What is your favorite book on Wattpad?

Hey guys let’s talk about our favorite books on Wattpad!! Mine changes a lot but as of right now it’s Midika’s Alpha Series!!!


I have far too many to pick just one :sob:

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I have many, but my fav is Hide and seek :smiley:

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I have a lot but I will have to go with LUPUS DEUS :fire:

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everything here^^

Right now I’m deep into the Storm and Silence series (I’m up to date on book 5) and also into a fanfic called Single Father which is really angsty and sad but still somehow amazing. :blush:

I have a few. :blush:

As I Am and Where We Left Off both by Monst3rs

and I’m also currently reading Life, Love and a Little Coffee by oliviarose85 as well as Four Realizations by dougmcquaid.

Out of all of these, I like Life, Love and a Little Coffee is by far one of the best stories I’ve read on Wattpad. It’s well written and the storyline is amazing!

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I’m going to say Wattys2014 winner Three Seconds to Midnight by @clarifications. AMAZING.

The underrated, “The Gifted: First Testament”…

Sin, After Humanity, Draygon series (need to get around to the start of the second book), and of course, The Watcher series

All werewolf books and fanfiction books that dont have abuse in them…
My surprise favourite is by Tim … Its called Mother’s Hand… I am not currently into Sci fi but loved and enjoyed it… Its dystopian… The first few chapters were epic… they were the best treat for any dystopian book fan… I think he cut short the dystopia abit too soon… Liked to see more of the dystopian world detail before it went into fight scenes. It was pretty cool. Hope its the next movie on Netflix… Totally was hooked as soon as I read first chapter…

High five… You like mothers hand too @uncleL … Its an amazing book


My favorite lesbian vampire book.


My second favorite lesbian romance series.


One of my favorite stories is Steel Roses. It’s by Rena Freefall. Their fairy tale retellings are amazing!

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Ahhhh, do I really have to choose?

I’ll choose a recent favorite:

The Sound of Ice

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Woah! I just added them to my library! I’ve been looking for more Lesbian romance since reading Loving Anna and Alex’s Girl.

I need to read those I have them on my list just haven’t had a chance too and the author of them always comes out with more books. Taleth is very good at writing and has published books too on Amazon just like I do.

I shamefully don’t read a lot of books on Wattpad. But I love "Wind"by AmyMarieZ right now. It’s so good.

Just saw this!

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