At top of all of this. The whole world has fallen under this dictatorial government, who do you expect the characters to be from? The US, UK, Canada, maybe even Korean or Chinese? Nope, the book takes place in Chile. The whole fucking world was took over, why couldnt the rebellion be born in Latin America? Technically the leadership of the rebellion is in France and Germany, but they were waiting until a rebellion was naturally born somewhere else, so yeah! Go Chile!


Personally, I wouldn’t hesitate to call my story unique, but I have more reservations when it comes to ‘mind blowing’.

My story is fantasy-ish, with a medieval-ish setting, but it’s set on earth 600 years in the future. It follows the story of a depressed, autistic werewolf anti-hero and her journey towards redemption. People seem to enjoy it and I’m trying hard to balance the heaviness with humour and light-heartedness, but I don’t know if I’d call it ‘mind-blowing’.


No, it just pop out. I like to think myself as different creature sometimes.
What if I am a mermaid? Can I survive the cold Artic water temperature or my body more suitable to tropical sea? Do mermaid come in salt water type and fresh water type? Mermaid are meat eater, do they eat fish then?

Then I realize something: nobody use Harpy as their lead protagonist. So I make my main character a male Harpy born from natural genetic mutation (because all Harpy, Lamia and Arachnid in story were born female while Ogre, Orc and some creatures were born all male. They need human for breeding, so they kidnap human in progress. One of the reason why the war broke out).