What is something you're passionate about?

Oh gosh , Twilight I guess , I like romance that is embedded into The Hunger Games and Divergent


I’m adopted :smiley: I feel like fostering to adopt is what I should do in the future. There’s so many children out there who need and deserve a forever family.

I have so many things I am passionate about, so here is a few:

  • Diversity (All my books will contain diverse characters)
  • Religion (I’m still wondering whether or not to write a book that features religion. I’m religious, and many feel my faith is unusual which I can understand as I thought it was unusual many years ago. There are things in the past and present that have angered people, and myself, but I hope we get somewhere in the future)
  • Romance
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You really liked Twilight ? I mean you’re not trolling me are you ?

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I remember accidentally starting a huge debate at a Church Youth event over whether or not people liked Twilight :laughing:

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Nice. You started chaos at the church. Good work

It was good to know how members of the same faith as Stephenie felt about her books, but we didn’t get much done at the youth event which I’m sure the leaders were super annoyed over :laughing:

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Damn. Though personally I didn’t like how Edward’s stalker like behavior was forgiven all because it was “true love”. I am willing to bet if it was her other friends Charlie would have them in jail in no time.

I’m going to go blind someday. Save a doggo for me :heart:

I’m passionate about story. What makes them tick and the hero’s journey. I also love music and singing :slight_smile:

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I am team edward but like jacob is hawt.
Yes I have seen all of the movies twice.
Bella is a bitch sometimes but can kick ass .
Renesme is so cute…

Give you your answer?

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If I have to be honest…sex

I didn’t watch the movies much because I didn’t get to hear much of Bella’s feelings in them. But the way Edward approached her…seemed so predatory, and she also didn’t think much of his stalker like tendencies. I mean Bella kind of seemed really naive. I guess I prefer my female leads to be a bit smart like Katniss from Hunger Games. Also I felt their attraction only happened because Edward was hot and Bella smelled sweet and was resistant to his powers. I mean, I would have liked if Edward did some actual work to attract her.
And yeah, Renesmee was cute and I think the best vampire because she had the highest chance of survival and was unlikely to feed off her friends if she was hungry…though I guess later in her life she would have a lot of explaining to do about why she was dating that old guy who used to drop her off to school.

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Oh man, I’m so sorry. You’re strong, don’t worry :smiley:

Awwww, thank youuuuu :smiley:

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Nah you’re good :smiley:

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I agree that the Hunger Games are better , Katniss is strong and you can actually see progression in her character and in her and Peeta’s relationship , The Hunger Games (movies again sorry) were so emotional but good to watch.

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Hi! Welcome back! :smile:
I’m passionate about music, travelling, food and cooking, and of course writing! Yeah, I think I tie them in my writing by including some songs in the chapters, by making my characters do activities that I like…


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Where to start…

Writing, music, reading, music, science, music, sports, music, hoarding notebooks, and music.

of course :slight_smile: My current puppy’s name is Merle, so if you end up needing a dog sometime next year and she ends up with you…Hello :heart::heart: If not in the next year, I don’t think I ever plan to stop, so feel free to ping me if you want more info

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