What is the stupidest thing you and your spouse/partner ever argued about that actually got pretty rowdy?

I’ll give mine to start off with. I should have known better because his nose was full up into World of Warcraft but I asked him to bring in something from the car that needed to be put in the freezer. And then asked again. And then asked again. Then asked again. And then World War 3 hit when I found it out in the car later that night, defrosted. I think I actually slept on the couch that night before I was so disgusted with him I didn’t want to be in the same room with him.

I’m 13 and single but thank you for the life lesson.


Oh man where do I even start? He’s dumb and I’m petty so our arguments are already interesting to say the least. I remember once we started arguing about credit cards, and he told me my credit would go down by making the payment each month. That lovable idiot would just not admit that he made a goof, so it last for weeks. Heck, even now I still tease him about it


A movie date to go watch Suicide Squad at the cinema. She didn’t want to see it. She said it wasn’t that good and I only wanted to see Margot Robbie. She was right. We argued, I was intent on watching it with her and making it a good date.

Plot twist: She actually went to see it before me with ANOTHER GUY.

We are no longer together. Suicide Squad literally broke us up.

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If he should fast for Ramadan or not. I knew he was gonna quit two days though anyway, but still insisted that he doesn’t do what would make him faint. Thus commended a battle about how I underestimated his power. He quit one day in though, thus proving me right.

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Give yourself time, dear. You’ll get there. Just don’t be in a hurry to get there! :wink:

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Oh, dear. Darkness wins again. You know though, in a situation like that I fully believe it was probably for the best, and you’ll find something better, if you haven’t already found it.

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Typically food. One time I was coming home from work and called my wife to tell her I was going to order a pizza. She said, “No, I had a late lunch. I’m not hungry. Don’t order a whole pizza.” But really, I was ordering a pizza because I didn’t feel like cooking, but grudgingly, I didn’t order one and just went home and made myself a quesadilla instead.

Then, as I’m sitting down to eat my quesadilla my wife sidles over to me and says, “Can I have some?” And I said, “NO! You robbed me of the convenience of pizza delivery! Make your own damn quesadilla!”

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That’s a quite a stupid thing to fight over…

That’s marriage for you.

It was petty and you should have given her some because you love her.

Of course it was petty. But I was grumpy after coming home from working with cunt-faced brides all day and didn’t feel like cooking. If she had let me just order a damn pizza in the first place, we would have both been happy.

I ended up making her a whole quesadilla of her own if it makes you feel a any better.

It does thank you =)

Yup, thanks. It was definitely for the best.

I really want one now…

I’m not cooking it for you

Lol I honestly wouldn’t trust it if you did.

Your loss. I make a damn good quesadilla.

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Lol the paranoia would eat away at me.

Long story.

My boyfriend at the time and I loved Gaming spicifically RPG games. About four years ago we started playing Clash of Kings, one of those pay to play phone games so we banked out to addictive amounts had the biggest castles in the world and the number one alliance in world I was Leader and he was my second.

One day we were discussing HOW I was treating some of our weaker members he suggesting that its just a game and I should ease up. Me being the babalax I am said fuck that if they don’t like it they can go I like to win and posted a group message saying so, he said I was rude I said like in life he was a beta and should act like it.

Oh… I get ugly.

He quit our alliance and made his own taking half our group with them and then campained against me like HEY if youre willing to learn to grow come here take her down. My pitch was a bit more gang-like, Get down or lay down this world is mine. We became the 1 and 2 alliances in World and I set strict rules because world vs world was coming.

  1. If you attack out of kill event I will farm you.
  2. If you hit tiles I will farm you
  3. If you try to bubble to keep me from farming you I will tare down your alliance territory.
  4. If you are sexist, racist or bigoted I will farm you.

My boyfriend said I was taking it too far and only assholes were into this I was ruining the point of the game. I told him if he didn’t like it he was always free to meet me on the battlefield. He tried an upright rebellion and lost, but because I loved him and we were both too big to destroy each other outright it wasn’t a bad lost.

Fast forward one night that we go out and I get super wasted. My boyfriend logs into my phone and starts kicking my stronger members and instructing the smaller members to help me attack them because I found out they were spies. These fools believed him for 20 accounts. LIKE DUDE COME ON! after that he sent all my troops in small batches to rest on the field where he killed them. My R4 who was actually his spy quit alliance joined him and after they releived my traps burned me to high hell.

After they were done their alliance disbanded and picked off who was left recruiting the people who didn’t want to fight.

When I signed on my 3 months of work and money was gone and a message in world chat along the lines of dig dong the bitch is dead. I cried, broke his Xbox didn’t talk to him for 3 weeks. We got married a year later.