What is your favorite type of Fantasy Race?


I’m a huge fan of Elves. I was exposed to them in the LOTR series and I was intrigue by their abilities. I know many find them to be over used in books,novels,and games. Me personally I haven’t grown tired of them. Feel free to reply with your favorite fantasy race.


Vampires, when done correctly :smirk:

But these days, I think I’ve had enough of the standard ‘usual suspects’ of fantasy, and think it’s time for writers to come up with some new ones. So I’m pretty sure eventually my favorite will soon be replaced by one of the ones I’ve created for my own stories


Fae or fairies


Dragons, and otherwise, elves (Christopher paolini style)


Vamps are cool, but I’m team Werewolf and other Lycanthropes.


The Fae have some powerful creatures indeed.


I don’t read werewolf books, but I love Lupin in Harry Potter


…I have none, I love them all. I love my race of Shapeshifters in my Legend Series, they stole my heart, no matter how bad many of them can be. They are very complicated, the longer they live the harder things get for them and they can be good people, but they often do very bad things.


Elves, fauns, and kemonomimi if they count :smile:


As @ValerieJackson2003 has said, dragons in the Eragon style, or ones with scales instead of feathers. XD Or the Game of Thrones type dragons.


Fallen in love with those dragons, I keep rewatching their scenes waiting for the final season


I like them also, but vamps make for better movie characters XD (in my opinion)


I’m also a fan of Dragons too. I like when writers make the Dragons intelligent and speak. To me Dragons are ancient beings with knowledge,wisdom,and understanding. Writing Dragons as mindless beasts is outdated. D&D has Dragons on a godlike level, soe of them can shapeshift into a human,elf,or any other being and rule a society.



I love those beautiful, condescending hoes

I’m also probably super biased because my favorite D&D character is a high elf and I love him to an unhealthy extreme




Corinth, my dragon would say that he’s intelligent.

Of course, he is a bit sassy as well. XD


I love animal races, like the Khajiit in Skyrim. I just feel like in a fantasy world, there is so much fun you can have with that!

I also like when humans have animalistic traits. For example, one race that I’ve created in my little world is human but has longer canines and some remnant fur that makes them better suited to the climate they live in. Someone called me a furry for making that my main race, but I didn’t really get that. I think it’s just cool to imagine a race that adapted to their environment just like animals do.


Werewolves and vamps are cool


Like the OP I like Elves, however I prefer the sinister side of the Elves. So my preference is the Dark Elves, in all their forms, from the Norse Svartálfar, DnD’s Druchii or Warhammer’s Nagarrothi. (Warhammer is a bit different as even the Elves are not exactly kind or Elven in Tolkien’s sense)

The concept of something like the powerful, Kind, wise and benevolent nature of elves twisted into unbelievable Cruelty, Ignorance and sheer malice is something that I find very interesting to not only read but write.


Yeah in the D&D universe the Drow are well known for their cruelty and malice towards other races. I find it ironic that the most popular D&D character is Drizzt Do’ Urden. The Drow or Dark Elf is popular among many people that plays role playing games or write stories.