What Is So "Unique/Different" About Your Story? (Friendly Discussion)



I’ll try my best to be humble, but forgive me if I sound like I am bragging.

So, my story is unique to me. I like reading it. There are a few things I added to prevent it from becoming a cliche story:
1)The setting is not in America or any western country.
2)The MC’s are both imperfect each with a personal bout of flaws.
3)There is only one female character,who is neither rude nor too submissive.Kind of like a moderate between the two.
3)There is abuse but it is never glorified or justified. In fact,it is hated similar to reality.
4)Any past horrific experience is not forgotten and it’s negative effects still persist.
4)There is a twist at the end which makes the story rightfully tragic.
Sorry for the long comment.:v:


Ahhh all of these cool stories!! Part of me is like “my story isn’t unique!!” but the other part is all “I should try to be more confident!” so I’m going to force myself to brag :flushed:

In my current WIP:

  • an alternate history steampunk world that the characters get to travel all over because I reasearched and planned the heck out of this time and place
  • a cast from all over the world and all walks of life
  • mysterious poems and a world-wide scavenger hunt against deadly pirates, mercenaries, skynavies, and aviatrixes
  • LGBTQ+ rep plus several asexual characters near and dear to my ace heart
  • an airship with a floating library, laboratory, and garden, because is it really an airship without them?
  • ~international conspiracies~
  • mad science (with different types of science, oh my!)
  • a realistic portrayal of mental illness by me, a mentally ill person
  • a total lack of toxic masculinity or bad boy protags; in this house our men are kind
  • a steampunk story that doesn’t fully take place in England (it’s almost like there are other places in the world during the 1880s!)
  • a city in the middle of the ocean that is my freaking DREAM
  • protags that totally get their butts kicked every once in a while
  • family, friendship, and lots of food
  • I’m having a bunch of fun writing this and it’s my favorite thing I’ve ever written


He’s still in love with his dead fiance Lilah. He is not gay.


I realize that my story (My Obsession with Chloe Claire) isn’t the best and the ideas aren’t new, but to me they are because nothing I read is similar to what I write.
What Makes My Story “Different”:

  1. Features Two Points of View- let’s be honest, not a lot of people do multiple points of view, much less the points of view from a male and female lead.
  2. Features a Good Guy- Luke, although he was popular throughout high school and is good looking, he is rather oblivious and has no idea of how great he is. Not a lot of stories have the main male lead depicted as nice, humble, or caring. They’re usually the “Bad Boy” persona and i get tired of it. Nice girls want nice guys too.
  3. Crude Humor- no story I have ever read has potty humor and my story is riddled with it–including poop jokes. Sure, it’s immature, but it’s hilarious. College students goof off like that all the time
  4. Irrevocably In Love- Luke has been infatuated with Chloe Claire(who is pretty, a little chubby, insecure, and a weird sense of humor) since fifth grade. Usually I would read about a girl who has had a major crush on this guy since forever but instead it’s Luke. Sure, Chloe isn’t conventionally pretty others but to him she is gorgeous with a beautiful personality to match. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
  5. Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover- in my story it features popular people and those who are more on the risque side, but those people are not just one-dimensional. They have a heart, feelings, and insecurity too and are not just “there” to be mean. And yeah, Chloe is a little judgy but isn’t everyone?
  6. Realistic Characters- i try my best to make them as realiatic as possible by giving them quirks. Luke is probably the least realistic, given that he is such a happy-go-lucky guy, but believe me, I’ve met a few guys who act like him. They exist, but they are definitely not the norm. Yeah, it seems cliche to give Chloe insecurity but that’s just how people are in real life. Yes, she’s about twenty pounds overweight, compared to her thinner friend Hailee she isn’t going to think she is perfect the way she is. But Luke is going to teach her that, and eventually, she’ll start believing it. Nothing but love is magical in this world.
    There is probably more but who wants to continue reading all that? Lol.


There are (at least in my opinion) several things in The Legend of the Moonflower Princess that make it unique. They are:

  1. The heroine is heavily scarred

  2. The heroine doesn’t start off as some warrior princess; she had to gradually work up to that. However, she doesn’t just do nothing, but rather she finds ways to help to the best of her ability.

