What is the point of living?


@MADGirl21302 - The reality of it is, none of us have the answer. Think about it all you want, but speculation will only carry you so far. To think that there is some point to all of this is absurd, laughable even. A philosophy or a religion might offer little solace, but to try and find an end to all of ‘this,’ is futile.


Who needs an answer? As if there was one question that fits every life?

My dog jumped on the bed this morning, snuggled up, and nosed my hand wanting to be petted.

The sun was shining through the window. That made me happy.


Dogs are little earth angels, born to make us happy.


TI need an answer I need onw solid reason to continue living this life. Because in all honesty Im so lost right now


Welcome to my club! I’m lost ninety percent of day. But I wake everyday and live because I made the decision to live each and every day of life because I might not get them again. I really won’t. I’m 23, I didn’t took a job. I feel if I’m an inferior nothing makes me happy in the worst day. I cry a lot and then I write but before that I cry a lot. You know having a rat in my house is an excitement. So you can see how lonely I’m at times and I have even thought of giving up but I always think about what will I miss. Which is exactly to write stories, live a life, read millions of books and tell my sad tale.


You’re 16, yes? Teen years are often the hardest to live. I can remember mine, and mostly hated it. I wish we could be born at say, 25, with all the knowledge we need to arm ourselves against the world. Things will get better and seem less intense, truly.


I believe there is no point in living, because that would mean there is a universal reply to that question when each individual is different.
However, I do believe that only ourselves can give our own life a purpose. If not, humans are only in survival mode.
That is why freedom is so important : no one determines what other people live for, each individual can decide what they want to achieve in their lives and what has a meaning to them.


if you aren’t religious or spiritual, it can be difficult to find the meaning of life.

But for me, I think it makes life much more interesting because I decide my fate and what I want to do with my life. It’s not “set in stone”. Sometimes it can become scary, but I rather be scared than believe in destiny/fate that I can’t change and have to accept.


I don’t see the point of living. On the other hand what other choice do I have? Because I don’t see the point of dying either. What’s worse is that death comes with much more uncertainty. Keeping the religious implications apart I am not sure about the concept of afterlife and reincarnation. You probably lose all forms of consciousness once u r dead. So I figured it’s better to have something rather than nothing.


if you lose all forms of consciousness than does it matter if there is nothing? you would never know


What is the point of death?


There’s no solid reason to live life. The reason to live life would have to be beyond life, which we can know nothing about. You could make a mortal aim such as fame, success, money, power etc., but none of those will matter beyond life and hence are not always an adequate reason for living.

I exist, therefore I live


death in the end is an escape. and while people often dont remember nor appreciate the living they do remember the dead.