What is your character known for?

Name who your character is and what makes them stand out as a character in your book, other characters you made, and/or other characters others have made (make sure to name who and where they’re from). If you want to, explain your character’s history, backstory, how you thought of their creation, etc.

Name: Quinley Weston
Defining Quality: She’s mute and refuses to use her ability (in my story, everybody has a power and she refuses to use it)

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Alessandra Beckham from my current (and unposted ) wip is a very harsh, and sort of mean girl. She’s not easy to get alone with and hurts other people because she thinks she’s doing them a favor. The first time I wrote her, I just knew she was going to be this pessimistic and cynical girl, but that I wanted her to have some real development. She’s honestly the oc with the biggest character arc in the novel.

Oddly enough, she has one real friend - Gracelynn Ross, who is notorious for being kind. I wouldn’t say she’s really optimistic, but she’s no Alessandra. The two of them were created as a pair, and sometimes Aless is Gracie’s voice because Gracie doesn’t always stand up for herself. She’s really passive and will generally let people walk all over her. That being said, she’s more likable than Aless just because she’s not rude.

Name: lemmy
Appearance: looks like my profile pic
Sibling number: 7
From: mushroom kingdom
Reason for standing out: not having an air ship, being so small.
Known for: eating all the cookies, being very childish ( because he is one duh).
Backstory: born with an extremely small size, when he tried to make his own vehicle his siblings destroyed it.