  3. The main hero isn’t just your stereotypical male archetype; he is kind, considerate, and socially awkward.

  4. Each land visited has it’s own unique look and feel to it; it isn’t just standard Fantasy lands. For example:
    4a) The Azurite Kingdom/Mountains: “…They were a deep blue color, carved and sculpted by the wind and other natural elements. There were no trees dotting them, but rather strange brown stumps that were as tall as a ship and protruding with faint cerulean hangings. The peaks of these mountains surged up, up, up, until they disappeared into the mass of grey clouds above…the Azurite Kingdom had a rather gaudy look to it, even though it was visually beautiful. The castle was so heavily laid with precious jewels that it sparkled like a thousand glittering mirrors; the surrounding town showed off the richness of the area as well, the houses and shops built of stone and marble rather than the wood that had been consistent in Naohiri. The streets were inlaid with precious stones that were the same blue as the mountains behind them. The people, from what Sahara could faintly see, wore rather regal clothing, and the items being sold had a richer quality to them. There was quite the crowd already gathered throughout the streets, squeezed between shops and stalls and vendors, with carriages and wagons added in for good measure. Atop the highest turret of the castle, a flag bowed and waved with the wind…”
    4b) The Lowlands: “…a sprawling mass of brown brick and stone houses were laid in a haphazard maze. Paths spread from every direction and all of these paths had caravans or wagons going to and fro. Beyond all of this rose a rather modest castle, with curved domes and several black spires rising from these domes. Gold and desert colors shimmered in the sunlight, highlighting the simple architecture. Atop the highest spire was tied a flag made of some sand-colored material, sharp against the blue of the sky. Even from here, the emblem emblazoned upon it could be seen from every angle. It showed four hands, connected together at the wrist and each one pointing in one of the four directions; a sharp eye was inlaid within each palm…”
    4c) Braesino: “…Six impossibly large hills, covered in dark green and emerald grass, stood on opposite sides of the road far below. They were rather wide, extending farther than she could visibly see and melding into one another. Solid wood doors, similar to the one she had just come through, were peppered throughout the exterior of each hill. Wooden bridges and staircases created a wild-looking system of transportation to and from the different hills. It was nearly morning from the looks of it, the sky turning a lovely shade of pink, purple, and blue as the sun prepared to rise. Sahara craned her neck upward and saw that these hills were impossibly tall too, extending upwards until they completely dwarfed the road far below…” And so on.

  5. Magic isn’t just your stereotypical magic. Light magic is dark-colored while dark magic is a sickly white color; both are living, in a sense, and there is a bond between magic and wielder. There is also base magic, an evil sort that feeds on hearts and drives its wielders mad.

  6. The main drive of the novel, for the heroine, is to rescue her little brother. Not many books focus a lot on sibling bonds, and, when they do, sometimes it is quite contentious. Even though Sahara and Nashoba aren’t blood related either, they both care deeply for one another; Sahara journeys through a world she doesn’t even know about in order to save his life.

I think that’s enough points without spoiling my whole book! If any of this sounds interesting, feel free to check it out :smile:


Some short little unique things about my story:
Not much, I’m pretty unoriginal and inept

  1. The characters’ names are shortened words such as Sel or Abu
  2. The book is written as poetry from the perspective of the main characters, including some of the ‘antagonists’.
  3. The world the story takes place in might not even be real.
  4. The seasons of the year correspond to the overall mood of the story arc. The changing of the seasons herald big changes in the story.
  5. The ‘antagonists’ of the story might be figments of the imagination, or the protagonists themselves.
  6. There are intense metaphors for concepts that people don’t usually write about in books (like insomnia, self-harm, and other sensitive subjects)
  7. The story does not take place in an entirely fictional or real environment - it’s something else. It’s not quite imaginary but not something you’d see in real life.
  8. There are multiple ‘antagonists’, which will make you question whether or not they’re evil.


Oooh…did someone say screenplay @Ellen_Reese???

@SylviaWolfe - Nice to meet a fellow screenwriter! I’ll have to check out your work! And if you have any questions about writing in a script format on Wattpad, feel free to ping me, here, or via my WP profile. It’s a very unique experience, and our numbers are few…but growing!! :grin:


Thanks! Yeah, I started reading your book and it’s really cool! I love how the community is actually really supportive of different formats and on board with new ideas.


I’m writing a Dragon Rider novel right now, but for the intention of breaking the cliche of powerful dragon riders. My MC sees what the dragon riders are doing to the dragons as cruel, and then eventually discovers that she is a dragon. When the dragons were being rounded up her mother transformed her into a human and sent her with an old half-dragon who was trustworthy. So she has to try to free the dragons from the Dragon Riders.


