What is the setting and time period of your adventure story?


Just what the question says. Curious to hear if there’s a trend in adventure stories in terms of where they happen and what time period are they in.

Mine is modern day, and the locations are kind of all over the world: UK, Greece, Germany, Switzerland… there’s a lot of travel my characters do between countries for the purpose of the story.


Mine is also modern day. My character goes to school, church, and a few fun places. She doesn’t go places very often.

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It seems like it’s really hard to write an adventure story in a non-modern setting without crossing genres - a lot of times, going to the past gives it a more fantasy-esque feel, whereas going to the future makes it more sci-fi. I dunno, the adventure genre is fascinating to me because it’s so hard to pin down.

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My current adventure story (I think one of my future stories will be categorised as such) is a far-future story, as that presents a nice challenge to create a bizarre new world to be explored by the main characters (and others). The upcoming story will be a modern day adventure, but there will be elements of sci-fi in it.


My adventure story is modern day but some elements that are common in my story seem more in past years.((Royalty and Pirates mostly)). Its in a fictional universe though so I can still keep those elements while having it be more modern.
I forgot to put this but the setting varies throughout the story with them going to different towns and places.The only recurring setting I have so far is a boat.


My adventure series takes place in a early renaissance era fantasy world.

It’s fantasy, but I categorized it as adventure because it is a low-fantasy story. (MC’s are swashbuckler elves, and there is little magic in the first three books.) The adventure aspects to the story are much more important.

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My one, if we count the ENTIRE series, spans 500 years and all around the globe
But the last book is most prominent in adventure so i’ll state that one:

Present day, locations like Australia, Poland, Russia, Mexico and France are just a few but my characters are travelling the world to stop a reincarnated medieval threat from culling half the world’s population with parasites. The characters still do the normal stuff, go to school, go to church but timeframes are something that’s dependant on the author, there’s not much of a trend from what i’ve seen. It’s just so hard to get a proper time frame to make a trend out of

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The one I’m currently planning is also modern day, and goes between the US, England, Russia, Egypt, and a sunken ship in the middle of the north sea. I’m not finished planning yet though, so it’ll probably expand to a few other places. But we’ll see :smile:


An adventure story I’m currently outlining takes place in the past, in an almost alternate reality that mirrors events in the real world. The plot is concentrated around the seas of this fictional world, though, so there’s a lot of hopping between islands, continents, and bodies of water.


It’s a world called The Land of Aponar o Quendië, though it’s name later changes to Firisandor due to the one order a king gives after his inauguration, before stepping down. The plan is to complete a full history of the world, but I started it at about 75% of the world’s history is behind my current narrative.

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winter 2014-15, southern Ontario, and an alternate dimension known as Reruna where everyone is so reckless that they’ve devloped indestructability to keep the race from dying out.


Our story Romance of Lotania takes place in the1980s but that isn’t really important to the narrative by itself. What is important is the place, which is a hidden land in the center of Antarctica named Lotania. This land itself is actually covered by an enormous ice wall referred to as the White Stretch due its vastness and inability to harbor plant or animal life. Beyond that, however, is a land teeming with lifeforms that the rest of the world has never laid eyes on. This is thanks to a skyscraper-like tower of bioluminescent coral that radiates in the center of Lotania which can only be seen from inside the land due to the massive blanket of clouds that permanently veil the hidden world.

The setting of our series Tales of the Herd actually changes rather often due to the frequent rate in which the characters travel space. Though it’s because of this that the series can go from primitive swamp worlds to advanced cosmic empires run by divine beings giving it a mass amount of freedom.


My most recently finished (The Dictator’s Children) is set in 1948, in Florida (Miami and Naples), Cuba, and Central America. It’s basically a spy/political sort of thing, with assassinations both successful and attempted, and mucking about in the jungles.


Mist is set in an era similar to us, although it has more advanced technology (superpower from parasitic aliens that are disguised as drugs). The location is on fictional Earth, in which there is a small island located on the southwest of Indonesia - particularly close to Nias Isles. The island itself is actually an anomaly caused by an alien spaceship crashing into the Indian Ocean billion years ago.

The island/state is divided into five big areas; each of them is ruled by a mafia organization except one: the slum. The state as a whole is ruled by the current strongest mafia organization.

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My story takes place, not on Earth, but a place not too dissimilar to Earth. Technology is what we had mid 20th century, except no cars. Although the world has a more elaborate train transportation system.