What is the biggest issue about the Romance genre?

We have all seen those wattpad romance books because come on, it’s such a popular genre but what really annoys you about it? I have learned that some people love it and some don’t so please share :slight_smile:

(Personally) Dislikes:

The whole romance section seems to always revolve around the “I’m not like other girls/boys” plot and after seeing this poorly executed so many times, I have learned to avoid most books.
Though there are some amazing romance writers, SOME other’s try and twist such amazing stories and make them…bad.

These type of books is deliberately showing that it’s ok if he is toxic, as long as he is nice 15% of the time and is of course attractive.


Its formulaic. Like, very formulaic. Not a fan of pure romance stories.


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I think the whole bad boy stigma is one of them. So many people think that ALL bad boy stories are the same. Sure, they may sound the same, look the same, feel the same, etc, but the characters are sometimes what make it different


same here but I guess it does depend on the author and the way they paint the characters :)))

Absolutely haha, it all depends on the author’s strength and originality. Even if the characters are great I can’t find myself reading another book with the same plot.

See what I mean? Lol

Too many cliches. Too many regular personalities. PLUS, I prefer romance as a subplot not the main plot.


I will always maintain that ‘Abuse Disguised As Romance’ (think 50 Shades, After, etc.) is the worst part of Romance.


yea that makes sense, I’m not sure what I think about it honestly I don’t know.

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I can’t stand bland characters

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I’m never going to be a fan of things like 50 shades but I do know people who have a BDSM kink and well I don’t care much but in a book I agree, it makes me uncomfortable haha (??? not sure if thats it)

50 Shades wasn’t true BDSM. It was a poorly disguised attempt at romanticizing abuse.


Yea I was kinda annoyed by that movie and I felt rude ever saying to people that it made me truly uncomfortable…because so many people are telling me its true BDSM and then its not? ahh

I just don’t think 50 shades should became a movie oops

True BDSM doesn’t consist of abusing your partner without the purpose of pleasure for them in mind or ignoring safe words.

That movie is dangerous to the BDSM community and not an accurate representation.

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I see this less in published romance, but definitely on wattpad and other online writing sites, romance always attempts to pit women against each other. As you said, they usually do the “not like other girls” trope, which is really just a reason to list issues with other women and attempt to make the main character a better, almost more superior person. It doesn’t aid in normalizing naturally flawed women as normal and still valid and I think it’s just pushing bad representations of how we think women should act and be, which in reality, are wrong or rare.


ahh ok that makes way more sense

abuse dressed as love. being controlled, gaslighted, manipulated etc is not love and i see it on here some times. i hate that


Yes, personally I love a flawed main character, it can draw in bigger audience and make the characters a whole lot more likeable. I hate how in a lot of books on wattpad, even female hates each other, as you said, its so unrealistic and sure there may be some girl issues, but not every girl deliberately attacks people simple because of a man.

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