I think the dynamics in my main cast are unique. I don’t see too many brother and sister dynamic. Out of the six MCs, none of them are love are into each other. Two of them have love interest outside the main cast. I enjoy the dynamic between my protag, Kaden, and the antag, Rygilya. The two were like brothers but when Rygilya became a criminal, he began hunting Kaden for the god within him. Still, the two share a bond that’s clear to see. They have respect for one another’s skill and still serve to push each other even though they are on opposite sides. It’s so much to write. There are two scenes where the two are forced to work together and they barely have to exchange words to be in sync. It was inspired by one of my favorite anime but i but a big enough twist on it to where i feel i can get away with calling is unique.


Is it like The Last of the Mohicans


I think it’s unique because the fanfiction “Supernatural” popularity was started on a certain character committing murder and the brothers and their father seeking to find and kill the demon. The thing about my novel is that who they thought committed the murder didn’t. It another Immortal not Azazel.


Hi guys ^-^

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I’m the original poster of this thread and I’m so proud of all of you who posted here. I do hope everyone believes in themselves a bit more now that we have discussed it :heart:
I’ve been trying to reply to all of you but WOW this thread is growing fast. I really enjoyed reading all your posts. Thanks for sharing what you think is unique or mind-blowing about your stories :3

I think I never mentioned what I believe is so unique or mind-blowing about my stories (I only have one completed novel so I’m gonna be only talking about it). So, here it goes:*

  • I am proud of my psychological thriller (some say it’s a horror with all the guts and gore) story “Got Guts?: How To Escape A Psycho Serial Killer” (even though it is the first draft of my very first story, and even though I was just trying to learn how to write a novel) because of its unpredictable and realistic storyline.
    1. I showed how horrible a real kidnapping story should be, but also added a creepy element of unrequited love behavior from the kidnapper. I did not romanticize the story.
    1. I am proud of all the insane plot twists I managed to pull in “Got Guts?” (according to many readers), but the only twists that made me wanna reread is the very last 2 chapters and the epilogue. I think it shows how much I improved as a writer too.
    1. The very unique concept of this story IMO is that the victim is a male character who showed only interest in dating girls. So, being kidnapped by an unstable, bipolar, hypersexual, bisexual man who is constantly hitting on him was the most disturbing element of my story that I feel I can call unique at least on Wattpad because it does not turn into an abusive love story.
    1. I love researching anything I have little to no knowledge of (They call me a “Walking Encyclopedia” in real life). So, when I wrote this story, I read a lot in psychology (to study panic attacks, nervous breakdowns, and the mentality of the victim and the kidnapper), medicine (to study some medical procedures and illnesses that are described in the story), chemistry (because our little protagonist is a chemist and uses his chemistry to plan his escape), and a bunch of other stuff that I can’t mention because they’re spoilers. So, there are a lot of little facts included in some chapters. Readers learn new things from the story. One of the readers said “This should be a text book in schools because I have learned a lot from it.”

Oh, and the one of the scenes I’m most proud of is:


This scene happened right after Kevin fought back with a spear-like weapon he improvised. He managed to make the kidnapper slip and attempted to stab him, but the kidnapper took a hold of his improvised weapon. This scene is from the kidnapper’s POV:

Then everything happened so fast. I tried to sit up while laughing at him, “This show ended before it…” All of a sudden, I heard a loud grunt. My eyes widened when I saw that he was using the sink to give him a push and a balance while he was slamming his foot down at my groins as hard as he could.

“Oooowwww!” a long agonizing groan escaped my lungs.

Dear Lord. This is the worst pain I’ve ever had.

I dropped his toy weapon and immediately bent over in a fetus position, placed my hands on my crotch then rolled my body to the side on the ground, trembling with agony. My eyes started to water from the horrible, growing pain in my stomach. My face twisted into so many shapes.

And here I thought that this lil guy gave up. How foolish of me. I should’ve known by now that this stubborn kid never gives up.

“You’re still talking,” he said with a breathless voice.

I tried so hard to laugh, but it was too painful to even think about laughing. So, I just smiled and told him, “You kick like a girl,” with a high-pitched, raspy voice.

What kind of inhuman voice came out of my mouth?!

Then he picked his toy spear laying next to me. I could hear it clank. I slowly opened my eyes and saw his stunning, angelic face looking down at me with a serious expression.

Oh, why did you have to look so God damn cute? It’s very distracting.

He raised his eyebrows and said with a sarcastic tone, "I think you lost your balls there

He raised his eyebrows and said in a sarcastic tone, “I think you lost your balls there…”

I lifted my right hand up trying to shield myself from his upcoming attack

I lifted my right hand up trying to shield myself from his upcoming attack. It was still too painful for me to move after that kick.

