What is your biggest flaw as a writer?

Teach me your ways! Dialogue is so difficult for me to write. I guess, if you’re looking to use less dialogue, include too much description about every aspect you can think of :joy:


woulds, hads and coulds… they are the bane of my existence when I go reveiw but a neccesary evil. I get so liberal with them in a first draft! That and actually sitting down to the actual writing!! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Haha, same. xD

I use Hemingway Editor to help me with passive voice and a lot of times, it’ll point out things with “was” in front of it. For example:

“Sarah was walking down the road until she spotted her best friend.”

In this case, I’ll just change it to:

“Sarah walked down the road until she spotted her best friend.”

I highly recommend this for help on it! c:


That’s literally all it takes to fix it. Hemingway Editor is awesome :slight_smile:


I’m a wordy, wordy, wordy person - long-winded in real life, and it translates to the page. If you could see the early drafts of what I wrote … oy vay. Somehow, it takes a significant period of time before I wake up and read my printed drafts and realize how much fat I can trim, how much unnecessary stuff I can dump. I really enjoy that moment when I go from thinking every line is gold, to becoming ruthless, hacking and slashing.

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Dialogue is something that seems easy. How many characters do you typically have for a book? (I can definitely help you with dialogue if you ever need it.)

Plot wise, I tend to juggle more than I can handle, which usually results in me having to cut down some good sub-plots in order make way for a main focus.

Yes!! This my biggest struggle. I stopped writing three stories, two of which is because of this very problem. I write the story, and engineer the plot, and then when I go through and read it, (and have others give feedback,) then it’s always “Needs more detail” or I need to add more ‘fluff’ to it. (It’s not really fluff because it would be essential to have for good pacing, but you know)

For what I’m working on right now, I think there are close to 20 characters. I think I just need to work on bringing thoughts to dialogue, fitting multiple characters in, and more diverse interactions that revolve around the plot. Witty dialogue is easy, the tough stuff is what gets me lol

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Never finishing what I start because I lose motivation.Once my motivation is gone, wellllll… there goes my beautiful master piece that I so perfectly envisioned before.

Yes I love Hemmingway

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Ah, I see haha. Yeah, most of my dialogue revolves around the plot. It’s witty and deep so it varies depending on the scene. Just having characters talk to each other and communist feelings or problems or things like that, or communicate to those they are comfortable around to show if that character is sarcastic or a jokester. Its fun to play around with.

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Hands down telling and not showing. I have read a few great books with tips, it did take me forever to revise only 1 chapter but I want to keep practicing to get stronger at it, it’s tough.

my biggest flaw as a writer is that I suck at writing

My biggest flaw is that I have no flaws.

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I rarely finish any of my projects cries on the inside


Having too many extraneous words in my sentences. Word vomit. Trouble figuring out how to convey action throughout long sections of dialogue and avoid overuse of dialogue tags.


that is the most relatable thing i’ve ever read as a writer

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Apart from that, I think I’m too much into descriptions. I mean, I’m trying to keep a check on it, but sometimes, I write 2k words chapter just for a scene. Plus, my grammar is bad. I use the excuse of a non-English speaker, but I know that I don’t even try to improve my English/grammar.

is dead on the inside due to the same

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