What is the weirdest dream you ever had?


Anyone here had some of those weird dreams. Tell us about it.


It’s probably not my weirdest ever but my most recent one is I drempt about the fact I was going to see Deadpool with my comic con boys. The theater was out of Deadpool popcorn buckets and i pitched a fit (that alone is weird because I’d never freak out over something that silly) and my poor friend was trying to call me down. Then all of a sudden Deadpool comes riding in on a unicorn and gives me a popcorn bucket.


I once had a dream that it was a Saturday on a tuesday.


I had a dream that a giant deflated fix was sucking the life out of my parents…yeah really truly creepy and this happened when I was like 10


Seeing images of my ancestors in the moon. That was just one acid trip


All my dreams are weird, but I never remember them.


Not the weirdest dream I’ve ever had, but I once had a dream where my best friend died and when I attended her funeral I became upset because it was a Catholic funeral, and she’s Hindu, but no one listened me.


Last night I had a dream that Spanish people dressed like Mexicans, and combined the Flamenco with Bullfighting in one line up dance.

Especially strange since I was under the impression Mediterranean was closer to Greek than Mexican.


I once had a dream about dinosaurs being created again and roaming the earth and I was running away from velociraptors who were chasing me in a car in a field of corn and wheat.


i had a dream when i was 7 or 8 that my entire elementary school was flooded with water so high it went over the building but no one drowned and it was really fun

i also had a dream that i could fly and everyone at my school was trying to kill me idk why

(i was really little when i had both of those dreams)

i also had a dream once that in this video game i hacked and had full control over the entire game

i have alot of dreams that revolve around certain video games idk why