He held his weapon up with both hands and landed it as strong as he could on the right side of my abdomen—almost in the same spot that I stabbed him in—cutting through my white shirt and allowing the blood to splatter out of my wound.

I screamed and held that damn spear to prevent it from getting further inside me. Did I say angelic?* No, he’s a devil. But I guess I kinda had that one coming.

Kevin then growled furiously at my face, “…'CAUSE YOU SCREEAAM LIKE A GIRL!” with the spear still in his hands and the sharp edge shredding my flesh.

Why I like it?

Then there’s the plot twist that I loved the most out of my plot twists:


Kevin was in the hospital after succeeding in escaping the serial killer. However, he doesn’t remember what happened during his rescue. After getting the proper treatment, he was moved out of the ICU room to a general hospital room, resting on the bed. That’s when he felt something wasn’t right, but he couldn’t tell what it is:

The doctor and Rosaline worked on Kevin’s wound until the doctor grunted, “Ugh. I can’t see clearly with these dirty glasses.” He asked Josh, “Young man, would you be kind and clean my glasses for me. You can use the hand sanitizer in the bathroom.”

Josh picked the glasses and said, “Sure.”

As he was about to go, Kevin grabbed the hem of his shirt and pulled him back. Josh stared down at Kevin and all he saw was fear.

“Don’t leave me,” Kevin murmured.

Josh assured him, “I’m not leaving the room. It’s just the bathroom. I won’t even close the door, OK?”

Kevin hesitatingly nodded and let go of Josh, allowing him to go to the bathroom.

Kevin heard the hunchback doctor hiss in pain as he grabbed his lower right side of his back.

“Your back hurts,” Kevin blurted as if he remembered someone with a back injury too; a greasy injury.

The doctor answered, “Yeah, it’s because of an accident a few years ago.”

Then the doctor rose up and lifted his right hand to the equipment on the table next to Kevin, allowing him to get a good look at his hand.

Kevin said, “Umm. Doc. I think your hand is bleeding.”

There was indeed a blood spot visible on the inside of the doctor’s white glove.

“Oh, would you look at that,” the doctor said with a silly chuckle. “It is bleeding.”

Kevin suddenly froze as a memory started coming back to him. It happened right after he heard the last gunshot. He remembered Duke screaming, “Ah! Son of a bitch!” while grimacing and squeezing his right hand using his left one.

The brown-eyed doctor smirked at Kevin and removed his gloves revealing a bandaged hand underneath them.

Kevin stared at the doctor’s eyes, completely paralyzed by fear. He stared until the doctor blinked and he saw it; the real color of the doctor’s eyes hidden behind two brown contact lenses.

Kevin gulped nervously as he felt the air suffocating him. “Your eyes,” he said in a trembling, weak voice. “They’re-they’re blue.”

The doctor stood up in full height. He was no longer a hunchback. He replied, “Indeed, they are.” His once friendly smile turned into a sinister grin, so sinister that made the hair stand on Kevin’s whole skin.

Kevin’s voice started quivering as he whimpered, “Oh, crap.”

No, this is not happening.

Suddenly, the doctor’s voice turned deep and gruff when he showed his teeth and said, “What about my teeth? Are they pointy and big?”

Kevin rested his head down as he bitterly closed his eyes. He recognized the voice. He let out a nervous breath before he whined, “Oh, my God.”

Not again. Please, God. Not again!

“'Cause I’m the big bad wolf!” said Duke with arms proudly spread wide, pronouncing each word with emphasis to deliberately inflict fear into his special victim; the one that got away.

Kevin’s whole body trembled in terror. He felt like he might die from a heart attack right at this moment. His tears steadily found their way down his cheeks. His quiet whimpers got lost between his audible, deep, uneven breaths. He was hyperventilating. He denied that it was true, hoped it was his imagination, and prayed so hard that it was all in his head until a blood-curdling laugh snapped him out of his confusion followed by a howl.

Yeah… I think I talked to much :sweat_smile:
I’ll shut up now XD


Very cool. My research was talking to my students about their experiences. Well most times they just told me. I didn’t ask… They do overshare from time to time… I also talked to a therapist and a nurse about medications.


Everything you said I agree with but I don’t like how low I am on that list lol :joy:


She was saving the quality writers for the end…


Cool. Are you a psychology teacher?
I think doing research for a horror or a thriller story makes it even scarier.


I love the way you think!


Because you were the last person I replied to in this thread :joy:


I teach reading at an at-risk high school. I also run the creative writing club.